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De 0-9

125% Service-Providers Marketing Software for Win95: 14106-124-0145506

 1-4-All HTML editor v1.0: User name: dumbo Registration Key: 020210101001011

1ST Note v1.11: Name: Phrozen Crew Company: World Wide Key: 0686-3957-5319-58676

 1-Zip v2.00.088: code entry number: 1234567890 computer number: no 1 trigger code: 5125647

 21 Run Game Suite v1.0 & 3.0: 051097

 21Dic 5.0: 21D5TS-FXyH-000293

 386 Max v7.0: 40090206002


386 Max v8.0: 820604030043








 3D Calendar 2.40: Name: tKC/PC '98 S/N: 95E9D452

 3D Calendar v3.2: Licence: CORE CMT Code: 3F3B8659

 3D Keyboard v2.4 for Windows(95): 3DK-W31-20002

 3D StudioMAX for Windows 95: 820-6040-30430

 3D Terroid v2.0: 679128

 3D Website Builder: 3DWAE316-000-3549

 3DBrickanoid v1.1: 194206

 3DView: 460140

 3Peak Space Cards v2.1: 309352

 4 NET v1.0: Name: \/\/@cko registration key: 218217

 4D Compiler Pro 2.5.1: 7455FAF5575E7A

 4D Insider 2.0.1: 11306000000000

 4D Online Help 3.x.x: 144835511



 4D Runtime 2.01 (use over networks): S-342590516249




 4D Server NEW!: lic: 82C740E7EB64CCCD s/n: 92019594 id: 09822727A44E3C8

 4D Write 2.1: s/n: 522691 card: P.040029220455

 4DOS v5.00: s/n: 111209 code: 8VS2PGCK

 4Files v3.30: name: TwinHead s/n: 63459995756

 4Files v3.30: name: TwinHead s/n: 63459995756

 4th Dimension v2.0.11: D-205200607255




 4th Right: V-302290527273

 5 OR MORE! V2.0A: Name: any name Key: 16135510

 5-Card Poker Collection v1.1: Code: 603512

 5-Or-More v1.0a: 16135510


 8 Ball Deluxe 1.0.1: 6267EM11002

 8 Ball deluxe II: EZ001114301

 8 Ball Deluxe: ZJLFDN5TMAJ

8Leg Web Studio: name: LordByte in 1996 organisation: #cracking s/n: 145E6063

 A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Aardvark v3.0.0: Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 Code: 371A6F0C

Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 1B434C68

 Abacus Law Office Calendar System: F4904

 ABC Flowcharter v3.0 for Windows: 0601001053909501

 ABC Toolkit v1.0 for Windows: 01103158901

 ABC Toolkit v1.1 for Windows: 1001001103158901

 AbirNet SessionWall 3: D1FB563-477B-19568C-6E43A-00044D57

 AboutFace 1.3: 1022446

 Above & Beyond 3.x: login name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: fjh807

 Above & Beyond 98: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: CET953

 Above Disk+ v4.0a: 506824

 Abracadabra v1.11: Name: \/\/@cko S/N: 658341

 Abracadabra v1.11: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 1713285

 Abracadabra v1.2.3: Name: Pretty Good Pirate Registration Code: 1716282

 Abracadabra v1.2.3: Name: Sonixx Registration code: 648351  Name: Destroyer Registration code: 960039

 Absolute FTP 1.0b6: Name: _RudeBoy_  Serial: 02-01-900000 Exp Date: 04-10-1998  Reg Key: 7755 9893 6571 0157 6273

 Absolute Protect 1.2: Name: JUANDA Name: PC98  Serial: 68788109 Serial: 567466

To Register the program: When you install the program you have to execute the file Word98_s.exe (in the same directory) and enter one of the registrations.

 Abuse-NET v2.01.00.57: Name: xOANON Company: UCF'97 Serialno: F4623C9A

To register Abuse-NET:

1) Let it expire by shifting the date ahead 15 days

2) Run it again, and the register box will appear

3) Enter Name/Serial provided

 Abuser v0.8b: name: me s/n: 14644

 Accelerated-X 2.1 (Linux/BSD): 112955

 Accelerator: A300-11114-CP4U



 Accent Express for Windows(95): 064201130459806

 Accent for Windows: 042807358902273

 Accent Products (All): 287465810896465

 Accent Professional v2.0 for Windows(95): 062202100002277


 Accent v2.0 final beta for Windows: 123 456 789 000 12

 Access PC 3.0: 0120 0000 0253 0278 0120 0000 4589 1115

Accountant Inc. Pro: 18225

 Accounting Works (one write plus): 20.11A1111

 AccPac Simply Acounting v2.0a Windows: 1021602-48016

 ACcrack32: Use the following to enable the full version:

credit card: 1212343412123434

security code: 71959

 Accutext 2.0: 10900016

 ACDSee 95 v1.0 b2 - Official 1.0 Release:

name: letis s/n: +tHE riDDLER [uCF] 213111

name: hbc hfwhnkld opWest s/n: kOUGER! [CB4] 0123456789

name: aemca s/n: MDS00122213333

 ACDSee v1.25 b4: name: Kermu s/n: 2067038799


ACDSee v1.30 for Windows(95): name: kermu s/n: 213208680

name: mARQUIS s/n: 120530089

ACDSee v1.30b7 for Windows: name: kermu s/n: 2067038799

name: mARQUIS s/n: 142441610


ACDSee32 v2.0-v2.21: name: hbc hfwhnkld opWest s/n: kOUGER! [CB4] 0123456789

name: letis s/n: +tHE riDDLER [uCF] 213111

name: letis s/n: 213111

name: aemca s/n: MDS0012213333

name: ACDSee s/n: 0588641137

name: ACD Systems, Ltd s/n: 4595048416

Yep, both letis registrations work...



ACDSee 5.0  664 828 790 472 030 541


AceExpert v2.54c: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Registration number: 825IYX-PTA670-X2ZVE6-92I1BE

AceFTP v1.02: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Registration number: A5876E-LPN7FA-A43J2B-YMS2L7


AceFTP v1.03: Name: Sonixx Registration number: A56A2P-37LJVT-A48MF5-2RYM62

Name: Klefz Registration number: LA824J-CE7MYR-V4356T-8JAB62


AceFTP v1.04: Name: Sonixx Registration number: A56A2P-37LJVT-A48MF5-2RYM62


Aces of the Deep: 8563441101743


Action Workflow Analyst for Windows: AA200013001W1001823


Active Background Express: 6255

ActiveX Manager 1.2: AroundTheWorldIn2765days

Ad Remove 4Good 1.5: name: Lord Leto code: 6582-yFY0RW


Adaptec EZ-SCSI v3.03 DOS/Win: 492848-01


AdCADD Auto Architech for AutoCAD 12: DAAHE 20104


Add Impact: 3009034001


Add Link: name: \/\/@cko serial number: 14599-135855-5682-16652


Add/Remove Cleaner 2.01: name: FANATIC ser#: F7084FE


AddDepth v1.0 for Windows: AW-100-1-2716-52987


AddDepth v1.1 for Windows: AW-110-1-1701-30232


AddDepth v2.0: AD-200-1-6501-54924



AddLink 1.01: name: TKC/PC '97 code: 13367-124319-2826-8252

name: Phrozen Crew '97 code: 29977-279849-2826-825


Address Book 1.52: JLJ4EVR


Address Database Pro 4.02: AEKDB-789


Address Mate v2.12 for Windows: AM212101704


AddSoft 1.20: AS1-8HWQTX-9716Z


Addsoft 2.12: NAME: JUANDA SERIAL: 059854095


AddWeb 1.23: AW21-JH8WFHB-84EWFW8






AddWeb v2.46: Name: Sonixx

Registration Number: 16638135 (Standard Version)

37416185 (Pro Version)

99577144 (Gold Version)


Adept BBS +v1.07 for OS/2:

name: Creeping Death s/n: 3599887846 Rego Serial No: 806949176

name: Undemon s/n: 3484233081 Rego Serial No: 808001375


Admin 2000: 5B-046-015411


Adobe Acrobat 3.01: PWW250R3107069-312


Adobe Acrobat Capture v1.0: WCW100R3101909-171


Adobe Acrobat Distiller v1.0 for Win: DEE100R3001172-010-496


Adobe Acrobat Distiller v2.1 for Windows: DEE100R3001172-010-496


Adobe Acrobat Distiller v2.1 PE: WAW210P7121267-246


Adobe Acrobat Exchange 2.0: MVW200R3100411-609


DEW100R3100564-885 (50 User)


Adobe Acrobat Exchange 3.0: KWW300R7126842-330


Adobe Acrobat Reader v1.0 for DOS: ARD100R3600000-830


Adobe Acrobat Reader v1.2 for Win: ARM100R3100034-100-397


Adobe Acrobat v1.0 for Windows: ARW100R3100230-826


Adobe Acrobat v2.0 for Windows: WVW200R3100221-398













Adobe Acrobat WorkGroup 2.0: DEW200U3100000-010-974




Adobe After Effects 3.1: EXX344R7032197-886




NOTE the EXX xxxxxxxxxxx-xx ones are for the beta but still work in the final.

We also suspect the EWW number is a 100 usr license (based on Adobe's serial structure).


Adobe Dimensions 3.0 (95/NT): DJW300R7101786-723


Adobe File Utilities: KWW300R7105734-545


Adobe FrameMaker 5.1.1: 00-0-01-01-5-00D4A-D62C70


Adobe Illustrator 7.0: ABW700R7106044-373


Adobe Illustrator 8.0 Beta 40: EXX500R5900103198-517


Adobe Illustrator v4.0 for Windows: ABW400R3101335-714












Adobe Illustrator v4.0.1 for Windows: ABE400R3001625-858


Adobe Illustrator v4.0.3 for Windows: ABW4033200000-719











Adobe Image Ready v1.0 Preview Release: DHM100XX675123099-999-435

(For 999 network users valid until 30 dec 1999)


Adobe PageMaker 6.5 PL (polish language version): 02w600r1124621-479


Adobe PageMaker 6.5: 03W650R7104326-845



Adobe PageMaker v5.0a for Windows: 03-5025-303224614


Adobe PageMaker v6.0 for Win95: 03W600R1124621-479






Adobe PageMaker v6.5 para Win98:  03-5025-303224614



Adobe PageMill 2.0: MLW200R7139069-780










The APW100Rx serial numbers are Multi User licences.

We don't know if PageMill is network protected. But they do work!


Adobe PageMill 3.0: MLW300R7102296-238


Adobe Persuasion 4.0: 09W123X523456-521


Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0 Final: HTW200R7100048-493


Adobe PhotoDeluxe v1.0 for Win95: HTW100R7106474-426



Adobe Photoshop: PCA 100000100-953

PDA 100001185-501

PDA 100001517-722


Adobe Photoshop v2.5 for Windows: PWW250R3000000-880



Adobe Photoshop v2.5.1 for Windows: PWW250R3104501-684




Adobe Photoshop 3.0 (spanish version): pwp300r1000022-010-346


Adobe Photoshop v3.x 5 user license: PWW300U3100000-005-285











Adobe Photoshop v3.x for Windows: PWW300R3000011-926











Adobe Photoshop v4.0: PWW400R3000011-880


It looks like the serialnumbers for PS3 is also working for PS4.

We tried a few of the PS3 serialnumbers and they worked fine.


Adobe Photoshop 4.0 PL (polish language version): PWW250R3000000-880


Adobe Photoshop 5.0: PWE500X7205050-732








Adobe Premiere 5.0: MXX500R145503-500-448


Adobe Premiere v1.0 for Windows: MBW100X3100970-389


Adobe Premiere v1.1 for Windows: MBW100D3100371-512


Adobe Premiere v4.0 for Windows: MBW400R1109394-244


Adobe Premiere v4.2 for Windows: MBW400U3100000-444















Adobe Streamline 4.0: SBW400U7102000-766


Adobe Streamline v3.0 for Windows: SBW3001110706-297


Adobe Streamline v3.01 for Windows: SBW300S1100640-184












Adobe Type Manager 4.0 Deluxe: AWW400R7110870-808


Adobe Type Manager v4.0 for Win95: AWW400P0101591-292


Adobe Wild Type: FHW251R31003373


Adres Wijzer v3.10 from Davilex: AD38170


Advance Dialer 32-Bit 1.1: name: PANK s/n: 97430800


Advanced Dialer v1.1: Name: CORE/JES Key: 745F7400

Name: Steve Hsu Key: 5D672300


Advanced Disk Catalog 1.13: 99393243


Advanced Disk Catalog 1.16: FNCC-1083909351-SCPNC-69213-7769



Advanced Disk Catalog 1.16a: FNCC-1084909251-SCPNC-69123-9569


Advanced Disk Catalog 1.2: 1303196920041974ERqdY0pQook4LMWP


Advanced Fabrication v4.0: 98861822


Advanced Space Hunter v2.5 build 74: Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 Code: 512063403900

Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 754549977187


Advanced Wire EDM v7.1: 98730105


Aepryus Graph v1.0: Email: bthorne@phrozen.crew Code: 2420424611

Email: Nmfist@master.lucian.net Code: 477034642


After Dark ScreenSaver - Disney Edition: DSW-36523-5758




After Dark ScreenSaver - Loony Toons Edition: ZQA-35600-2587


After Dark ScreenSaver - Marvel Comics Edition: MVW-92958-1201


After Dark ScreenSaver - Star Trek Edition: BSN-90011-7479



After Dark ScreenSaver - Star Trek: StarDate: ESW-83838-9710



After Dark ScreenSaver - Star Trek: The Next Generation: BSW-35600-2587




After Dark ScreenSaver - The Simpsons Edition: ZQW-33671-7329




After Dark ScreenSaver - Totally Twisted Edition: BII-00670-6681


After Dark ScreenSaver - X-Men Edition: AD3-00670-6681


After Dark v3.0 for Windows: AD3-00670-6681






After Dark v3.2 for Windows(95): ADC-32659-7016


AfterDark - The Complete Collection for Win 95: ADW-00670-6681


Agency Database v1.12c for Windows: ADW00195





Agent 0.99f "Official release": JYJ13VTV-6HXSBZFE-VFG2EKKW


Agent 0.99g "Official release": 6CZCYPMK-VYB3974P-91V7SCTK



Agent 099a (Forte Inc.): N2CJAHZ8-9CVHRJ3M-26YPLZ8L-BGGD44DT-1EA6CC62


Agent 1.0 Build 390: JYJ13VTV-6HXUBZFE-VFG2EKKW


Agent 1.01 (Build 397):

Name: letis Key: WH6W83Y5-HVSB938N-2S6D2DRM-CUB5H579





Name: Lost Soul [uCF] Key: WH6W83B6-J4U3S2FM-L22V7S9E-GS9BATGF-WH1R8PF6-URFG8MTU


Agent 1.5/32.451:

Forte Agent: WH6W8335-GLV79T4G-78LD4WGJ-61FH2722-SCRBGMHW

Deluxe license: WH6W83B6-JLTM9RYR-D7WBLW47-SY974DLC-HHXV6873-HGZNCPUG


No name: WH6W83P6-PLAX8ZGN-V949WCYP-T3U4M58H

Friendship copy: WH6W83B6-JVVU9MPR-X6TS4ZZ8-2PBJEJF5-AKC5W69M-3LN913L6


AgentDA 2.1.3: 179105018


Agfa Fotoflow: 410210021-086


agSI v1.1.4 for Dos: name: Me! s/n: HHNOAJKC

name: You! s/n: HVHUIFOQ

name: 2U! s/n: QHEXAATC

name: 4U! s/n: SHCZAYVC

name: Xxx! s/n: FHVWGRCS


AI Picture Explorer v1.0 Beta: Registered name: Sonixx20000R Registration key: Sonixx20001T


AI Picture Utility v2.1: Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Code: WWWWWW


AID (Automated Internet Dialer) v1.0: Name: Sonixx Registration Code: S339ClAiD967171S


Aide Onlinometer: 62497


Airport ID 32bit v3.0: Mudit Mathur\74741389


AL Picture Utility V2.0: Name: \/\/@cko Rules!BYV Code: 650360303874775478796481788684V


Aladdin Desktop Tools 1.0.x: ADTE-777-455225




Alarm Master: atlas44


Alarming Events: 3478


Albatross CD-player for OS/2: name: Doh Enterprises s/n: 3013757502


Alchemica Webworks 1.2a/32: n: emotion#13 c: cp! #: AWR-2710950616-05


Aldus Freehand 4.0: 05-4003-202558272


Aldus FreeHand v3.0 for Windows: 03-4002-200194196


Aldus Freehand v4.0 for Windows: 05-4002-202558479

03-003-00003  y también 03-921-34311


Aldus FreeHand v4.1 for Windows: 10140-0228-0075-33280


Aldus Gallery Effect v1.0 for Windows: 36-0015-000048418


Aldus Gallery Effects v1.5 for Windows: 36-1500-040049293


Aldus Pagemaker v4.0: 02-3008-000036469




Aldus Persuasion v2.1a for Windows: 09-2101-200613117


Aldus Persuasion v3.0b for Windows: 09-3003-202849134


Aldus Photostyler v2.0 for Windows: 15-2000-000000000







Aldus Photostyler v2.0a for Windows: 15-0208-202570921





Aldus Photostyler v2.0SE for Windows: 15-0201-201632890



Aldus Type Twister v1.0 for Windows: 46-1000-000031664


Aldus/Adobe Pagemaker v5.0 for Windows: 02-50C8-100094310







Aldus; Puedes encontrar los números de serie para A pulso 5 y 7 al M-índice 

Nota: La compañía que Aldus hace ya no existe. Ellos fueron comprados y unieron con Adobe 1994/95.  

La mayoría de los productos se quedó dentro del Adobe, pero algunos, como A pulso & se vendieron.


Alibaba v2.0 WEB Server for 95/NT: Act.Code: {$nD#N'-3i*9@ s/n: 00000485


All Software by Design: User Name: Sonixx Organization: [AnThraX]

Audition 2.8 - 3.0: 2944622417

BattleStar 2.5 - 2.6: 2921358160

CardBase 2.6 - 2.8: 3491618571

Crypto 3.1 - 3.2: 3373084367

Disk CleanUp 3.1: 3741835088

DLL Show 3.4 - 3.6: 3725090640

File Shredder 2.2 - 2.3: 2550864715

FontShow 2.7 - 2.8: 4223830866

File Editor (FxEdit) 2.8 - 2.9: 0021836626

Icon Extractor 3.0 - 3.1: 4017887057

NoteBook 4.3: 3243065169

Password Keeper 3.8 - 4.1: 0221209419

Reminders 3.3: 3781190480

RGB Editor 3.0 - 3.1: 3276877649

Screen Loupe 4.1: 2925499083

ToolBar 4.2 - 4.4: 2197489483

TxEdit 4.2 - 4.4: 4029899600


Allaire Homesite v2.5a: Name: PC97 Serial Code: 941342470888

Name: EMX97 Serial Code: 926395489000


Allfix v4.16: name: Me! s/n: AEA94F395097FD5AB299CC78

name: You! s/n: 473404F51350F5A87343C030

name: *** s/n: DC498A2D607C919B90E93C1C

name: 2U! s/n: B19AB7550452C7CC0A4044EC


Alliance ScreenSaver for Windows and Mac: 09-980943


Alligator Software Games Pack: ARCADE GAMES

SkyRaider: romeo RS33120SA

Vindicator: romeo V33120R1



Duck Hunt: romeo D33120H

Duck Hunt II: romeo DH331202AS

Magpie Hunt: romeo MAS33120H

Pheasant Hunt: romeo PH33120AS

Pigeon Hunt: romeo P3A3S1H20



WinFish v1.0: romeo WF331201LF

WinFish v2.0: romeo WF233120DS

WinFish v3.0: romeo WF331203



File Printer: romeo F33120P


All-Purpose Legal Documents 1.01: User: SpriteX Company: SpriteX Registration Code: 328-0727-050

All-Purpose Letters 1.01: User: SpriteX Company: SpriteX Registration Code: 628-3020-194

All-Purpose Resumes 1.01: User: SpriteX Company: SpriteX Registration Code: 220-0023-911


ALLright Utilities 1.0: 1026439


Almanac v3.5 WIN: name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: A9261579

s/n: B1775915


Almanac v3.5c for Windows/95/NT: name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: B9068287

name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: A9261579 or B1775915

name: Crack da WareZ s/n: A1052039


Almanac/32 v3.5e: name: romeo '97 s/n: A7478046


Alone in the Dark I CD: 11 0831 3461


Alpha Five for Windows: 368443


Alpha Five Home/Business ed. v1.0 Win: Z50HBEV1-1019144


Alpha Four 3.0: M3DS5000-3089735


Alpha Four v3 Discovery Edition: M30DSNS3-3155345


Alpha Four v4: A40UGSU1-5006601


AlphaNumeric LED v1.2 for ActiveX (c) Global Majic: Serial#: ntsk8164t6k


AlShare Visual Translate 1.1: Code: Vlicence


Alsoft Power Pack 1.0.7: PO017018 PS001604(001)


Altamira Composer v1.1 PRO: 644 043 060 0036


Altos System Diagnostic v1.0SO: DIAG7K_9K00004


Altos System ECU Setup v1.1SO: A_ECU00246


AM Workflow v3.1: 001169


America Online v1.0 for Windows: s/n: 69-2815-4880 pw: LARKED-MASSES


America Online v1.15 for Windows: s/n: 48-5004-6750 pw: AMBLED-ANION


America Online v2.0 for Windows: s/n: 79-0519-3782 pw: SWIMS-TAGGER


America Online v2.5 beta 4: s/n: 10-5932-0206 pw: GOBLET-MEDIAN


American Heretic Dictionary: 38321584


American Heritage Dictionary 3.0: A9-L0010M3



American Heritage Dictionary: 36688919


AMF Daily Planner & PIM 6.1a: AMF6PIMREG96


AMF Daily Planner and Personal Info Manager v5.0: 987PIMREG


AMF Multimedia Jukebox 2.0: MMJBOXAF


Analyst/Probe & Observer LAN analyzers v3.5:

Analyst.exe: name: Misha company: [UCF] s/n: 5498144499

Observer.exe: name: Misha company: [UCF] s/n: 78130871


Anawave Gravity 1.1 (Beta 1) for Windows 95: name: Jestrz/Phrozen Crew '97 s/n: 6172848

reg code: 44R8494-4564-242247


Anawave WebSnake v1.22: Name: lxpc97 s/n: 11223344 Reg. code: B1764A5A31C600

Name: Chen Borchang s/n: Dysan BBS Reg. code: F18D2D881A2900


AnDan Software Message Generator Version 1.20: Name: Riz la+ Code: 0DD7D39C


Andrómeda 3D Series II: 5M30400120-0441





AnetHelpTool 4.02: Registration#: Riz la+ Password#: 5400954


AniMagic Gif 32bit v 1.05: Name: \/\/@cko Code: 60DCD133


Animagic GIF v1.00b (32 bit): name: AniMagic pw: 0C263155

name: Public Copy pw: CEF36567


Animated Blackjack 97 v.1.2: Key: 508150


Animated Puzzles: User Name: Spider]PC98 or use any name you want

Registration Code: 371160


Animation Works Interactiv v2.0: 3001162627


Animator Pro v1.0: 01603-010203-2520


Animator Pro v3.05: 655-10000088


Animator Pro: 4930-P4-PH-1


AniPaint Animator v8.0 for Windows: FSWR00LZ


Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Guide: CD Access Code: 3746


AnonMail v1.3: Name: CKL!1997 SN: 9849

Name: PNut Software SN: 26586

Name: AnonMail SN: 16443


Ansipaint v2.1: name: DIR&MIR s/n: 1216


Ansipaint v2.3: name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 13872


Answering Machine/2 for OS/2: name: DoH Enterprises, s/n: 28585135


Anubis 2.54: 9611181


Any Speed v.1.2: name: XAVAGAN'97 code: 195C6100

name: ACP//UCF2000 code: 3E690E00

name: Steve Hsu code: 09573100

name: FANATIC code: 0A495800


Any Speed V1.2: Name: ^pain^ '97 Key: AD5B1100


Any97: 246PCXYz-0000-00000000


AnyFolder Shell extension v1.05: registration name: \/\/@cko Serial: 1375261


AnyFolder Shell Extension: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1403017


AnySpeed v1.1b: Name: THE FORCE TEAM Code: D07C1700


AnyTime v3.0 for Windows: YX0550011976


AnyView v1.00a for Windows: AVR-100-4201975


AppLauncher 3.0: AL-aaxa900a-!a9a-0906


Apple Media Tool v1.2 for Windows: AMT00-00000-2155073


Applet Button Factory v2.5: uSERNAME: mk67z pASSWORD: trs98z


Applet Marquee Wizard v2: nAME: p97z sERIAL: 23ws3


Applet Menu Wizard v2.0: Email Address: Sonixx Register Code: 8E5D13D52D499916


Application Control v2.xx: name: THE RIDDLER s/n: 628872953


Application Maker 1.019 beta: Code: BARK576936BARK


Approach v3.0 for Windows: 1F00028-01104360


AR8000 Toolkit 1.1.1: AR1020RBYOFWQRMH0HCOY


Arcada Backup Exec v7.01A Enterprise Edition for NetWare: 0736630000014869


Arkanoid 4000 v1.05 serial

Reg Key:








Archive Converter v3.x: s/n: 1317660001 to 1317669999


Archiver Shell 2.0: Name: FALLEN Reg: 27177064


ARCID -Archive Identifier-: name: Bi$0 from Koruña

BBS name: Bi$0 BBS

s/n: RORrI147]D


ArcServe v5.01 for Windows (10 users): 10AS 1163609


ArcServe v5.01g Windows Edition for Netware: 0392181


ArcServe v6.0 for NT Unlock Code: KWKTL-C14XX-XX9WC-R7X4H


ArcServe/386 v3.0b for Dos: 23014



ArcSolo v3.02 for Windows: EVSO 1231464, 302SO 1246936


ArcTest v2.3a: s/n: 18624809 name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF]


ArGoSoft MX Mailer v1.0: name: lxpc97 s/n: 293167522363


ARJ v2.41: name: XXX s/n: 12345

name: MGE s/n: 1234-13001 05851


ARJ v2.42b Beta_3: Name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 1707-0xFD476163


ARJ v2.50(a): name: ARJ s/n: 951224-0xA1CF9A43

name: Me! s/n: 12345678-0x924A0CFE

name: You! s/n: 12345678-0xF4C49F2C

name: 2U! s/n: 12345678-0x29C8E662

name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 4221-0x1707940D


ArjShell v1.3: Username: Sonixx User-ID: 686533162


ArjShell32: name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 289972970


Aros Magic Checkers: Name: Chen Borchang Serial: 5979DA4B


Aros Magic Reversi: Name: Chen Borchang Serial: 67F5292


Arrange 2.0: CWC144NG


Arrange-It 1.0.2: ARM9300533


ArrowBridge II v1.15: BBS: PC97

Sysop: teraphy!

Reg#1: 1319877021zrv

Reg#2: 0809850739ohm


Art Apart Collectors Edition for Windows: 2311-0021-3285


Artis-11C v2.0: Name: [Your name or anything you want] Reg. Code: 67-4938


Arts & Letters 4.5: 464412


ASAP WordPower v1.95: Serial Number: 1287B3042346 Unlocking Code: 463S213A


Ashlar Vellum 3D V3.0: S/N: ASH-677305-30 Code: 7LTQR-QQQQ-PKLTT


AskSam Pro v3.0 for Windows(95): 300-64646-96012


Asset DocParts v1.0 for Windows: ADP010-200-0000


aSSo! v8.0: Last name: KEi First name: OS Number: 445333

Astound 4.0 & v5.03: 3260952387


Astound v1.5 for Windows: 3031620659


Astound v2.0 for Windows: 3044507372


Astound v2.1 for Windows(95): 3044507372


Astro World for Windows: name: Crack da WareZ s/n: @JTJ66BHNW


AstroWorld 42 v2.0: Username: VYLENT INC RegCode: 273-0-31330


Asymetrix 3D F/X for Windows: 2011-009713


Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook v3.0: 0740-002379


Ataman TCP Remote logon services v1.6 for WinNT: Register.exe tcpservers "Misha [UCF]" i4b364652


Atlantis Render 2.11: 040412-486921-226001

Attachmate Rally v6.4: 082870


Atticus Vista 1.0: 126100023


Audio Compositor 1.3: name: jake cwc s/n: 2fJS29W2


Audio Compositor v3.1a: Name: Sonixx Registration Code: e6vfavYn


Audio Cover v2.02: First Name: Ryder Last Name: H00k

RegNum: MOPs9802020120202200 License: 12345678

Key: 13853


Audio Suite 2.03: Name: Riz la+

Code for Alchemist - Audio Converter 2.02: 813216

Code for Fusion - Digital Mixing Desk 2.03: 788617

Code for Fission - Audio Wave Editor 2.03: 1044005


AudioShop 2.0.1: 514.200.00016351


AudioTrack 1.0: 60031ATTA4409


Audition IT! v1.07: Name: Sonixx Key: $512CE22F


Audition v2.8: Name: SiLicon Surfer Comp: Phrozen Crew Code: 3064212391


Audition v2.8: Name: SiLicon Surfer Comp: Phrozen Crew Code: 3064212391


Authentex DataSAFE 1.19: name: Saltine [PC] company: Phrozen Crew '97 code: 6478143

Authentex Datasafe v1.22: name: romeo company: D4C code: 3796792


Authentex DataSAFE v1.23: name: LOMAX company: DSI s/n: 3799205


Authorware PRO v2.0 for Windows: 8205-2072-3071


Authorware PRO v2.01 for Windows: 8217-4072-0086


Auto Cad Lite 3.0: 160-10264403


Auto Care Center 97 v1.1: 71362180


Auto Start 1.5: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 18571701


Auto*Des*Sys FormZ RenderZone 2.91: Z-0200-0019999


AutoBoot 1.5.4: Registered: 299999910380596


AutoCad 14 AEC Pro Suite II: CD Key: W36H Serial: 117-99703105 Auth Code: C3DF32EA


AutoCad Lite v2.0 for Windows: 160-10124811



AutoCAD R12: 110-10638231


AutoCad v12.0 for Dos and Windows: 110-10061620



AutoCD v1.7.4 for Windows(95): name: Misha comp: [UCF] s/n: 66VVOSJG


AutoDesk Advanced Modeling Extensions: Authorization Code: 631CBE89


Autodesk Animator PRO v1.0: 01603-010203-2520


Autodesk Animator PRO v3.05: 655-10000088


Autodesk Animator PRO: 4930-P4-PH-1


AutoDesk Auto CAD 13: 70FEE2FO


Autodesk Autocad Data Extension: 130-10083217


Autodesk Autocad Lite for Windows: 167-10001908



Autodesk Autocad v.R12: 110-10061620



Autodesk Autocad v13.0 for Windows: authorization s/n: 70FEE2FD


Autodesk Designer Learning Resources: 07301-010203-4520


Autodesk Designer New Fund. Tools: 07300-010203-3310


Autodesk Designer Training Guide: 07300-010203-3010


AutoDial v1.0: ddtiscool


AutoFTP v1.1 Win95/NT: Lic.: Heritage RegCode: 980878523-968


Auto-IP Publisher v1.88: 110391481A28


Automanager v1.1 for Windows: 001454


Automap Pro v1.06 for Windows: 2028038



AutoMap Road Atlas v4.0 for Windows: 34584-068-0102477


Automap v1.0 for Windows: W 12391


Automate Pro v3.5j: 24672934

First set your clock to the date 04-14-97


Automate Professional 96: 57541350

To make the serialnumber work you'll have to set back your systemclock to october 15, 1996.

Install the program and then turn the systemclock back to the right date.


Automenu v1.0 for Kids: 501G4-UHPMH-PCG53-S



AutoMenus Pro 3.x.x: Anonymous 45011585


AutoPage 32-E 1.00: Keycode=12360-768841


Autoscribe v2.5: bbs: ABC s/n: 5804

bbs: You! s/n: 5808

bbs: Me! s/n: 5789

bbs: Xxx! s/n: 5798

bbs: 2U! s/n: 5738


AutoShutdown 1.2: Name: CYBORG^SNT Key: JR5584S


Name: SYNTONIC Key: BL3385W


AutoSketch V1.02 Norsk for Win: 163-20060111



Autosketch v2.0 for Windows: 123-12345678






Autosketch v2.10 beta for Windows: 190-00028490


Autosketch v2.x for Windows: 190-00028490


AutoSpell v5.2.1: YC4HOC4N4ENHH5-tKC/PC '98


AutoWinNet v1.3 for Windows: AWN348CASLT101


AutoWinNet v1.4 for Windows: AWN348INWUA102


Autovision v2.0 for Windows: 5B35AE2B


AutoWorks: G037825


AutoVue Professional v1.22C3 for Windows: 311-076-0001605-01


AWARD v4.50pg (Bios): AWARD_SW


AVM-ISDN-IBTX v3.0: 2001507A


Axialis AX-Icons 4.0: name: Register s/n: R83WXU-1Q78-LNBB


AXis, the Game Cheater: 001-17D-67933





AxMan 1.10: name: TERAPHY company: PC97 serial: 137-642-450


AxMan 2.1b4: Name: KiLLa Firma: [c0re'97] Code: 235-561-365


AXMAN V2.21 (Beta 1): Name: CRowmAN Company: Join #PC98 on EFNET for more cracks

Serial: 430-861-480


Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Company: AnThraX Registration key: 192-760-532


AXS OnLine Reader 1.0.x: Y7CJGE





B ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


B.N.R. Football Forecaster '98 v1.0: 23a793e27


BackBurner 2.6 & 3.1: 22-9033-8680







Backdrop 1.01+: name: Phrozen Crew 96 ser#: 2179621116

name: Byte Ripper ser#: 2736339569

name: AxeMan aka Devas ser#: 451540918


Backer v4.02 (German): Name: Sonixx Nummer: 74417


Backup Assistant v1.1: Follow these steps if you want to register the program on your name.

1. At the installation process enter your name

2. After the installation enter EUREKA as a registration code

3. Registration number must be twenty digits long.

Example: Registered name: Sonixx

Registration code: EUREKA

Registration number: 12345678901234567890


BackUp Exec Enterprise Edition 7.01 for NetWare: 0-1-362-9-000-9-010101


BackUp Exec Enterprise Edition v6.1 for WinNT: 0-5-425-5-000-0-010207


BackUp Exec Enterprise Edition: 0-5-343-0-000-6-031689


Backup Forever v1.0: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: A19917


Backup Forever v1.0: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: A19917


Balance 95 1.0: Name: Cyborg^SNT Key: CIMA-9818696667991


BalanceIt! Mutual Funds v1.2: Name: TonyTOP Code: 00207F3B


Ballade v1.0 for Windows: 2004100460


Bandwidth Buster 32: Name: Nobody s/n: 0AKEHMWN7FA44TEHV4YF


Banner 3: 507230300326


Banner*Show 1.02: AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-789AAA5


Barclock 4.1: name: tHATDUDE s/n: ZVDTH-00WEM



Batch converter: 130-0001302-265500


Batch It! 1.0: 53060XXXXX (x=Any Char)


BBS Bowl v1.5: name: Me s/n: 17677


BBS Bowl v1.7: name: You! s/n: 19689

name: Me! s/n: 17577

name: Xxx! s/n: 20488

name: 2U! s/n: 13250


BBS Drag Racing v2.39: sysop: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: @?0

sysop: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: LIB=

sysop: Xxx! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: K1E=


Beame and WhiteSide BW-connect NFS for Windows NT: 015-005345


Becky 1.10: name: tHATDUDE reg#: 0012-3437-A102


Becky! Internet mail 1.2.1: 0012-3437-Z000


Beer! 2.3e: Name: Riz la+ Code: 40843197


BeHierarchic 3.0.x: 2572311E 'Anonymous'


Bench 32 v1.07b For Win95/NT: ' CGP-152kGGx-PE002q-iUsB32 '


BerlitzÿSynonymus D/E/F/I/S: 25002285


BestCrypt NP driver 4.11 (3.0): BC-3304-8050-9FBF


BestCrypt NP v4.14: Name: Sonixx Organization: [AnThraX] Serial number: BC-35D1-EAA6-027F


BestWeb v1.0 for Windows: 01000100101


BFAWS Webcreation 2.5: Name: 05324 User#: Ben


BGFax v1.30: name: Me s/n: 201258 pop: DFCA99E0


BGFax v1.55 for Dos and OS/2: name: You! s/n: 1234 pop nr: 9CF6FBA6

name: Me s/n: 201258 pop nr: DFCA99E0

name: 2U! s/n: 123 pop nr: 81B5174A


BgFax v2.xx: name: Lost Soul [uCF] s/n: 0 pop nr: 306847129


Bible Decoder ver. 1.0: Name: Born-again Heathen s/n: 909975624ba751fc


Bicycle v1.3 bike 'alog on disk: WWUXPQVYP


Big Thesaurus: AxxxxBC (x=any number)


BitCom v5.4c: A271113



BitFax Professional v3.02 for Windows: 1 5104902939


BitFax v3.09c: A248258


BitFax/SR v4.06G / BitCom5.6D for Dos: A006844633


BitFax/SR v4.06H / BitCom5.6D for Dos: 1200420015594


BitWare Fax/Data v3.24 by Cheyenne for Windows(95): 0900020083526







BitWare Fax/Data v3.30 for Dos and Windows: 1600011096038


Black Night 1.0.3: 0000000D1FF113F


Black Widow v3.61: Registration name: Ruben Jimenez Reg serial number: 9U0-X0W0-T0-Q0S0Q

Registration name: Registered User Reg serial number: 1Q1-W6Q5-Q6-Q6T4Y


BlackBoard Backup 5.4: Name: Phrozen Crew S/N: 262


BlackBoard Backup v5.3: Name: Registered User Code: 0262


BlackBoard Backup v5.8: Name: Sonixx Key: 870

Name: Pretty Good Piracy Key: 219


BlackBoard En/Decoder 1.0: name: jake cwc code: 668

BlackBoard Encrypt Interface: name: jake cwc code: 668


BlackBoard File Wipe v3.x: Name: Sonixx Key: 815

Name: Pretty Good Piracy Key: 164


BlackBoard Internet Privacy Interface v2.2: Name: Sonixx Key: 863

Name: Pretty Good Piracy Key: 212


BlackBoard Lock v2.2: Name: Sonixx Key: 836

Name: Pretty Good Piracy Key: 185


BlackBoard PicVu 2.0: name: jake cwc code: 668


BlackBoard PicVu v4.1: Name: Sonixx Key: 759


BlackBoard Screen Saver Activate v1.5: Name: Sonixx Key: 808

Name: Pretty Good Piracy Key: 157


Blackboard: name: Me bbs: ABC key: ?G49(


BlackWidow v3.02/3.0x: Name: lxcore97 Serial Number: 829-4132/58-16713


Blade Runner for Windows: KD921A10007637


Blanch v1.4a-v1.4c: name: romeo '97 s/n: 101b6f7


BlasterMaster v6.2: (Put the line in your autoexec.bat): SET SBMASTER=798-3240


Blocks Door v1.00: bbsname: G!$ bbsPhone: 031000000 name: Me! s/n: 48366

bbsname: G!$ bbsPhone: 031000000 name: You! s/n: 67329


Bloobs PC V2.0: 449218


Blowfish Advanced 95 v8.2e: name: romeo '97 s/n: ED770ED65A186A21


Blue Wave 2.2: name: Thatdude! s/n: A88FDH7T


BlueLine E-Z InVoice v1.2 for Windows(95): 00064923


BlueWave Mail Door v3.2x: name: 2U! name mail packet: Bwave s/n: 13525402

name: You! name mail packet: Bwave s/n: 24847322

name: Me! name mail packet: Bwave s/n: 14917189


BlueWave v2.12: name: TwinHead s/n: 44738166

name: Me s/n: 77384318

name: 2U! s/n: 77386650

name: Xxx! s/n: 77389673


BlueWave v2.31b for Dos, 386 and OS/2:

name: 2U! Dos-s/n: MAGEMI22 386-s/n: L8B12K22 OS/2 s/n: 87L4EJ22

name: Xxx! Dos-s/n: 8XEB144X 386-s/n: C6B2264X OS/2 s/n: GA92554X

name: You! Dos-s/n: 4HFLIX4Y 386-s/n: IA7AH24Y OS/2 s/n: 89M7L14Y


BMP Randomizer 2.0: LC-5960


Body Works 3.0: Q24474


Bolo CD-version: 7000465510-LNK


BombGolf v1.1: name: Riz la+ s/n: 1053550


Bookie Bookworm: All stories: 1-900-903-2665


BookMaker IPF Authoring Tool for OS/2: 549732655482


Bookmark Converter 2.5: Name: JUANDA Serial: fbny8ijyd6


BookMark Magic v2.1: ser#: BMAG2F02G12312R123123 name: Nop [Pc98]


Bookmark Manager 2.1: name: Saltine code: 164050

name: Phrozen Crew '96 code: 245338

name: Registered Version code: 404623


BookMark Tray V1.0: bm724439bm


Bookmarks V1.04: name: jeagon s/n: BW-336338


Bookworm: UserName: JuNiOr s: 0B9F9D6YRW8JA77FKBZH

UserName: Arnold Hansen s: 0R3LNYMT6Z97YCYW0PYB


Boot commander v1.27: R302582-TTHY


Boot 'R v2.11: name: "Your own" s/n: RH-004001-000


Boot 'R v2.17: BOOTR-14306-0004-000, RH-004001-000


Boot 'R v2.1x: s/n: EWG58RN5QH3DF name: TwinHead

s/n: FVG599M5TP11 name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] NetworkUsers: 65535


BootCon v2.00: bcf4vxxn39fe


BootMenu 3.73: Name: Riz la+ (Phrozen Crew) Code: BM1-F8BBL-EB86R-BC7A


BootMenu 3.73: Name: Riz la+ (Phrozen Crew) Code: BM1-F8BBL-EB86R-BC7A


Boris Filters 1.0: 8F002G-03B8M09-123DL


Borland C++ v2.0 for OS/2: BCP1420WW10180


Borland C++ v3.1: IA973a10267379 Par: 14LB-TCP02


Borland Office v2.0 for Windows: IA332A10046950


BoundsChecker V5.0: name: Richardcrack code: 0kadr1rk


BOWatch v1.20: Name: Sonixx Code: 25424796696


BrainHex 1.0.x: whole new world 'Anonymous'


BreakThru for Windows: 017904


Bricklayer v2.5b (Tetris for Win): Name: Destroyer s/n: QFA-329-JAH


Bridge Manager v0.33 for Windows: 373-0111-03


Bright Work Lan Center Inventory: s/n: LAI-100-11522 p/w: P18-QXAO


Broadcast v.1.1.13: Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard

Broadway v1.4: Name: Douglas Hill Serial: 08FL3JKZAC1DLL3U3KM8


Broadway: UserName: Arnold Hansen s: 0FPQRU9BUN1FJR0XX467

UserName: JuNiOr s: 08Z10Y43VPRAWN3Y74UN


Browserola 1.01: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: CBW95-R15740-0000652


Bryce 2: 12043-64296-12480


BulletProof FTP v1.07c for Windows 95/NT:

Add these STRING values in the registry:


Name Data

Info1 clknenifpcmcnknghcniikmifcrgdogjmlljgcob

Info2 Leave empty

Info3 Leave empty


Buromanager PRO v3.1: 0E01188472020


Busines Work for Win v7.2: REG#: LE-154540 s/n: 70W23490


Business Cards v3.24 for Windows: name: ED!SON '96 company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 02054536


Business Vision II Delta v2.13 for Dos: 7416-1775-1331


Business Works Accounting v8.0: 80-32493


BusinessCards WIN v3.x:

s/n: 62404691 name: TwinHead com: United Cracking Force

s/n: 080B5436 name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 com: United Cracking Force


BusinessCards/32 v4.14: Name: romeo '97 Company: montaque s/n: 05055237


By Design for WordPerfect for Windows: W20FE06314


By Design v2.0: 637040360


Byelines 4.1.1: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 7B7F91547678D57D


Byelines v3.3.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 827164002877


ByteCatcher FTP Client v1.04b: Name: The Master DaVinci Company: Phrozen Crew s\n: 98437856278


Bytecatcher Pro v3.0 for Win95/NT: 239856538576


ByteCatcher v1.01: 78234454629






C.B.S.O v2.6: SYSTEM


CA Clipper v5.30 build 32x: s/n: 085511-732209 name: bit miXer com: THHG

s/n: 085511-432164 name: MarQuiS De SoiRée com: UCF


CA Simply Accounting v3.0a for Win: 1021602-52559


CA Simply Accounting v4.0b for Win: 1020602-212703


CA Visual Object v1.0 for Windows: 1062301-96825


Cabinet Shell 1.04: Name: Riz la+ Code: 17544


Cabinet Shell 1.04: Name: Riz la+ Code: 17544


Cable Management Systems v2.01 for Windows: CMS94DA0066


Cabman 97: name: 0fa[FANATIC'98] cert: 12345678 lic: 1RE561163039


Cache Master 95 v1.02: Name=xygorf [cb4] Serial=33174c28


Cachet 1.05: name: FANATIC PIN: 2039,329


Cachet: CM0000045VPM



CA-Clipper for DOS: FCD101080

CA-Clipper ToolKit for Windows: FTK201021

CA-Clipper v2.0 for Windows: FCW201169

CA-Clipper v5.3 for Windows: 1055110-23047


CAD Easy Electrical Symbols for AutoCad LT: 11301-001403-0120

CA-DBfast 2.0 / win ,os/2: 026220D30200


Caere Image Assistant: 3304B-D00-999999


Caere Omnipage Pro 7.0: 92807E-G00-11082





Caere PageKeeper v2.01 Rev A: 3254A-C00-019114 p/n: 872-1052-011

Caffeine: Password: say moof and enter


CakeWalk Pro Audio 6.0: E85E-43C2

CakeWalk Pro Audio v5.0: PCI12345666

CakeWalk Professional v2.01: 209038-CPW-2.01

Calendar Maker 4.1: 2000000


Calendar v3.0 Enterprises: s/n: 61001234 key: 191715


Calender 98 v2.5: Follow this steps if you want to register the program on your name.

1. At the installation process enter your name

2. After the installation enter EPOCH as registration code

3. Registration number must be twenty digts long.

Example: Registered name: Sonixx

Registration code: EPOCH

Registration number: 12345678901234567890


CalendEzy ver. 1.0.1: kdnsy95735


Calera wordscan v3.0: BB3921343


Calera wordscan v3.1 for Windows: HP3102305


Caligali True Space 3.1 Gold Edition: 5300211002075


Caligari true space v1.1 for Windows: 3 10 001 026188


Caligari trueSpace 2.0: 310015064128




Caligari TrueSpace v3: 5300211002075


Call-By-Call v2.3c (German): Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Registriernummer: 1683-3983-3721-1239


Calypso 2.20: 3Z9FQBZ9SERUR6D4Z5LQ

Calypso v2.1.0: Activation code: 3Z9FQBZ9SERUR6D4Z5LQ


Calypso v2.40.40+: Activation Code: 3C7RPAX69WFYLZPHHX2V


CAMCAD Graphic 2.2.4E: grCC83472012a


CameraMan 2.0: CMSV0336


CamShot 1.1: name: ABC s/n: 14058-17335


CamShot WebCam Http Server v2.4: Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew Code: 15653-20301


CANDI realmode NDIS-2 driver (CANDI 561E0800000 Candi.ini): 561E00800000


CANDI v1.31 name: Floppy of RealLife key: 000000ff559f


Cantax for '95 v1.0 for Windows: 134-950128-0374079


Canvas for Windows: 5035430458


Canvas v3.52 for Windows: 485110842





Captain Kirk v2.00: name: MarQuiS De SoiRée key: CK2-L7R:IYD:KM1:LLG


Capture Prof. v1.1: s/n: Y6792ih6t##F name: >>> BILL HATES <<< comp: United Cracking Force


Carbon Copy Plus v6.0 for Windows: 10588


Carbon Copy v3.0 for Windows: W30104791


Carbon Copy v6.0 for Windows: 21566


Carbon Copy v6.0 Guest and Utils for Windows: 760835


Carbon Copy v6.0 Host for Windows: 805335


CardBase v2.6: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3609402043


CardGames I v2.7 for OS/2: name: DoH RuLeZ! s/n: RG42277


Cardshop Plus for Windows: 0729


CA-REALIZER 2.0 / win, os/2: 1064100-20010


CaseLinr 5.1 (32 bit): name: Saltine code: b0O5UApQLn

name: Phrozen Crew '96! code: a9QV7Jv63s

name: Me code: w4Dq6GcQLn

name: You code: h6Vq6GcQLn


CaSeLinr 5.6: name: CiB s/n: r8aq6GcQLn


CaseLinr v5.9.2: User Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] User Key: b6MP5W5x9o


CASIF for Windows 2.9d (Casio Interface Software):

name: 0000000000 (yes - that are ten zeros) serial: 3008920002


Catalog Ver.1.21-1.51 for Windows95: ID: NoeXKuzE PSW: 1001117C


Catalyst v3: Name: Diego Abramzon at Heritage S/N: 12031420030126




Catdisk v8.x: name: Maroon code: G445000QIR


CatDisk v9.00: name: Maroon s/n: G445000QIR


CatFinder 1.5.5: un: shadow fax s/n: 109176985 or

235642596 or

235983691 or

258605775 or

453029002 or



Catz, Your Computer Pet: 1287-6097-3288





CC Mail DOS 2.01: 19344 030400


CC Mail v1.11 for Windows: 19342 030390


CC Mail v4.0/DOS: 19340 030380


CC Units v2.0: User Name: PHROZEN CREW Unlock code: 012-345-678-901-010-101-010-101


CCGREP V96.7.25: First name: tHATDUDE last name: PC'96

company: Cracker Reg Number: CYBERGREP


CD Alarm 2.2: Name: Durk [pc97] Serial: 2WG18398D

Press 'R' on the nag or about screen to input the name and serial.


CD Copy 1.0: C.012169


CD Menu 2.25: Name: Dana Stone Registration Number: 954993300


CD Menu Generator v2.16: Name: Registered User Code: 1659009316

Name: Licensed User Code: 1295998632

Name: Saltine [TVM] Code: 1048719022


CD Namer 2.0.x: 0027001335 'Anonymous'


CD Player 1.3 for Win95: VW926AR2


CD Search 1.5: name: FAN'98 s/n: 181902905

name: FWX[^oNe^] s/n: 159382919


CD Spectrum Pro v2.0 & v3.4 for Win95: 51095


CD Wizard 4.31+ Name: Free Initial: R Last name:<none?> Reveal Key: 5478


CD Wizard: name: STORM #: 3474


CD Wizzard 4.31: first name: teraphy initial:<none> last name: pc97 code: 2800


CD Wizzard 4.x: first name: tHATDUDE mid. initial: A last name: Hacker

(The key will be 13975) s/n: 3236


CD Wizzard v4.14, v4.15: First N: romeo Initial: '97 Last N: montaque s/n: 9008


CD/Spectrum Pro v3.1.310: 64222


CD-Automatic v1.0: Name: -=[PC]=- Code: 89375227277519


CDEdit v1.0: User Name: Spider]PC98 Reg Code: 87675692495


CD-Gen v4.1 for Windows: GEN-W-9507-008


CDPlayer v3.xx: name: THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] s/n: 79FB


CD-Quick cache v1.10: name: **** KEY/****


CD-Quick cache v1.11: name: Me key: DF92


CD-Quick Cache v1.20 (CDQ /NAME=<name> /KEY=<key>): name: DIR&MIR key: 96EE

name: 2U key: D987

name: XXX key: 1209

name: YOU key: 00FD


CD-QUICK for Windows 95, v3.00: Name: CARLSBERG KeyCode: A6E2

Name: MSP! KeyCode: DA67


CD-QuickShare v1.0 for Windows: 1021-0656-3338-4191


CDR Win 3.1c: Name: Hackerjack! Company: PHRoZeN CReW Serial: 413236786

CDR Win v?.?: Name: Prizna Company: Plate Steel Productions Code: 1180236277


cdrLabel 3.0: 3896857095



CD-ROM Update v0.3 beta: bbs: G.!.$ name: Me! s/n: 4760422

bbs: G.!.$ name: 2U! s/n: 2660038

bbs: G.!.$ name: Xxx! s/n: 15526867


CDR-WIN 3.3a: Username: Val Petru Company/Email: megadoc@usa.net


Unlock Key (DOS): 85ebc3a5-c85ce953-e49ff048-f4de3f7d

Check Key (DOS): 7135fcd8-4db72af6-2cc3191b-1041cf35


Unlock Key (Win): cc3f7ae2-45ff6b16-c428c6dd-c24bd933

Check Key (Win): 0e74a3d1-89c011f4-81d7adcb-06631fee


CDRWin 3.5a: Username: CDRWin Company: Golden Hawk

Unlock code: A4B0C14F-1094B183-1D6A1418-10851E01

Check code: B435DF4E-B42470CC-0DFEA59B-0DEF0A19

CDRWin 3.5b: Username: CDRWin Company: Golden Hawk

Unlock code: A4B0C14F-1094B183-1D69141B-10851E01

Check code: B435DF4E-B42470CC-0DFDA598-0DEC0A1A

CDRWin 3.5c: Username: CDRWin Company: Golden Hawk

Unlock code: A4B0F27C-1094B183-1F6A141A-10851E01

Check code: B435EC7D-B42443FF-0FFEA599-0FEF0A1B


CD-Wizard v3.10: first name: MaC initial: uCF last name: Thunderbyte key: 20517 s/n: 12349


CD-Wizard v3.10: first name: MaC initial: uCF last name: Thunderbyte key: 20517 s/n: 12349

CD-Wizzard 4.2 Firstname: Mister Initial: <leave blank> Lastname: WIL Password: 8671


CD-Write v1.1 for Windows: 111010065995601


CE Tiles 1.0: 100369


Cel Assembler v1.2c: Name: zzzzzz2 s/n: ca117987654321


Centrivex Bin Man v1.0: Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew Code: 5BB17791-D1218C99-EA22


Ceres SoundStudio 2.3: name: 0fa comp: FAN'98 ser#: CSST-R230 pass: qliahec


CGI*StarDuo95 1.03: AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-7896385


Challenge Pool v5.0: 122-167


Chameleon NFS Morpher v4.01: s/n: 34649640121147S3 key: D7D0


Chameleon NFS v3.14 for Windows:

s/n: 34059131041712S3 key: A224 s/n: 3433223117197 P3

key: C4ED network auth: 077633 access code: 1-3-0-671515


Chameleon NFS v5.0 NetManage for Windows NT: s/n: 34933445047297S3 key: B72E


Chameleon v4.5 for Windows(95): s/n: 34866345049070I3 key: 464B


Chameleon v4.5.1: s/n: 34059131041712S3 key: A224


Chameleon v4.x: s/n: 34059131041712 S3 key: A224


Chaosoft FMStepup 3.25: name: Dark Storm s/n: 2526773784


Chaosoft FMToolbar 2.14 & 2.23: name: Dark Storm s/n: 3821736152


Character Studio for 3DSMAX v2.x v2.35 PRE-RELEASE: Application ID: 629-00018722

Authorization Code: 900f38e4


Character Studio V. 2.0 for 3D Studio Max 1.2: Key: e34e4a7d


Chat with Lisa: bbs: Registered BBS First name: Registered Last name: Sysop s/n: 456600268275


Cheat master (all versions): Make a empty file "A FOREST.SIG"

(Free space between A and F is very important)


Check It 4.0 DOS: D4-155195


Check It Road Kit: D4-011083


Check It v4.0 and v5.0: 000-237032


Check It V5.2: DH-308784


Check List by TouchStone: D2-002587


Check Mail v1.02: name: Gordon Liu s/n: 5582-9144-35


CheckIt Analyst v1.0 for Windows: A4-137070


CheckIt Analyst v1.0 for Windows: A7-100163

Checkit Diagnostic Kit v4.0 CD: D3-110036


Checkit Pro Analyst v1.0 for Windows: A7-100163


Checkit Pro Sysinfo v1.0: A1-001725


Checkit Pro v1.04 for Windows: A3-062402


CheckIt Pro v1.06 for Windows: A1-001725





Checkit Pro v1.06 or 4.0+ /Windows: A4-115796


CheckIt Pro v4.0+ for Dos: A3-062402







Checkit v4.0+: A7-100163


CHECKIT v5.0: s/n: /DH-200004


Checkmail v1.15 16-bit: romeo 1677-13340-29

Registered Copy 13034-11288-28

Registered User 13043-10707-23

Registered Company 19326-11537-35

Registered University 26825-10126-30

Registered Site 12904-9628-38

Free Copy 4614-9230-26

Andreas Johansson 17469-8382-45


Chem3D Studio v4.0: Serial Number: 6506001 Registration Code: ZWJCBIQSB


ChemDraw Plus 3.0: S/N: 40770 RegCode: CQXWPQ


Cheques v1.23

Company: IR 1997

Identification Number: 9899482792

Users:1/Class:1/Product: Cheques/Version:1

License Number: 584U ZNPK 7212

Cheyenne Backup for Windows 95: 2045685

Cheyenne Bitware v3.30U for Windows: 1600010823417


Cheyenne Inoculan Antivirus v5.067: Name: Thomas Kane Serial: 3293067992935420


Chicago (Windows 95b-build 177): betaside id: 101907 s/n: 999670C9E


Chili Pepper S/W Infinate Disk Advanced: CP913BC123388


ChiWriter v4.1 for DOS: C42243-ENWNU9X


Chore Genie 2.0.99: Name: pSi Company: VERSUS Serial: 39-047-578


Chromassage 2.0: CH1-1500349


Chromatica - Plugin for Photoshop: CCB-100-0001-000301256458



Chronik for Windows 4.20: name: FANATIC reg#: 88606656


CICS v2.01 for OS/2 multi user: UN74786


CICS v2.01 for OS/2 single user: UN74802


CIDMan v1.28: name: PrOmetheus Tel No: 555-000-9999 s/n: ?421253GK@


Cinco NetXray 3.0 NT Final - Serial: 1D-10002606-VMUSnB


Cindi v2.0 (NDIS-2 driver)(CINDI 555000D20000 cindi.ini): 555000D20000

CineMac 1.1.1: CFD101C3222


Cinepak Toolkit: 1\15:90.99014:2756968448A45421:N/0



CiPA (Common ISDN Packet driver) (CIPA 562200000000 [0x??] CIPA.INI): 562200000000


Cisco TCPIP Suite for Win(95): Key: 0-UC0C-GG37-9J06-XSZZ-NR9S-WGM7


CiTrix Multi-User Link: 91126000197


Clarion v1.002 for Windows: 407457


Clarion v1.5 for Windows: 40734X



Claris Easy Business Card Maker for Windows: 0005866781

Claris Emailer 1.0: f804977886.3295

Claris File Maker Pro Deluxe 2.1 for Win95: 0006063450

Claris Impact 1.0.x: 0003116155 or 0003119496

Claris Impact v2.0 for Win3.1 & Win95: 0006055899

Claris Organizer 1.0v2: Enter any number with 6 or more digits

ClarisWorks v4.0 for Windows 95: 011-245578-112


Class Parser 1.1: Serial #: Bark!-0001-0001-0003


Cleansweep v1.0 by Quarterdeck for Windows: 115-25C-22620


Cleansweep v1.02 by Quarterdeck for Windows: 000-15C-72794











Cleansweep v2.0 by Quarterdeck for Win 95: 001-16C-26703



Cleansweep v2.03 by Quarterdeck for Win 95: 001-16C-26703











Cleansweep v3.0: CSWU3000072702


Cleanup 2.2 for Windows 95: Name: -= +JUANDA =- Serial: N0B1E0z

Name: IR 1997 Serial: 970681673710


CleanUp v1.1 For Win95: Name: Tailgunner [pc97] Serial: 264802904074


Click&Paste V4.0: cpt2845640


Clickette: User Name: Compu Terror

Serial Number: 050YPQE8YLARYLH2JW6W


Clikette v1.4: User Name: Scottie Breed

Serial Number: 0LB7ATE8XYU2YKHC0XUP

Order Number: 9706291554010000120


Clinical Pharmacology v1.2 for Windows: 6015526


Clinical Pharmacy for Windows: 9412345


Clip Wath: 23XXX


Clip4Win Database Server v1.01: DDS101065


ClipAid v2.0: Name = The Key Pass = yeK ehTjeT


Clipfolio 1.5.1: 1502091113247000003


Clipmate 4.0-4.2.6: name: CLIPMATE s/n: FFF02011948 # of liscenses: 255

name: Registered s/n: F0110717988 # of liscenses: 255

name: Internet edition s/n: FFF03503516 # of liscenses: 255

name: Free Licensed Copy s/n: FFF01240276 # of liscenses: 255

name: tHATDUDE s/n: FC800378828 # of liscenses: 200


Clipmate: name: PrOmetheus [Db0/BS96] s/n: F0113042612


Clipper 5.3 Win: 1055110-23047


Clipper 5.3+ WIN: s/n: 085511-432164 name: MarQuiS De SoiRée comp: UCF


Clipper v5.01a: CDX 232393


ClipQuik v1.02: User Name: Spider]PC98 Code: 101-859-711-176


Clone CD 4

Nome:  wosky

Código (todo esto):






ClockMan 95 v1.0.057: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1203009890 # Users: 1 L: 597451


ClockTick 32-bit v2.0: name: Dark Stalker serialno: 1817490024


ClockTick v2.1.4: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 1221593184

Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1402516080


Clone Master v2.14: Name: Michael Howell S/N: 7905A4110


Clone Master V2.19: Name: KiLLa [CoRE] Serial: A0347988

Name: Underworld^SNT Serial: 678358010


Closer v1.5: user name: ibm reg number: 422013844604

user name: romeo '97 reg number: 266551777659


CloseUp Host/Remote v6.0 for Windows: 31B57D-1121111


CloseUp v5.0 for Windows: IBB463-852875


Clox v5.5d: Code: *199898FFR0858G3


CLS-TaskIcon V1.3: Name: Black Thorne Code: 16034954


ClysBar: name: ED!SON '96 code: 142782

name: Bi$0 from Koruña code: 313548


CM Viewer v3.10: 44718494P31


CMed 2.0: name: Crack da WareZ code: BMBKEJANEJ


CMP QWK-reader v1.42 for Windows: name: Me! s/n: 33333 key: 68354

name: You! s/n: 33333 key: 68966

name: 2U! s/n: 33333 key: 68343

name: Xxx! s/n: 33333 key: 69516


CM-TextFind v2.5 for Dos: name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 377197731


CO/Session Remote v7.0 for DOS, Win3.1/95 : 46290017865 or 86290020428


CO/Session v5.0 Host: TT122335


CO/Session v6.1: TT122337, T500600845


Coach & Coach Pro: 1552467


CodeDigger 2.0+: Name: Riz la+

Code: X91R1E330A (for Use up to 2.0)

Code: 2CZCPQJ3B9 (for Use up to 3.0)


CodeDigger v2.1: name: FANATIC'98 reg#: H3941SVQE6


Color Fast v1.0 for Win95: CF0104614


Color View v3.10: name: Twinhead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 378839


Color View v3.20: s/n: 147250 name: MaRooN


Colorado TapeBackup v2.5 for Windows: 80-0151-250


Com 4.1: name: Cracked s/n: 376665-193920


Com 6.9 Build Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 Code: 15542141

Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 25214321


COM V6.6.4: Name: CORE/JES Key: 359944-196096


ComCost Pro V2: firstname: 0fa lastname: FAN'98 ser#: 98511-98461

Comic-Soft 2.0: name: pc97 s/n: 042566726433


Comma Net Mail v2.50 for Windows: 19211134581-6

CommandLine 96: 753868


CommandLine95: name: ED!SON '96 code: 901324


Comment: 1897867


Communique v2.20: first name: You! last name: G.!.$ s/n: ??8BBE22E3??????

first name: Me! last name: G.!.$ s/n: ??4B044C46??????


Compact Disc Master v3.4: name: The Hand Of FATE! [THOF!/UCF] s/n: D8F2

name: THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] s/n: 79FB


Companion Reader v2.0: CER208739


Compel PE: ASYM10288


Complete Program Deleter v1.4 for Win: 728679


Complete Writers Toolkit: WT51191850


Compupic 1.32: name: tHATDUDE phone#: 765-4321 s/n: HX6TCFZBBB


Compupic v1.29b17: name: Me phone: 999999 s/n: BBWKBBVEPC


CompuPIC v1.71 build 238 16 bit: Name: ragger/core Tel.Number: 000-0000 Key: 725NMKSBBB


Computer Works for Windows: F16881


ConDiz v1.20b: s/n: 29944150 name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC]


Conference Room 1.5.8: Name: MANiFEST Company: MANiFEST Serial: F5EA-23E8-49D2-E689


Conference Room 1.x: 1A5F-356E-860F-08DB

Conference Room v1.1 1154-1154-2154-1154


ConFig v8.02 (fullversion) (Edit config.reg): regnam: RENEGADE / XADi regkey: 60262

regnam: RENEGADE [XADi] regkey: 75000


ConFig v8.xx (write in CONFIG.REG): REGNAM=THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W]




Connect 4 v.1.1: 74hf76hdg3e75hf


Connect and Notify v1.2: Name: MCVD [ZIPWAREZ] s/n: e10926


ConnectýSMTP Gateway for Novell: 00000744


ConSeal PC FIREWALL v1.0.4b: grCC83472012a


Contact Coordinator 1.2: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 980490525610


Context v2.0 Online Dictionary Win: 04.4101.20


Conundrum Red 1.0: name: teraphy code: 8661207

name: Phrozen Crew 1997 code: 19721651


Conversions Plus for Windows: 904954-2539


Conversions Plus v2.0 for Windows: 11111111


Conversions Plus v2.53 for Windows: 983798-0308


Conversions Plus v3.50a for Windows(95): xxxxxxx-xxxx











Cookie Pal 1.0.2: name: Hackerjack! s/n: 3388964


Cookie Pal v1.0a, v1.0b: Name: romeo '97 s/n: E1095498


Cool Edit 96 beta 3: name: ORBiT s/n: DQDSAVNQ


Cool Edit 96: Name: George Jetson Code: TLHNLGEW

Name: NosyFred Code: FRJRMJRD

Name: Steve Hsu Code: NJIRSMOP



Name: PhRoZeN CReW 97 Code: SIYVBHZE


Name: United Cracking Force Code: KNLSMZZO


Cool Edit v1.50 for Windows: name: You! s/n: BMJZCPUX


Cool Wave Editor 1.52: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: VLLTICVT


Cool Wave Editor v1.52: name: tHATDUDE! reg: VLLTICVT


Coolchecka 3.001: Name: CKL!1997 SN: $549C839D


Coolchecka! 3.001: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: $D7B84B35t


CoolEdit 1.51 Win: name: Misha [DOD/RAZOR/UCF] s/n: LJLEOAJA

name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH


name: You! s/n: BMJZCPUX

name: Me! s/n: ZREKPCZY


CoolEdit v1.51 Full for Windows: name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: XDRFJLMI


CoolEdit v1.51 Lite for Windows: name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: ZPXSEWLF


CoolEdit v1.52 Full for Windows: name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH


CoolEdit v1.52 Lite for Windows: name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: NTCSJCLB


CoolEdit v1.52: Name: tHATDUDE Key: WHWRNDVD

Name: letis Key: CPADSSLP

Name: Me! Key: REABFIKN

Name: Storm Key: IVBMXLFV

Name: Cracked Key: LYAQBELL


CoolEdit95: name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH


CoolEdit96: name: United Cracking Force code: KNLSMZZO

name: tHATDUDE PC96 code: HFCMGACK

name: tHATDUDE PC97 code: GGRGEGSI

name: PhRoZeN CReW 97 code: SIYVBHZE

name: PhRoZeN CReW code: MPULQSZB

name: Cool Edit code: HAKPMSIS

name: Internet Edition code: XUEIOCQN

name: Deluxe user code: SYPHVSQQ


Copy-That v1.0: name: razzia reg code: 6012010840222667180

name: Registered User reg code: 60124454832856828398

name: Phrozen Crew reg code: 6012752432752460


Corel Click and Create for Windows 95: CNC-095U365763


Corel Draw 8: DR8XR-0074G719





Corel Draw v4.0 for Windows: CD4-114-654454





Corel Draw v5.0 for Windows: CD5-111-123456






Corel Draw v 5.0 rev. E2 for Windows: CD5-050-118034


Corel Draw v 6.0 For Win95: 4480-1415-5172


Corel Draw v 7.0: DR7-7296W63372




Corel Draw v 9.0: DR9NR-598ZR33759



Corel Draw v 10: D10NR-3284253176


Corel Draw v 11: DR11CUS-0542412-GRH


Corel Flow v2.0 for Chinese Windows: CF2-C20-577300


Corel Flow v2.0 for Windows: SW-Q023-CF-E




Corel Gallery v2.0 for Windows: CG2-020-123456


Corel Perfect Office: 755-1234567


Corel PhotoPaint v5.0 for Windows: PP5-2522-97100




Corel Web.Graphics: WGS-2206P04122


Corel Ventura 5 for Windows: CD5-123-456789



Corel Ventura v8.0: CV8-12345678


Corel Wordperfect Office 7: WP7-8Q45777988



Corel WordPerfect Office Suite 8.0: 7 35163 05396 8


Corstream Dedicated Server v1.0: CBA 0009432


Cougar Mountain Accounting Suite v3.5: Name: PREMiERE Company: PREMiERE

Serial # : 124567890124567890


Cover Your Tracks 2.11: NAME: JUANDAPC SERIALCODE: q89hu9f3


CPU Monitor plus v2.30 for OS/2 v2.1: CPUP-V230-512073


Cracking Monkey Island - From the July PC Gamer CD:

-Copy the "M1M2" directory to your hard drive

-Run the "Monk1_2.exe" program

-Fill out the forms

-For payment method choose "Order by mail/FAX"

-Close the program

-This will create a .ini file in your windows directory

-Go into Windows Explorer and navigate to the windows directory.

-Find the file called "rsagent.ini" and open it

-Find the line that reads "personalCode=##########"

-Replace the # with "5367789299" and save the file

-Run the installation Program again

-There should be a place to enter your unlocking code


-Thats IT! You just saved $20 bucks

-For Info on how to play the games run the "m1m2docs.exe" program


Crazy Bytes 3 CD-ROM RAR files: $@642 kalimero246@$


Create a Theme 95: Password: Registered Serial: 482-9793


CreateInstall 2.0: Name: JUANDA Serial: 1800140932

Name: Phrozen Crew 98 Serial: 3793171881


CreateIt for Windows: IFSD-CI1.0-117


Cross Communications v2.1: 01159


CrossEye 1.2: User Name: Computerror

Serial Number: 03MH0PEHJK8F4TVZXQ8Z


CrossPoint v3.1 (Registered networks includes RFC/UUCP): C0-1736661











CrossTalk XVI v3.81 for Dos: 004133


CrossTies for Windows: USA-101-00779084


CrossWords U Create 2.0: two waffles


Crowd Control v1.1: 9876224 (or ****224: * means any number)


CRT 1.1.2 Terminal program for Win95: Name: FuJY Company: axis s/n: 00-00-000000



CRT 2.0: Name: ODIN 97


Serial Number: 06-66-000000

Expiration: Never

Key: 3885 8933 1079 4936 6812


CRT 2.0e: Name: _RudeBoy_

Company: Phrozen Crew

Serial: 01-20-999999

Expires: Never

Reg key: 4420 8099 6299 2000 9448


CRT v1.1B1: name: DjPaul [uCF] company: [Leave Empty] serial: 00-00-000000

key: JJJF DH1P 98R1 55T9 SQH0 JMLG A9S7 EL9D


Crypto 3.1: Name: JUANDA RegisterCode: 3345166148


Crypto v3.1: User Name: tKC Organization: PC '98 Registration: 3344510990


Crypt-O-Text: 00092*410177


Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro 1.24: Name: <anything> Code: 5264


Crystal Caliburn Pinball: 9525CCW102365-U1


Crystal CaliBurn v1.02 for Windows: 6511ccw1o4413-u1


Crystal graphics 3D impact: MiRaMaX@TheForceTeam.Rox Code: 5264


Crystal Graphics Flying Fonts v2.0 for Windows: RB10-0140-1022




Crystal Topaz 3D Pro: 1010-1010-1010-1010


CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.00: Name: romeo '97 s/n: F57cRc7OZR


CStar v1.0 for Windows: 4690289681360


CStar v2.0 for Windows 4690289681360


Cubase VST v3.553: AudioXT serial: 110000000 Score serial: 070000000


Cumberland Diary 1.60: NUGCDW-11505769

Cumberland Family Tree Version 2.22: CFTWNF-19531636


CuneiForm OCR v1.20 for Windows: 230494CLC31L


CuneiForm OCR v1.22 for Windows: CRE075122-NET


CUSeeMe cu201w32: SCNE-011Y-04GN-20CL


CU-SeeMe v2.0 for Windows 95: DCNE-0110-0ML4-KJCD

CU-SeeMe v2.02 32-bit for Windows 95: SCNE-O11B-OCSM-A3CL

CU-SeeMe v2.1.1: SCBE-001Y-0QJX-ZPCW



CU-See-Me: SCNE-011Y-04GN-20CL


Cyber Snoop v2.06; 2.07: 20-1005-96


CyberCom v1.00 for Dos (Cyber.exe /R): name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC]

s/n: 170169191160190187183186

CyberCom v1.60 for Dos (Cyber.exe /R): name: THe aNGRy youTh

s/n: 70715199475842386091505467317934


s/n: 57897220672956204756672967294756


Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify v3.0 FINAL: Name: NiTR8^ Serial: 16868


CyberMedia - First Aid 95 V2.0: s/n: 1000-A1B1 Prod Code: AF10112C

s/n: 1003-F12B Prod Code: CF10112E


Cyclic95 Ver.1.05: ID: NoeXKuzE PSW: 579.117.6B2


Cygnus 1.5 Hex Editor: Name: United Cracking Force Company: UCF2000 Serial: 311-1210-222

Cygnus Hex Editor 1.5: Name: United Cracking Force Company: UCF2000 Serial: 311-1210-222






D.B. Express v1.50 for Windows: PE15003-1194

Dabbler v1.0 for Windows: 5011380-8195

Dac easy v2 for Windows: 516296

DacEasy Accounting v4.1 for Windows: AC4IB226653

DacEasy Accounting with Payroll v4.1 for Windows: PR4IB246893

DacEasy EIS v5.0 for Windows: EI50X101175

DacEasy for Windows: WA1IB111835

DacEasy v2.04 Canadian version for Windows: name: George Hiotis comp: HICAM s/n: 216721

Dagesh v2.0: 334 804 020 072 125


Dana 1.04: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 0912-2349-A818

Dana v1.02 for Win95: name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 0912-2349-A818


Dancing Baby Screen Saver: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: pJ.tpq7yGKGxg


Danere Style Maker 1.3: Name: Riz la+ Code: D4E39-DSM-4H1A9B71


Dan's Demo-It v1.0c for Windows: DIWO-50200977


DAR-Advanced Aircraft Design & Analysis v2.0:

Unlock-Code for Installing Files: Cessna441

Server Code: \/\/@cko

Computer Number: 1

License Key: 0004723381

30 Days Trial: 0005019787

Deauthorization: 0005316193

10 Days Trial: 0005612599

In case you mistyped your key, delete AAA.KEY in the main dir and repeat.


Data Access Tools v2.0a for Windows: 1F00028-01104360


Data Highway Light v1.81 for Windows: 6737169,142


Data Junction v4.1 for Windows: 12345678


Data Junction v5.0 for Windows: W103-100217


DataArmour v1.2.1.0: User name: Sonixx Company (optional): [AnThraX] Number of licenses: 1

Registration code: E6E1 FC58 65D7 8213 0AB7 1A04 7D48 9D5B


Databoss "C": 93-1207-000398


Databoss v1.01 for Windows: 94-0202-000361


Datacad Estimator v4.2: 5401-1092


Datacad Professional v5.05 (update): DC50C-8298


DataDesk 5.0: Accepts any hex number between 1 and FFFFFFFF (inclusive) as a SN.


DataFit v4.1.19: lxpc97 2d: 2766988 3d: 7503066


DataLink v2.05: 25-400874885


Datamaker v2.0 for Windows : 104010201F6


DataSafe 1.28: Name: exprs Company: for you! Registration Code: 4129786

DataSafe 1.29: Name: Sonixx Company: AnTraX Registration Code: 5083937


Date 4.20: 5884074


Datebook Pro and TouchBase Pro: xxR79J4Y6J257ZM5





DaVinci E-mail v2.52: 52XVD-GBEUP-6BP3A


DayByDay v1.3: hold (SHIFT-F10) note number hold (SHIFT -Fx)(x= current day: 1 Sunday, 2 Monday etc)


Daymaker 3.0.3: 0148D-0F68F9-1F100, 03409-13D8B8-F5000


Daytimer Organizer v1.0 for Windows: 710000000



Day-Timer Organizer v2.0 for Windows: 720100000


Daytimer v2.0: 720003976


Dazzle Plus v2.1 for Windows: DP940235


Dazzle Plus v2.1b for Windows: 1234567



Dbase III Plus: 3745331-26


Dbase IV for Windows: DA712A1047458


Dbase IV v1.5: WA711C10152190


Dbase IV v2.0 beta 2: KD712AA0000005











Dbase IV v2.0: WA712C50000000











Dbase IV v2.02: IA712A10518133











Dbase IV v5.0 for Windows: DA712A1047458


Dbase IV: KD712AA0000005


dBase V v1.0 for Windows: DA712A10474589











dbMail v1.3b1: 9876622367


DbWeb v1.0 for Win95/NT: 02-96-98


DCC Pro v3.02: 267109015


DCC Pro v4.0 (DCC.EXE /R): name: /* THE RIDDLER 1996! /* s/n: 245801539

name: Me! s/n: 0086420595

name: 2U! s/n: 0053034426


DCD Net Submitter Pro v1.5.25: AATKP63ADP59S8A


DCLW: name: Me! bbsname: G!$ s/n: 5012

name: 2U! bbsname: G!$ s/n: 62687


DDClip v2.20+: Name: Iceman Address: United Cracking Force Key: 719576921

Name: iCEMAN [uCF] Address: iceman42@hotmail.com Key: -875357703

Name: iCEMAN [uCF] Address: iceman42@hotmail.com Key: 1581343968


Death Masters v1.02: bbs: You! reg. code: 0082263134165237 s/n: 04080212003

bbs: Me! reg. code: 0082263134248005 s/n: 0408026600

bbs: 2U! reg. code: 0082263134183051 s/n: 0408025093


DeBabelizer 1.6.x: -9980-700087-963639




Deck II 2.5: 33025-0008-1201-46401


Deepsky 99 0.v2.14: 6087528366


De-Jumble v1.2: 454434343899


Deleter v2.2: bbs: Me! s/n: 0082263134248005


Deliverance 1.0: 51244-442657-100016


Delrina CommSuite 95: 7020-2175-6499



Delrina CyberJack 7.0 (W95): 1321-2123-7176


Delrina CyberJack 7.0: 7000-7166-2080


Delrina Preform v1.0 for Windows: 2201-8201-1029


Delrina Wincom PRO v1.1 for Windows: 37Z59J


Delrina WinFax Pro 4.1: s/n: 1321-2123 Network User: 1152-7632-1646


Delta Graph Pro v3.5 for Windows: MUU35-0827-3837184026


Deluxe Property Manager: 52630


Deluxe Roulette v1.2 & Deluxe Poker: password: !BhH*mDb96fQn11g


Demo Maker v1.55 (edit DEMOMAKE.KEY): line #1: 30-1123

line #2: 182220

line #3: <Your name>


Demo Maker v2.0: s/n: 32-1123 key: 2412

s/n: 32-3333 key: 2622

s/n: 32-8710 key: 2999

s/n: 32-2500 key: 2789


Demo Workshop: name: Okware s/n: 0AQ6M5RBRATPN8HN64K05I


Deneba Canvas 3.0: 485110842




Deneba Canvas 5 Updater (from v3): W000-754710


Deneba's Canvas for Win: 450059719


Depleter v2.2 for Windows: name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 46203

name: Registered User s/n: 85971


Design Estimator: 5055-2897


DesignCAD 3D v8.0: 6504 0024 1945


Designer CAD v5.0: 1005-1684-7282


Designer CAD v7.0: 3502-0557-8148


DesignExpress 1.14: nAME: \/\/@cko cODE: ROBREKB


DesignExpress Labels: name: Registered User s/n: QYOBYTK


DesignView v3.01: 73010358


DesignWorks 3.14: CVFC X9AF VA1J X5KA 95TL


Deskbar: Name: brainski Company: RaGe Code: 12E1FE83-0123


Desktop Deluxe 1.0: name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7050


Desktop Twister 32 v1.36: name: FANATIC ser#: WEKEMASA


DeskTop v4.0: 06412


DESQView /X NetWork Manager v1.1: 111-V1-9007






DesqView /X OSF/motif: 002-R1-1583


DesqView /X v2.0: 754-X5X-14396











DesqView 386 & QEMM 386: 001-32H-72414


DesqView v2.34: 047-A74473


DesqView v2.40 with QEMM v6.00: 111-XQ-9999


DesqView v2.61 with QEMM 386 v7.02: 000-19T-83189







DesqView v2.7 with QEMM 386 v7.5: 114-22H-28256




DesqView/X Network Manager v1.1: 003-V1-3616


DesqView/X v2.0: 000-15X-011980


Dial Up Magic 1.3: name: Registered s/n: 1045930556


Dial-Up Magic v1.0 for Windows 95: 09390915437


Dial-Up Magic v1.3: Name: romeo '97

s/n: 0627902388 (single user license)

s/n: 0770613617 (site license)

s/n: 0945018866 (external license)


Dictionary for Windows (German-English) v3.1 (32-bit):

Name: \/\/@cko Company: We!rdSoft Registration Number: WD3.1-20903-54934


Dictionary for Windows95 version 3.1: Name: ^oNe^ Company: FWX98

Product-Number: WD3.1-25739-64464


Digi Grabber: 6776-3647-1143-4455


DigiDay Clock v1.6: 6792


DigiDay Clock v1.7.6 (32-bit): Serial Number: 1234567890 Registration Key: 1234574223


Digimarc PictureMarc v1.51: 18-111111


DigiPhone v1.01 for Windows 95: 1005902102952446



Digital Dead: xxnnn5nnxnnnnY (x=alphachar n=num.char)


Digital Input Noise Reduction DINR 1.0: yj9660mkk236


Digital Jacket 1.0.12: 2385661789-TVM-01998-000000


Digital Orchestrator Plus v2.11: DOP211-013776-953


Digital Vision DSP 150: Name: Rizla Last Name: [leave blank] Password: 6497218724161871487126


DigiTrax v1.0 to 1.2: ALS4312536 ALS4312135


Dilbert Screen Saver: 5180-6344-1654


Dilbert ScreenSaver Collection: 4556-3654-5640


Dimensions 2.0: DAW100R3100720-191




Dinosaur v1.0 for Windows: A1-1758154924821-64


Direct Tex Pro: Beta Testers, None, T-1654327, 5257-100226-7817

Anonymous, None, T-1234567, 2431-808781-0806


DirectNet 1.2+: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 19772-175382-2727-1324


DirectNet v1.1: Name: \/\/@cko Serial Number: 15264-135202-2697-1264


Director 5.0: DRM500-53375-57072-29379



Director Academic v4.0 by Macromedia for Windows 95: DRW404-0429-1085-7007


Director v4.0 by Macromedia for Windows: DRW400-1895-9074-2077



Directory Printer v1.7: 2618572


Directory Sort 2.0 for Win95: 1) After installation, run the Directory Sorter program

2) Click on the About button

3) When the About Dialog is displayed type the three letters SMF

4) A registration dialog will be displayed

5) Enter the following information into the appropriate edit boxes

Registered Name: Gary Alguire

Registration Key: 486985536

6) Click on the OK button of the registration dialog box

7) You should get a thankyou message if you have entered the

information correctly

8) Your copy of Directory Sorter is now registered

9) If you make a mistake entering the three letter code then close the

about dialog by clicking on the OK button an repeat the process from

step 2 onwards.


Directory Sorter 2.1: name: teraphy code: 242917541

name: pc97 code: 540629253


Disc-At-Once v2.10: Name: ED!SON Company: [UCf/Xf] Serial: 601071078


Disc-At-Once: company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078


DiscPlay v3.2 for Windows 95/NT: DP3-1303 password: SPP-30-DP32A17


DiscPlayer v2.00 for Windows 311/95/NT: password: V2.0REGEON s/n: DP2-U123

s/n: DP2-U999

s/n: DP2-U676

s/n: DP2-U476

s/n: DP2-U757

s/n: DP2-U250

s/n: DP2-U235

s/n: DP2-U001

s/n: DP2-U987

s/n: DP2-U200


Disk Accord v1.10(0.1): Name: Phrozen Crew Serial: 637453598


Disk Cafe: DC000444B52



Disk CleanUp v3.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3858701120


Disk CleanUp v3.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3858701120


Disk Express II: JV103761 JE103744 JI103774 JV103735

JX103737 JX103763 JY103738 JZ103739


Disk Image: 25XXX


Disk Management System v6.10: 64232312, 64242412


Disk Manager Mac: 190915


Disk Manager v6.03.05 Maxtor HD: 18002629867


Disk Optimizer v1.01 for Windows: 11111111


DiskAccess for Windows: name: Intergraph Evaluation Software s/n: Egymaq43003051


DiskaRella v1.12: Company: WARP1997RELEASING RegKey: 21375IL


Disk-At-Once v2.1o: name: ED!SON '96 company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078


DiskCopy Fast v4.90 (Put these lines in your config.dcf):

line #1: $REGISTER line #2: XXX! ZgvDE,XowtE

line #2: YOU! Wgwvw,UwytU

line #2: ME! Y8wvL,XoyeT

line #2: 2U! ZgvDL,XowmL

DiskCopy Fast v5.1 (Put these lines in your config.dcf):

line #1: $REGISTER line #2: XXX! ZgvDE_WJRrn

line #2: ME! Y8wvL_KVYlj

line #2: 2U! ZgvDL_KGYmk

line #2: <Your Name> Regis,tered


DiskDupe Pro v7.1: 200-550-831



DiskDupe v5.0: 030-219-788


DiskFactory32 2.10: name: TeRaPhY code: 132195911

name: romeo '97 code: 1507558471


DiskMaster 1.0: DMR100AAA00000043


DiskTools Collection 3.x.y: DTC-03xy-013515798




Disktop 4.0: 06412


DiskTop v4.5.1 or 4.5.2: 0065449 or 0065279


DiskTracker 1.0.3: UKUYUSYOKE 'Anonymous'


Disney Screen Saver: DSW-91929-1488


DisPatch v1.0 by Qualitas for Windows: 100 3520 10180 or 100 7610 30040


Display Doctor 5.2 (ex. UniVBE): name: SCITECH s/n: 96089-AB95C663-99089


Display Doctor v.6.52: Name: BuBu'98 Key: 26666-45D3746C-26666


Distinct TCP/IP v3.21 for Windows: s/n: AD00081094 key: 78-17-DF

s/n: R00WELLF00 key: F6-72-F2


Ditto 1.0: XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (any numbers in this format)


DizCat v1.00: name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] key: DC29039743938-709


DizIt Pro v1.6: name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 159864


DizIt Pro v1.x: name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 495084


DizIt v1.3 Pro: name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 489984


DizMan v1.20: name: A SiN Supporter bbs: A SiN BBS s/n: FC97B1D63C2BC984


DLL Explorer 2.0: name: 0fa company: FAN'98 key#: 852989079276

Name: tKC/PC '98 Company: Phrozen Crew S/N: 958208765273


DLL Show 3.4: User Name: exprs Organization: for you! Registration: 3719455141


DLL Show v3.2: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3841956672


DLL Show v3.2: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3841956672


DMKClip 1.2: n: Zomo #: 11887-28312


DNews News Server 95/NT: To enter your license key create a 'dos' box and type in the command:

tellnews key xxxx (Where xxxx is your registration key).

Your key is: a0a0a0a8k0i8c2 for an unlimited user license.


DocMan 2.4: KNJRUT





DocMan v1.6 Win95: IFNRUX


Documagix, Papermaster deluxe: PMDH-901149-2046J


Document List Management System v1.0b: IFNRUX


Doghouse 1.2: name: Me s/n: JDHUD

Dogs of War v2.0: name: SteveHsu L: DWSTEVEHSU P: EQNNHLCFBK


Dogz II & Catz II, Virtual Petz: Catz II Serial#: 3115-6978-7745

Dogz II Serial#: 3115-6978-7651


DOGZ II (2): 2114-0298-9869


Dogz, your adopted cyber pet: 3832-0000




DoKo for Omnis 5 runtime: DOKO


Dolphin Smalltalk98 2.1: 1140858


Doorway v2.22-v2.30: name: Me s/n: 57604


Dos Command Centre v4.0: name: Me s/n: 41141613


Dos Modem Server: 1101-4806-8272


Dos Navigator II 1/2 (edit DN.KEY): line #1: Register key fur DOS-Navigator

line #2: 0768E22B

line #3: Registered looser

line #4: Batman

line #5: Gotham

line #6:

line #7: FFFF97BE


DosFax Lite: ZOO 1057109


DosMenu v7.5: SKIPBREMER


Double Dynamite 4.3: 884916


Double Helix: DHMC180800011V30R1


DoubleColor v1.6a for Dos: 039482-XD


DoubleScroll 2.1: 11000*FT33$2931


Down to Business: SSN719


Download Manager 95 v.105: edit \WINDOWS\DownloadManager.ini and place the following in it:


Reg Code=DWNMANAG3112


Download Mechanic 1.6.3: BSPC555100


DownloadWizard Plus v2.30: Name: Sonixx Registration Code: 1161-6408-6043-4670

Name: Pirates Gone Crazy Registration Code: 2496-2880-1287-2716


D'Peg! v2.13 32bit: Name: Exeron Serial: E171719

Name: SiLicon Surfer Serial: SS1818192117


d'PEG! v2.3: Name: xOANON [UCF97] Serialno: X19161921


DPS-Journal v2.0: Name: Sonixx Code: 29631290803


DraftChoice Plus v3.00e for Dos: s/n: 30-8003-3124 single username: DOD


DraftChoice v2.15a for Dos: s/n: 23-4234-9999 name: SaLaMAnDeR


Draftchoice v2.15a: s/n: 23-4234-9999 name: SaLaManDeR


Drag & File Gold 95: DFG0101010


Drag & File v3.5: i987654321


Drag and File 3.0 (Win 95): 5235645734


Drag and File Desktop: 5438574837


Drag and File Gold v3.54: 1234567890 (or perhaps 12345678790)


Drag and File Win 95/NT: 7000000000


Drag and view 1.24: DV02020202


Drag And View 95 2.0: DV44444444


Drag and Zip: 3000000000


Dragons's Castle: bbs: G.!.$ sysop: You! s/n: 6932

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Me! s/n: 5772

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: 2U! s/n: 6202


DragStrip 2.0.1: 2RC-Z2D-AQA6


Dramatic Pro : 2344-2344-ABCD-2344-2344-3U35


DrawFix Quick CAD v3.01 for Windows(95): 302067-QC301



Dream solver '95 Summer Edition: name: Perry McGee s/n: 3415037668882416

name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 42117200819784560


Dream Solver '95: name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] key: 42117200819784560


Dreamrom v1.3: name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 532


Drive Pro v1.15c: WBJK10


Drive Pro v1.7: VSVP22


Drive Pro v2.0/2.0c: LAKS11


Drive Rocket Utility v1.15: 00089549


DriveMan v1.4: ACJRUT





DRS Telescreen-32 v1.24B: Registered Name: Sonixx

Code (LITE Version): B5F5A3FC

Code (PRO Version): 4AA0509D


Drums Pro 95 ver 2.0: Name: Misha address: [UCF] S/N: 23912804


DSpace v1.3 for Windows: A2-TWINHEAD [UCF]-D


DSZ Modem Protocol: N154048100


DTS Mail 32 v2.10 Build 33, Build 40: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 420716873396


DTS Mail v2.30 (build 138): name: LOMAX [DSI/REQ] s/n: 179194816330


Duckhunt 2: name: \/\/@cko serial: DH397442AS


Duckhunt: name: \/\/@cko serial: D39744H


Dummy: User Name: JuNiOr



User Name: Arnold Hansen

s/n: 023X7CVL6H1C3NERMFH7


Dustman 2.00.103: name: NuZiN code: 1203118092

name: Phrozen Crew code: 12DBEE9081

name: Registered code: 1231E55668

name: Everyone code: 1362298D2F


DX-Grab v1.2: Name: romeo '97 World Wide License No: 4282249088


Dyno Designer v3.14: 14 45070






Easy Case for Windows: 46552839


Easy MP3 v2.1.5: Name: LOMAX [DARK EMPIRE] S/n: 49335792

Name: Free Registered Version S/n: 3462154

Name: Registered User S/n: 46382112

Name: Home User S/n: 35811504


Easy MP3 v2.2+: name: \/\/@cko serial number: 275994887


Easy Pool 3.0: 92663


Easy Pool 3.0: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 92663


EasyCall v1.03: name: GR+VeDiGGeR s/n: 667


EasyCD v2.21 for Windows: KaSBe-cSdSe-SfSSP-PRaSbU


EasyCD2 v3.00 for Win95: name: ACPZZ-UCFZZ-ACPZZ-UCFZZ



EasyClean 32 v1.0.4.3: name: FAN'98 s/n: $4404C4E4o

name: FWX[^oNe^] s/n: $F37DB848o

name: Destroyer s/n: $04R4C4BE


EasyClean v1.0.4.2 for Win95: name: Saltine [PC] s/n: $C2784CAFq


EasyHelp v2.82x: 2804560775

EasyRun v3.0: Ver30_30June97-&^EasyRun32#$


Easysoft CD-Menu Generator v2.16: Name: xOANON [UCF98]

Code: 363713032


EasyTransfer 3.4.3: BT-001-388T


eAuthor Help v3 Preview 3: Name: Phrozen Crew S/N: 184D4FA


E-Calc v1.1: 32452


ECCO Lite v2.0 for Windows: 3993769027


ECCO Professional v3.0 for Windows(95): 1104519126


ECCO, the PIM for Windows: 1101232620


E-Check v2.2: name: FANATIC code: 0050589


Echo Lake Family StoryMaker: 5161-4098-9907


Eclipse 3: KNBFBGII Copies:10 'Anonymous'


Eclipse Fax v6.0 for Windows: 105-94452


EconoCAD v2.0: 4008 0306 E454


EcoPad: name: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] company: (anything you like) code: 2302012561


EcoPad32 v3.31 for Win95: name: tHE riDDLER 1996! comp: uNITED cRACKING fORCE

s/n: 4-224-783-967


EDir v1.36: name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 298E7369BB5D


Edit One: 427-123-00040749


Edit+ v1.04.5: Name: PhrozenCrew Serial: BD0AEF0D-A151C807


Editeur v2.3: name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 4AA6C5DA2A2F0028

name: _mARQUIS s/n: 9452f8b37e31777d

name: mARLON bRANDO s/n: 1bfc91951ea8677c

name: bILL gATES [mICROSOFT] s/n: e14e56df3ae4ffde


EditPlus 1.04.5: n: Zomo #: AD49D2DA-BD1DCF84


EditPlus Text Editor v1.04.4: nAME: Black Thorne [PC'98] cODE: CFDBA08D-28DBF286


EdTex 2.38: 055022239


Effects Processor Pro 1.0: Name: Riz la+ Code: 5048


Effects Processor Pro v1.0 (32-bit): Name: \/\/@cko Registration Number: 0000005772


EFFECTS Processor Pro v1.0: Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew Code: 20498


Effects Processor Pro v1.0+: name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] ser#: 13317

name: Nop [Pc98] ser#: 8315


eFTP Explorer v1.0-v1.10: FT-0901-0000192-9191-110


EG Word: 51122000000000


Egor 2.a: User Name: Computerror



Eightball Deluxe II: EZ001114301


Elastic Reality 1994 for Windows: 40-38676-30801-39171


Elastic Reality 1995 for Windows: 40-33561-61457-22675


ElasTic Reality for Windows 95: 40-50712-31241-26627


Elastic Reality for Windows(95): 40-9831-11111-23361




Elastic Reality Transjammer 1.0b7: 82-34075-22609-02307



Elbow Grease 2.0: LB098765AMF


Electronic Workbench v3.0e for Win: W-00190-E99C


Elements of Style: ESM 113904 T


Elite BBS: 713.992.3860


ElWin v2.0.7 for Windows: name: WaiWanYee Lee s/n: 1467756086

name: Registered Version s/n: 609314894


Elvis On Guard (Screen Saver): So lonely, baby


Email Chomper 2.0:















EmailWolf v1.00 build 002: nAME: Black Thorne [PC'98] sERIAL: EW-156219


E-Mass 2.1: 56943249


Emergency Recovery System v8.5: 1st registration: Aurea Stoll Registration

1st code: 16021023

2nd registration: Aurea Stoll Registration

2nd code: 8491839


Emi-Clock: name: Motosoft s/n: DEB6I9ON6B


Empower Pro 5.0.1: 02065321


Empower: name: ADMINISTRATOR pw: ADMIN


EMULive Multimedia Producer Build20: 03536653F9CECECE56

EMUWave Audio Producer V2.6: 0C01077F7E164804


Encore v3.0: EV30-0-02032-3720


Encore v4.0 for Window(95): EV40-0-02034-0059


Encore v4.0: EV40-0-01034-4939




Encrypt-It 4.00: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 428-116-9283


Enforcer 2.9: 876855327801


Engenius 1.0: Code: 9800-07-999999950


Enhanced Cu-See Me 4.1: SCBE-001Y-0J8R-SWCT


Enhanced Notepad v1.0: Name: Spider]PC98 S/N: 591B5F7F

Name: Destroyer s/n: 941E67BC


Entertainment Digest for Windows: 2011-0021-3271


Entity Editor 2.0 Beta 5 PR1: tKC/PC '98 GDGGOMGGIOSOY


Phrozen Crew '98 GFIHLKMISWUWS


mewmew ICEOIKUOQ[Uwa


Envision 4.3: 8019


Equation Grapher 1.90: GRAPH3C


E-Quip for WinOffice in a Box: RAL010103000258


Eraser 1.0 Beta 1b: Name: _RudeBoy_ Company: Phrozen Crew Serial #: E7-A50460472344L7890


Ergonomic Timer v3.1: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Key: 175A607780


ERISALaw Total Resource for Windows: 31QVA11000212


Ernest and Young Prosper v1.0a for Windows(95): EY53VUHBYR


eScout v1.02: SC-7800-0000179-9270-100


ESig97 v3.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 849845708317


ESL v4.0 for OS/2 and Windows: 3091300953


ESS-Code (case sensitive): IQHRIP




ESS-Code v7.5: IQHRIP


ESS-Code/32 v7.8: IQHRIP



Essential Internet: 005-18M-70061


Essentials v1.1 Package for OS/2: p/w: INTRODUCTION


Essocode 7.8: IQHRIP



Estimator Plus for Windows: 5500-9466


Et2000 v5.1 for Win95: 62256346


Eta 2.1beta for Windows: WD52-EB21-0023


Eta v2.1+ for Windows: WD52-EB21-0023


ETeller v2.80a for OS/2: name: Whatever s/n: 25680000 control code: 2500


EtherPeek 3.0: G2Y00ZBZKRX13CB


Eudora Pro 2.1.3: SN: 1020145 UserCode: IC233


Eudora Pro 4.01: 4557201


Evolve v6.1 for Clipper: EVC610401762


eXalt v3.0 for Win 95: 196CB451003664




Excalibur BBS server v0.84 for Win: 10021000002


Excalibur BBS Server v0.95 for Windows: 10021000002


Excalibur v1.0 (8 nodes) for Win95: 100820022743301


Exceed 4 v4.0 for Windows: s/n: W -035565 super TCP: 01A-040-DE key: 40A-5BF-8F


Exceed 4 v4.1.1 for Windows(95): W -059483


ExCrak 2.0b: rosebud


ExCrak 2.0d: ED7ED!SON96X


Executor (Mac Emulator): s/n: 2392023 key: zph42ruyvh9kp


Executor 2 (Mac emulator): s/n: 5958004 Key: 9mbszf42fhhth


Exellent System AB for Win95: 2845973222


eXodus 6.0.0: XEM0-0110-0L0Z-0A00





eXodus v5.60 for X-Windows: EEWS____PWA_1995


Expeditor v1.00: E3rD64aI09y2E84G


Expert ClipArt for Windows: 0503340720


eXpertise: 000-18F-70381


Explore v2.0 for Windows(95): 4000-0136-9807


Explorer98 v1.10H: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 1776076544


Expo/Web version v1.4: code: \/\/@cko password: \/\/@GIF


Express Systems Express Meter v3.0: s/n: ER-EM300-10ACHAK p/w: N8LJGHLS


Expresso 1.0: EXM-51679-5594


Expresso Calendar and Address Book v1.0: EXW-65132-0445


Extensis Beyond Express: CCE-400-854-948-547777


Extensis Intellihance 2.0: IWE-201-100-677-100003


Extensis Intellihance 3.0: HCE-200-197-425-807091









Extensis MaskPro 1.0: MCE-100-372-488-098826




Extensis MaskPro 2: MCE-100-001-825-071408


Extensis PageTools 2.0: PWA-200-025-735-068954



Extensis PhotoAnimator 1.0: ACU-100-000-653-000000


Extensis PhotoAnimator v1.0: ACU-100-000-653-000000


Extensis PhotoFrame 1.0: BCE-100-382-399-447016






Extensis PhotoTools 1.0: HWA-110-025-239-035493


Extensis PhotoTools 2.0: HCE-200-390-770-219646





Extensis Portfolio 3.0: FCE-300-108-632-785030




Extractor 97 1.1: Name: Riz la+ Code: 9658117683947663360


Extreme 3D 1.0: 40110-0776-2307-16851



Extreme Slots 95 1.2: 196458


Eye Candy 3.0 by Alien Skin: IIIGEBFHMJNB



EZ Mail 16-Bit: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 Serial: 70908419

EZ Mail Win32/NT: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC Serial: 70908403


EZ-Pix v1.0: Registration name: Sonixx Registration key: EZP100443255


EZ-Split 2.0: ES200000001400030340159


EZ-Unzipper32 v2.55: name: zircon / pc97 serial: XPR-2925

name: all serial: XPR-667

name: registered user serial: XPR-3419






F(g) Scholar: FG0021747120

FaceIt PC 3.0: Name: \/\/@cko (c) UCF License: 2007650

Falcon v3.0: 033624


Falcon's Eye v0.901 (FE Register):

name: Me! s/n 1#: GISST1X6N6PJ s/n 2#: GISST6W3D5G4V7Z2G0I1A8E3WS

name: You! s/n 1#: GISSU3OO9U7M7WK s/n 2#: GISST6W3D5G4V7Z2G0I1A8E3WS

name: 2U! s/n 1#: GISSQ4W0M9KN s/n 2#: GISST6W3D5G4V7Z2G0I1A8E3WS


Family Photo Album v1.50: MSFPAW-27616827


Family Treemaker v1.01 for Windows: FTW11R64747


Fancy Fax v1.1: D4959968999 (or D4*59*68***: * means any number)


Fantasy Land v1.20: bbs: XXX sysop: Me s/n: ABCD8178

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Me! s/n: ABCD8179


Fantasy Photo Collection for DOS/Win: 37200


Farstone Cache Driver v2.x: 1-10501131


Fast Fonts v3.3 for Windows: 05-U08355


Fast Mail v1.20 beta a for Windows: 1502909616


FastFileFinder v5.2 for Dos: CDCF1357111111











FastMove v1.01 for Dos and Windows: A9-0000000


FastStats V1.01: Unlock Code: 1234546454


FastStats v1.3: Unlock Code: 9876762057


Fasttext 1.0: 112121212a


FasType v5.1: RegName= j0b [ucf] RegNum = 173-24811-37


Fauve Matisse v1.24 for Windows: 1733920


Fauve Matisse v1.27 for Windows: 1733920



Fax for Windows v3.0: 100401007520


Fax-a-laugh v1.0: GB001000


FaxMaker Fax on Demand v3.0 for Windows(95): reg.code: regico


FaxMaker v4.1 Networks for Windows(95): reg.code: regico


FaxMaster OCR: 4304A-C00-002837


FaxMaster v1.01: 4304L-D00-999999L


FaxServer NLM v2.0 by Cheyenne for Netware: 20FX 985466

EV 1213767



FaxServer v2.0 for Netware: 20FX 985466, EV 1213767


FaxTalk Plus v2.1 for Windows: B116858EB20040


Febbs v1.9x: s/n: A5599B75 name: Gert Bohman


Fido QWK v1.25: name: Me s/n: 68571B8A

name: You! s/n: 8751D319

name: 2U! s/n: 2A7684F4


Fighter Wing from Merrit Studios: 1PKY6T89X2A


File Commander/2 v1.40 for OS/2: name: You! s/n: 1273367202

name: Me! s/n: 1271127774

name: 2U! s/n: 1270165554


File Download Counter v4.60: name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 383185275

name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 383182976


File Force 1.0: X-442540368699


File Locker 2.3: 73002-50134


File Magic Professional v2.0: 16-0012025


File Mag-Net v1.11: Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 6267663944


File Maker Pro v2.1 for Windows: 7000843902




File Manager/2 v2.42 for OS/2:

name: T.G.A adress: G.!.$ adress: G.!.$ date: 1995/09/11 node: 3 version: 2.36

s/n: 4079376399 commercial: x


name: DoH Enterprises address1: 1118 Katayamaq St. address2: Seoul, SE 64212

address3: South Korea date: 1994/11/24 nodes: 1 version: 2.17 commercial: TRUE

s/n: 4044565519


File Peek v1.1 (32-bit): Name: \/\/@cko Registration Number: 455608513


File Shredder 2.2: User Name: exprs Organization: for you! s/n: 2545229216

Name: Destroyer Org: 1998 s/n: 2539111641


File Wiz: 28XXX (X=any digit)


FileBack by Maximum Output Software v 3.0: Name: Killer+Bee [PC'97]

Register: CARiyfMRveGmWHTurMyIUMoVLQ


FileBar v2.05 for OS/2: name: D.T.K 1995 location: Der TeufelsKreis 1995 s/n: 19429


FileCompress Pro v1.0 for Windows: 081494-001L-00P4093



FileEx 2.00h: name: PC97 s/n: 655552


FileMaker Pro v2.x for Windows: 7000843902



FileMaker Pro v4.0 (Windows): 1-1014-0347-5961-0529


Filemark v2.00 beta: name: Me s/n: 214180166571461814535

name: Batman s/n: 1031781158727839287

name: --- s/n: 15722517211119202164112


FileName Juggler 1.10: Name: TKC/PC '97 S/N: 12345 P/W: 643C-256A-ADFA


FileSync 1.51: name: teraphy code: 11196906

name: Phrozen Crew 1997 code: 328103128


FileSync 1.52: name: \/\/@cko registration key: 14690424


FileSync v1.4: name: Steve Hsu code: 27579276


FileVac ver. 1.1: User key: 22A4D102C31016CD6 s/n: 220D49E574D66DC480ACB18CD952FE2D1F3B


Final Effects AP PlugIn: 18018-60534-12435


Final v3.0 for Windows: WFNA 106311

Finale 3.7: WFNA 106311


Fine Print 1.1: name: BASSMATIC sn: 5018-001234


Fine Print 1.30: name: Cyber Ghost s/n: 7040-032768


Fine Print 1.4: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 2328-053210


Fine Print 1.41: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 2328-053210

Name: STaRDoGG [PC97] Serial: 5912-043210

Name: A Phrozen Crew Fan Serial: 5570-043210


Fine Print 2.03 for WinNT: Name: _RudeBoy_ [PC] Serial: 9477-624597


Fine Reader Light v2.0 for Windows: LSFR-003669-20011


Fine Reader v2.0 for Windows: LSFR-003106-20010


Firebird Group Mail 2.02: Name: Donald Heineman Code: GM-1029150675-S3F


Firehand Ember v3.0.7: romeo 005003000778

Registered Copy 011046974012

Registered User 019044055375

Registered Company 013070231761

Registered Site 006031838416

Registered University 010004233062

Free Copy 006048419766

Firehand Technologies 015023176762

Firewall Plus 3.04 Beta for NT: FSA0050E09040201


Firewall Plus 3.04: FSA0050E09040201


First Aid Deluxe95 V3.0: 1134-4385


First Aid v1.0 for Windows: 1002-0E7B


First Aid v1.2a, revision C for Windows: s/n: 1003-F12B p/code: CF10112E

s/n: 1000-A1B1 p/code: AF10112C

s/n: 1002-4AB6 p/code: AF10112C

s/n: 1002-0E7B p/code: DF10112F


First Aid v1.2a, revision E for Windows: s/n: 1002-4AB6 p/code: AF101120


First Aid v2.0 for Windows(95/NT): s/n: 102B-9299 p/code: AF10020A


Fix 2000 Professional v1.35: P3701-ZQJ-43810


Fix 2000 v1.31: Name: tKC/PC '98 Org: Phrozen Crew S/N: P6632-ZQJ-12345


Fix 2000: P7179-ZQJ-2


Fixed Asset System v9.41: 3060461


Fix-It: 50150553


FLameMask 2.6: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00000000


Flamengo Plus v1.2 for Windows(95): HF1-120-1985057-7609619


Flash 1 of the Sausage software: User Name: Compu Terror Computer

Name: (Anything you Like)

Expiry Date: (Leave Blank)

Reg. Key: 03N49031K2U3W8THZA78


Flash 2: User Name: JuNiOr

s/n: 09RMPJK14X0W95NZZT8A

User Name: Arnold Hansen

s/n: 00YH2YHY001W3NL161EQ


FlexEd Html 2.0b: name: madmax! s/n: 090560518521

name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 199584820858

name: Anyone! s/n: 217278207442

name: Cracked s/n: 769806196900

name: Generic s/n: 429239591162


FlexED32 v1.5: name: PrOmetheus s/n: 473512142656


FlexEd32 v2.0b: name: Cracked s/n: 769806196900


Flexed32 v2.2: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 680968984795


FlexEd32 ver. 3.2: Name: The Master DaVinci s/n: 192000278151


Flight Simulator 95: 4507702122


Flinstone Cuckoo Clock for Windows: 90500100-00123


Floppy Disk Catalogue v4.3x: DiskCatv4.x-637927712RCLAB


Flow Charting: DB5S07785


Fly Calculator v1.0: 1100

Flying Toolbars v4.4: 8731-1844-93


FlyingColor v1.1 for Windows 95: name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 2826646043


FM StepUp '96 4.02: name: Saltine [PC] number of users: 1997 s/n: 3543772672

name: Phrozen Crew '97 number of users: 1997 s/n: 0756799488

name: Registered User number of users: 1997 s/n: 3407480960

name: romeo '97 number of users: 999 s/n: 3641802562


FM StepUp v3.40: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 1423545832


FM Toolbar v2.27: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 3317502296


FMail v1.02 for Dos and OS/2: name: You! key s/n1: 1909407035 key s/n2: 740316073

name: Me! key s/n1: 659038778 key s/n2: 412971433

name: 2U! key s/n1: 1056834494 key s/n2: 972832725


FMBox 1.1: name: teraphy code: 1581

name: rebels code: 1311


Focus v1.5 for Windows: 001445914


Folder Guard 4.02: name: Saltine [PC] number of users: 1997 reg code: 2918956544

name: romeo '97 number of users: 999 reg code: 2740184390


Folio Viewer v3.0 for Windows: 30WVU1234567


Folio Views v3.1a for Windows: 31NFA1052015


Font Control 1.23: name: Steve Hsu code: 22440.


Font Finder v3.4 - v3.5: User Name: Sonixx Registration Number: 598f-4071964


Font Man: name: Steve Hsu s/n: FCD 51120


Font Monster 3.5: Name: BETA TESTER Reg: 16983

Name: Steve Hsu Reg: 11483.


Font Viewer 1.0: Serial: PBG0213 Name: STARDOGG [PC]


FontEzy ver. 1.0: jsnbc85462


FontFinder 32 v3.0.2: Name: \/\/@cko registration key: 277-7997


FontFinder/32 v2.0.3: Name: romeo montaque s/n: 277-14958


FontFolder Lite v2.0 for OS/2: 1001586


FontLook v3.2: 5447213


FontMagik 1.0: J230373Ha


FontMagik ver. 1.1: Name: DaVinci PC98 s/n: 1021165319502900


FontShow v2.7: User Name: tKC Organization: PC '98 Registration: 4195257489


Fonty 98 v2.12: Firma: privat Nachname: [AnThraX] Vorname: Sonixx

Strasse/Nr: The Ongoing Force 98 PLZ: 2000

Ort: Earth Code: 160837101


Fonty 98 Version 2.01 - 2.11: Firma: privat Nachname: [AnThraX] Vorname: Sonixx

Straße/Nr.: Santa Monica PLZ: 2000 Ort: Earth

Land: Deutschland Code: 160847889


Forever backup: n: Zomo/CP'98 #: A10910


Form Publisher v1.21 for Windows: FPW71211289


Formtool Gold for Windows: 374C1


FormTools Gold v2.0 for Windows: 31291134


FormTools Gold v3.0 for Windows: FPF173263


Formula 1 ActiveX 4.15: VCI.FOO5.04.00.1070188027


Forté Agent 1.1 32 Bit: JYJ13VTV-6HXMBZFE-VFG2EKKW




Forte Agent v.99f (32b W95): WHGW8335-GLVH8SBR-8E5XR2MD-WZ5BUJU5-7TBYFNSW


Forte's Agent 99.f 32 or 16 bit: JYJ13VTV-6HXSBZFE-VFG2EKKW


Fototouch v2.1: SCAL028482-F210


Fox HTML Editor v1.2b: Name: romeo-JUANDA s/n: FX115852608


FOX PRO 3.0B: 111-111111111


FoxBase v1.1: s/n: FMD027877 p/w: EMZXPYEI


Fprint: name: \/\/@cko Registration number: F39744P


Fractal Dabbler v1.0 for Windows: 5014788-4960




Fractal Design Dabbler for Windows: 5011440-0287


Fractal Design Dabbler v2.0 for Windows: DW200RAZ0005482-VDHD-001



Fractal Design Detailer 1.0: VW100RAZ0001436-CVMT-001



Fractal Design Expression 1.0: EW-100-1-8226-32620


Fractal Design Painter 4.0: PW310RAZ0010460-QHJJ-001




Fractal Design Painter 5: PA500RAZ0015375-GGSM-001



Fractal Design Painter Pro v3.1 for Win95: PW310RAZ0010460-QHJJ-001


Fractal Design Painter Pro v4.0 for Win95: PW31-0RAZ0010460-QHJJ-001


Fractal Design Painter v2.0 for Win: 0700585AQK


Fractal Design Painter v3.0 for Win: PW300RAZ0002607-EANY-001

Fractal Design Poser 2.0: FW100RAZ0002042-NTHV-001



Fractal Design Ray Dream Designer 4.1+: DW-410-1-1270-31249


Fractal Design Sketcher for Windows: 0300023NFF


Fractal Design/Meta Creations Painter 5.0: PA500RAZ0015375-GGSM-001


Fractal Designer v1.0 for Windows: 5012226-2312


Fractal Imager: name: tHATDUDE s/n: ffffff


Fractal Poser v1.01 for Win95: FW100RAZ0002042-NTHV-001



Fractal Poser v1.03: FW100RAZ0002042-NTHV-001


Fractal RayDream Studio 4.1: SW-410-1-2847-62287


Frame Maker 4: 00-0-01-01-4-0059E-2E-00D2


Frame v2.01: bbs: XXX name: XXX s/n: AA456RTVMPSHLPCHM6DJT8GOWDJSA


bbs: *** name: *** s/n: AAA456RTVMPSHLPCHM6DJT8GOWDJSA


FrameBuilder for Windows: 04-0-01-01-4-0056A-916E2D


FrameGang 1: User Name: Computerror

Company Name: (Anything you Like)

Expiry Date: (Leave Blank)

Reg. Key: 0H5DYCQR190RJ1YYT4VA


User Name: Arnold Hansen

Serial Number: 00Z48Q0M6M0B90ATW2DQ


User Name: Daniel Barfie

Company Name: (Anything you Like)

Expiry Date: (Leave Blank)



Frame-it 1.15: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 12540


FrameMaker v2.1 for Windows: 2-01320-27



FrameMaker v3.0 for Windows: 5-001000-68

FrameMaker v4.02 for Windows: 00-0-01-01-4-00C2F-3C9DB0





FrameMaker v5.00 for Windows(95): 00-0-01-01-4-00D4A-D62C70




FrameWork IV v1.0 for Windows: 1121221-10











FrameWork v4.0: 00-0-01-01-4-0059E-2E00D2


Free Cell Plus 1.1b: name: Steve Hsu code: 178488


Freedom of the Press v2.2: 1019849


FreeMem PRO .v 4.0: 453510776484


FreeTel: 1292-0039-0768-5802


Fresh Water Fishing Doorgame: name: Wayne Moore s/n: 3906


FrontDoor Request Processor v1.11 (edit Fdrpr.cfg):

line #1: keyname: 2U! line #2: keynumber: 0003331899243E

line #1: keyname: Me! line #2: keynumber: 0001234E72665F

line #1: keyname: You! line #2: keynumber: 001234039456B9

FrontDoor v2.11: FD001123456


FrontDoor V2.12: name: You! s/n: FDMMi3floFxMMiMMiMMi

name: Me! s/n: FDMMi3ihzsdMMiMMiMMi

name: 2U! s/n: FDMMi2w67tdMMiMMiMMi


FrontDoor v2.20a Multi Line: name: Me s/input: 34566 s/n: FFFF:8706

name: You! s/input: 23321 s/n: 0000:5B19

name: Me! s/input: 32766 s/n: 0000:7FFE


FrontPage 98: 9978-3492547



FTP 2000: name: Steve Hsu code: IKELSTC:EM


FTP Browser 1.25 for OS/2: jaft1ca583sjm


FTP Express 1.5.010: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Numba: 5535548


FTP EXPRESS V1.00.012: name: +JUANDA s/n: 500131


FTP Icon Connect v2.2b: 297 A84J5 16


Ftp Icon Connection v2.5 (Anawave): Name: romeo '97 s/n: 987654321 r/code: 63457-79-487483


FTP Icon Connection v2.5 beta 2: name: MCVD [ZIPWAREZ] s/n:123456789


FTP OnNet32 for Win95/NT: 1990-3007-1872, 7704-8703-1522


FTP Server-U Daemon v1.1i for Windows: .Va7/0nRUR./Kermu


FTP Server-U Deamon v2.00 for Windows(95): r8fZajeU3JY,ED!SON '96


FTP Super TCP Professional v1.1: D95-930-00


FTP Wolf 2.01: Name: LightBringer Serial: FW-109427


FTP Voyager Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Addy: SDC@Cracker.Com Serial: 000012be


FTP Voyager v6.0.0.0: Name: "The Master DaVinci " <-- notice the space

e-mail address: phrozen@crew.com

s/n: 00002d19


FTP Voyager v6.0.0.2 - x.4: Name: ajay khandelwal

Email: vovakholostyakov@usa.net

CustomerID: 4c6504193440ff7da2b4ace1fe87


Name: Chen Borchang

Email: 85150005@pcmail.com.tw

CustomerID: 4ceb0419e440ff7d85b4c0e1fe87


FTP Voyager: Name: TFT97 Email: Miramax@hotmail.com Registration ID: 00003798


FTP-Max v1.1: name: BLiTZ / [PC97] s/n: NGVJGJ6XSAY4EJ

FullDisk v2.2: name: Byte Ripper s/n: 76951AC6


Fusion DBL CD: 557-0251-01


Future Wave Future Splash Web Animator: 1701 968A E497


FxEdit v2.8: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 138702658






Galleria v2.2 for OS/2: name: Cheng Li s/n: 3411-6987-8498-6256


Galt SafeKeeper Backup 1.1: backmeupgalt


Game Hack v1.0: <CTRL> and <Mouseclick> of Image Game Hack for Register!

Name: Destroyer s/n: b52f0038


Game of Stars 2.5: WV9NBSGY


Game Runner v2.2a from Quarterdeck: 000-07A-00009











Game Runner v3.0 from Quarterdeck: 000-18G-79741











Game Wizard Pro v2.0b: ESD-GW-002001


GameSpy v2.02: Name: <Any Name You Want> Email: gamespy@gamespy.com

Serial: bscA-cea3-TQbT-f5S9


Gamma Universe v1.03 for Windows: UV0103-000-43LPBSW-6548


GatherTalk v1.01: Name: romeo '97 s/n: KMOTQAR8S9R9


Gatling: User Name: Grafx Creations



Gator Edit v1.201 for Windows: name: MOD Cracking Force s/n: 54919 key: 129278

name: Me! s/n: 33333 key: 69857

name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 33333 key: 78562


Gear for Win95: G00400E89


Gear MM 4.0 for (W95/NT): G48666E09


Gear v3.2 for Win95/NT: G12345U69


Gear v3.22 for Dos, OS/2 and Windows: G18520E99


Gear v3.23 for Dos, OS/2 and Windows: G02632U89




GEcho v1.11 (Gsetup keys): name: Me! gecho s/n: 1427322596 mbutil s/n: 3481302705

name: You! gecho s/n: 227420408 mbutil s/n: 1811798054

name: 2U! gecho s/n: 475488014 mbutil s/n: 699737661


GeoFinder Data: 3000442


GeoFinder v2.1a: 100992


GeoPublish Graphic Windows Environment: 1000-0022-0278-1056


GeoWorks Ensemble v2.01: 1000-0022-0278-1056


GeoWorks Pro: 2001-0082-0805-2181


German translation program: 45014774


Get Time v2.01: name: STARDOGG CHAMPION # of licenses: 1997 serial #: 960541824


GetRight 1.0: 028191158200


GetRight 2.0,2.01,2.03: 136551068192


GetRight 2.04: 112005244116


GetRight 2.20: 231646083077






GetRight 3.0-3.01: 813000249415





GetRight 3.1: 414826243814


De-Register GetRight

No need to uninstall the complete program, just because the

author blocks the registration form.

To de-register GetRight after using an illegal registration code,

remove the following from your registry.






Name Data

DidMirorCheck00 0x00000001 (1) Delete this value

LastModOO 08/16/1997 12:44:06 Delete this value


Getright 3.20: 637649050601







If you enter an illegal code just delete these values from your registry


Name Data

DidMirorCheck00 0x00000001 (1) Delete this value and note the mispelling

LastModOO 08/16/1997 12:44:06 Delete this value


GetRight v1.3(a): R281911582DV




GetRight v2.1: 000000369298




GetRight v2.11: 000000369298


GetTime Server 2.1: Name: UNDERWORLD^SNT # of Licenses: 999 Registration Number: 3336696000


GHoST 1.6.5: licence: MS021234 key: 00013580


GhostTyper98: name: FANATIC'98 code: 225417336 lic#: 1000


Gibbon Talk for OS/2: GCPLM.exe: Doh Enterprises s/n: 247-4555-177

GCPTALK.exe: DoH Enterprises s/n: 139-7049-558

GCPTALKD.exe: DoH Enterprises s/n: 139-7049-558


Gif Construction Set v1.0p: name: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] s/n: calwcalw

name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: okevgbdtcfjl

name: romeo!!! s/n: hohfhohf


Gif Converter v2.1.1: 62-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2


Gif Converter v2.3.7: 162-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B3


Gif Movie Gear 2.0: Name: CKL!1997 SN: LamaKen


GiF Movie Gear v2.51: Registration name: Demise Serial number: mvg2dms0407


Giflink v2.01: name: Me s/n: GK546354872

name: You! s/n: GK292816365

name: 2U! s/n: GK480198183


GifLink: s/n: GK123456445 name: Betamax

GifLite v2.0: name: Me s/n: GL868695771

name: You! s/n: GL216610183

name: Me! s/n: GL342697259

name: 2U! s/n: GL260901983


GifLite v2.10: name: Me! s/n: GL210000698

name: You! s/n: GL210000620

name: Me! s/n: GL210000698

name: 2U! s/n: GL210000433


GifLite: s/n: GL123456689 name: Betamax


Gifsee v1.8: name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 4284343146413117217

name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 9634205647800

name: You bbs: XXX s/n: 1038181973631510

name: Bi$0 from Koruña bbs: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 27729248175416923096


GifSee v2.00 (edit GifSee.cfg): bbs: G.!.$ name: You! s/n: 1713157746458619598

bbs: G.!.$ name: Me! s/n: 1156490276477453677

bbs: G.!.$ name: 2U! s/n: 1049390516472434366


Gin Rummy 4.2: name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 527-633-627


Girlfriend Teri: 240-104343

Global TimeKeeper 1.6: name: Steve Hsu s/n: g(?1JrW%)M


Global War (any version): bbs: ABC s/n: GQ892HIRTFG

bbs: You! s/n: KB188JWPEUG

bbs: Me! s/n: FM906SGCIPB

bbs: 2U! s/n: VN185TDTJLB


Gnome Hammer 1.03: Name: Riz la+ Code: 134-43184-9368


Go!Zilla v2.11a: adress: stevehsu@tw s/n: X4FWWI21EU

Go!zilla versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.11: adress: romeo@juanda.com s/n: Z2WVWATVYN


Godfather oF Crime v1.21: sysop: The Masterboy bbs: The Hackers Paradies s/n: M5282

sysop: Fred Flinstone bbs: The Ultamed Stallion s/n: M5282


Golded 2.42-2.50: name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: FB717318456A4D0D3D7F7E450F2C103DF1791B79566603


Golded 3.0 Alpha: s/n: 7777DK7 registername: Everyone

registerkey: 731E74072408340421751F527354752C1E0F


GoldED v2.42 (edit GOLD242.KEY):

line #1: REGISTERNAME TGA line #2: REGISTERKEY DCD5651620764D7A

line #1: REGISTERNAME Me! line #2: REGISTERKEY 514F7C1440764D7A

line #1: REGISTERNAME You! line #2: REGISTERKEY 420A681E347B416B5E


GoldED v2.50-A0715+ for DoS: (Include in golded.cfg the line: "include gold250.key".

Make a file named golded.key and put here in 2 lines with registername and -key):





Golden Bow Text Editor: 925613


Golden ComPass for OS/2 (Press and hold C+A+S then hit R): RFB6409


Golden Hawk CDROM Recording Tools 3.0e: UserName: Killer+Bee

Company: Phrozen Crew

Number: 2846170205


Goldmine for Windows: 10576345


GoldMine v2.5a for Windows: 10576345, 10803999/5


GoldMine v3.0 for Windows(95): 11428171950


Goldwave 4.0: first n: JANAZ last n: CRACKPL #: ZOKJOKB


GoldWave v.3.24: First Name: MIRAMAX Last Name: THE_FORCE_TEAM Password: OVIOXLC


GoldWave v3.03 for Windows: first name: Me! last name: G.!.$ s/n: KGDQIY

first name: You! last name: G.!.$ s/n: KAYVKBB

first name: 2U! last name: G.!.$ s/n: YPJMIY

first name: Misha last name: UCF s/n: BQSFLY


GoldWave v3.22: Name: ROMEO Company: MONTAQUE s/n: MLLIPNB

(type without CAPSLOCK on)


GP KarCheck v1.04: 3104025


Grabber 2.0.10: Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew Serial: 119147598169


Grand Chess 1.2: Name: tKC/PC '98 S/N: 222740937


Graphic Workshop v1.1w for Win 95: name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiRée <<< s/n: 26132

name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 20591


Graphics Workshop Pro v2.0a: Name: Versus Code: 21093-08-20313-08HD


Graphics Workshop v1.1j for Windows: 65535


Graphics Workshop v1.1p for Windows: name: >>>MarQuiS De SoiRée<<< s/n: 26132


Graphics workshop v1.1t for Win: name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 893


Graphics WorkShop v1.1u for Windows: name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiRée <<< s/n: 26132

name: Me! s/n: 6149

name: You! s/n: 8153

name: 2U! s/n: 2752

name: ED!SON s/n: 11954

name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 693


Graphics Workshop v1.1x Patch 1: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 29588


Graphics Workshop v6.1: name: Okware s/n: 13845


Graphics Workshop v6.x and v7.x: name: Me s/n: 5923


Graphics Workshop v7.0e: name: Me s/n: 05889


Graphics WorkShop v7.0f for Dos: name: TGA s/n: 07182

name: Me! s/n: 06115

name: You! s/n: 09287

name: 2U! s/n: 02718


Graphics Workshop: name: Me s/n: 11811


GrapIt Pro/32 v5.0x: name: /* tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] /* s/n: 46399


Gravity Verdict Law Office: GV-940606-6996-000111


Great Plains Accounting: MANAGER pw: ACCESS


Great Plains Accounting: s/n: MANAGER password: ACCESS


Ground Control v1.01: name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 8032-8626-694

GROUP MAiL V1.8: Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] S/N: 196068600

Grouper v2.0: gr1dv


GS98 Desktop Security Setup v1.0.0: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: GS98-51585-doun-ovb


GSI Max Idea: 622022

Guardian v1.2: Name: JaGGeD EdgE [PC '98] Reg#: 1@#3^&8


Guitare Pro v2.01: name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: CEGIILNPQTWWWBDDVV


GWD Text Editor 1.2: GTExx/xxx-xxx

Pick any numbers you want for the x's !


GWS/Win 1.1x: s/n: 26132 name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiRée <<<






HANDY v1.17: A5X2:S47T:5P2T:2CV7


Happy Calender v1.4: Name: SiLicon Surfer Code: 473365184073


Hard Disk Sleeper 1.4: name: tHATDUDE s/n: aUUMVLST

Hard Disk Sleeper 1.42: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00143184


HardCopy v1.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: CPtMbpVvt4


Hardwood Solitaire II 1.63:

Type Ctrl+K during a game to bring up the registration dialog.

Then enter this registration information: Name: _RudeBoy_ [PC] Serial: 105638


Hardwood Solitaire II v1.2 Start the game then press CTRL K: name: Giraffe reg: 134606

name: Giraffe [PC] reg: 128642


Harvard Graphics v3.0 for Windows: 16-0300-DSET


Harvard Graphics v4.0 for Windows 95: 024020004359



Harvard Montage v1.0 for Windows: 27101 0001211


HDCOPY 1.25.08: BSH-00084-DJHD-305120478


Heart Smart v5.0: Name: NiTR8^ Serial: 1547


Hebi 2.1: Name: Riz la+ Key: taghiaa\


HEdit 1.2: name: John Doe code: 22317


HEdit 2.0 32bit: Name: FANATIC Ser#: 1091373074


HEDIT 2.0 Win95: name: mARQUIS [uCF] s/n: 927096094


HEdit 2.1.11: name: teraphy code: 1091243268

name: Phrozen Crew 1997 code: 23096926


HEdit32: name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 22342


Helix Nuts & Bolts 1.01 (3.x/95): 09-A31645


Hello Kitty's Big Fun Piano for Win: 000-000-000000


Help Development Toolkit v2.5 for Win: WQT7YZW6-HDK


Help Express 1.2.1: Name: RED-93457 Code: TFP-HE-29-04-83


Help Magican Pro v3.0 for Windows: 97304.300.001


HELP Matic Pro v1.2: Name: Black Thorne [Phrozen Crew] Code: HMP548674150


Help Pad 1.8: name: teraphy code: AE77E741

name: Phrozen Crew 1997 code: B87E6B0F


Help Pad v1.8: LIQUID(RBS1997)


Help Scribble 3.3.1: Name: Riz la+ Code: HScr-1234561170C9E3AE

To enter the code, go to the ABOUT dialog and doubleclick on the red word "UNREGISTERED!!"

Help Scribble v2.10: name: Hank Wang s/n: HScr-987654EC7581E8FB


Help to RTF (32-Bit) v2.12f: User Name: SERIAL_NO_80313 ID/Activation: Yd?lys`y

Start HLP2RTF, when you reach the first screen press Alt+R and type in above provided information.


Help Writer's Assistant v1.10 for Windows: name: You!!! s/n: 1561

name: Me!!!! s/n: 1181

name: XXxxx! s/n: 2917


Help Writer's Assistant v2.1 for Windows(95) - Standard Edition: name: You!!! s/n: 1561

name: Me!!!! s/n: 1181

name: XXxxx! s/n: 2917


Help Writer's Assistant: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 7319


Help! 2.0: 6949477


Helperware 4.2: Name: Riz la+ Serial: 14126


HelpScribble 3.5.3: Name: Phrozen Crew Code: HScr-000001D9D3DD1C21

Click on the Help, About, then double click UNREGISTERED !!! and enter the following info.

Restart software an your regged.


Hex Workshop v1.0 for Windows: s/n: 839134729 name: >>> mARQUIS <<<


Hex Workshop v2.0 for Windows(95):

s/n: JN11mARQ regname: <what ever you like> com: <what ever you like>


Hex Workshop v2.20 (b5 32-bit): name: >>> mARQUIS <<< s/n: JN11mARQ org: dEUTSCHE bANK aG


Hex Workshop v2.5x: MK121212


HexDecCharEditor 1.0b3: Name: Riz la+ [Phrozen Crew 1997] Code: 6309082


HexWeb Typograph v2.0+: name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] ser#: BA3C6AF20E1F3A63


Hi-Cross v2.6 for Windows: s/n: 67657 lic: 163240


Hijaack Graphics Suite for Windows: HGJS 3 SU CH EB0GSWUT


Hijaack Pro v2.0 and v3.0 for Windows: RYXJ595D


HiJaak Graphics 95 for Win95: RYEGHW59



HiJaak Graphics Suite 95: KB3M56KT


HiJaak Graphics Suite v1.0 for Win95: RBEM5WIR


HiJaak Graphics Suite v3.0 for Windows: 3B0P3WFA






HiJaak Import v1.0 for Windows: 1Y89UW5W


HiJaak Morph v1.0 for Windows: RYEGHW59


HiJaak Pro 95: KB0GUFFK


HiJaak v2.04 for Windows: RB2DZ9U5


HiJaak v3.0 for Windows: OBEPSF5B


Holiday Lights 2.1: name: Steve Hsu s/n: LIGHTHOUSE


Home Budget 2.2: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 956242


Home Design v1.1 for Windows: 0530140311


Home Legal Advisor: 4231BFSW0


Home or Away v3.0 32bit: User Name: tKC/PC '98 Location: World Wide S/N: 1419981745


Home Stretch 3.2: 417693


Homesite 3.0: HS30E-7827236639


HomeSite v 2.0: User Name: me Key: 236048161560


HomeSite v2.5 Pre-Release, Official Release: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 900717307129


HomeSite v2.5a: name: Xet s/n: 234625972809


HoneyQ v1.00: REGISTER-EASY90

HoneyQ: 7652136-1855231048


Horizon Web Text v1.06: Name: jake cwc s/n: 00E026B9


Horizon Web Text v2.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 00E48F2F


Hot Banners v2.0.0 Beta: 17455 23077 24521 25495

34453 42205 43927 46829


Hot Buttons 2.0: 17455


Hot Chili 2.0: name: pank s/n: 1765-7654-8765


Hot Corner v1.2 for Windows: name: Me! s/n: 528-4326-727-161

name: You! s/n: 806-7106-727-161

name: 2U! s/n: 442-3466-727-161

name: ED!SON s/n: 926-8306-1717-341

name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 1426-13306-727-161


Hot corners v1.5: name: XAVAGAN key: 1142-10466-1717-341


Hot Corners: name: \/\/@cko serial number: 1424-13286-2443-473


Hot Disk: 00545-HD-10


HotDog Express v1.51: Identifier: ID-3GZ6-X4JR-MSGD-9LBS Registration Key: RK-RG87-GKZH-ZQU


HotDog Pro v2.07 for Windows(95): name: R. David Sterling com: <everything you want>

empire date: <leave blank> s/n: 0DY1AWRZZL9MZ93JQ8WV

name: Pascal AMRAM com: <everything you want>

empire date: <leave blank> s/n: 0DZN3AJFHX1U35KPJ8VZ


HotDog Pro v4.03: Select register offline, and type:





HotDog Professional v3.08/v3.09: User Name: PoD

Serial Number: 04TCPYH8102VEMQQM5PF


User Name: Grafx Creations

Serial Number: 0HTM1A4EDY8C8D8DY7MT

Include the User Name and Serial Number or it won't work.


HotKey v1.0.365: Name: NiTR8^ Serial: IJ]W?]


HotSpot 2.0: name: jake s/n: s400,913,*113


HsLink DLP for Windows: s/n: 0001 code: BSB258H

s/n: 0002 code: BLJ3N2A

s/n: 0003 code: BNT1CXV

s/n: 0503 code: BMTJQSS

s/n: 0907 code: BGWU56I

s/n: 1134 code: B3Z6WQ


Hslink External: 00654


Hslink v1.21 beta 9: s/n: 123 code: 1E7H7P9


HsLink v1.21bC9 (type this at your prompt): HsLink (brand) 0001 1S2B58H

HsLink (brand) 0002 1L3JN2A

HsLink (brand) 0341 0LZ5T3B

HsLink (brand) 0631 0VIBRJ1

HsLink (brand) 0801 1T1GUOP

HsLink (brand) 0907 1GUW56I

HsLink (brand) 1134 0136ZW0

HsLink (brand) 1234 0KZ97YC


HTML (un)compress 3.1: Name: THE_q Code: yC0EIkVW

Name: FreeVer Code: cyQn0uUh

Name: Me Code: uG0rOyIH

Name: PC98 Code: yPFL4O0R

Name: HTMLcom Code: cK0HIyNh


HTML Dir ver. 2.0: Name: DaVinci PC98 s/n: 199633F25287A4A897B4DE25


HTML Notepad 2.0: name: Saltine s/n: 1392946720113471


Html Notepad 2.01: name: surva / pC96 s/n: 0914641308188280

name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 4771850665513508

name: everyone s/n: 8293080260495458

name: me and only me! s/n: 5834467673184377


HTML Notepad v2.2: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 8605782923145223

Name: SiLicon Surfer s/n: 2755112277667562


HTML Transit v1.1.0 for Windows: HTW110-3H-00-310597


HTML Validator 2.0: name: XAVAGAN key: ZxXRKXdK


HTML Validator 2.01A: name: Licensed User s/n: L88q484U8CUN


HTMLed pro32 v2.0d: Name: <AnyName> Companey: <AnyComp> Serial: C203567889872


HtmlImage 1.0: Serial #: Bark!-0001-0001-0006


HTMLPad 2.01: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 186201


HTMLpad 2.3: name: jake cwc s/n: 196203


Hugo Plus v8.0 for Windows: s/n: 096056 code: WIFR80 1094


Hurricane '98: 07-K08355



Hurricane v1.0: 07-A17280


Hurricane v1.01 for Windows: 07-A17280



Hurricane v2.0: 07-A16491


HWINFO 3.04: name: kenny Shu s/n: 4020 EF32 06E9 F1CC 98D7


Hyper Access v2.1 for Windows: WA1000018A



Hyper Access v3.1 for Dos: P91716F9


Hyper Snap v2.6 for Win95: name: providence! Single: 2094551020

Site: 2094501868

World: 2094436322


Hyper Text Builder v1.0: 5142-5141-7546


HyperCam v1.31.00: Name: Bruiser Key: JNAQ-MCOJ-HIAK-CUXC-DWCP-PAGD Single User 1 copy


HyperChat v3.0: name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ nodes: 3 s/n: zwdubo1yualfk

name: You! bbs: G.!.$ nodes: 3 s/n: 1ydsow41rm3mlg

name: The Pharao bbs: Dementia nodes: 3 s/n: 1etq3v4s84scw


Hypermarker HTML v1.3 for Windows: name: Registered Company: User s/n: YVSSTXEEMLXH


Hypermatter 3DS-Max Plugin: Activation-Code: 31


HyperSnap 2.7 (SnapShot/32): name: Saltine single machine: 1789198551

single user: 396477350

site license: 396526502

world wide license: 396592038


HyperSnap 2.77: Single User License name: GLoW s/n: 1605214647


Hypersnap v3.07: Type: Unlimited World-wide License

Name: The Power Of The Dark Side



Hypersnap32 2.55: name: tHATDUDE! Single User License

No of Licensed copies: 1 License #: 1640011797

HyperSnap-DX 3.0: name: HyperSnapDX s/n: QMSWATWAMFZGMXBGZYSGWCTD



license type: Unlimited Site License


HyperSnap-DX Pro v3.10.03: Register To: tKC/PC '98


Unlimited World-Wide license


Hypersnap-DX v3.05 for Win95/NT: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS]


unlimited world-wide s/n: RSZNTUYVNVFXBF-QGTLVWNWOO


name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS]


unlimited world-wide s/n: RSZNTUYVXPCHMD-VUDITXSUDN


name: Me!


unlimited world-wide s/n: RSZNTUYUMMGQEG-UHJWCOQNVY


name: Glow



name: jackkuo

unlimited site s/n: FDYF-JNRC-NRFR-JBUE-HVSL-XHIO


name: Art Media

unlimited world-wide s/n: WUJL-ZPVW-DYUM-RXBF-YVIL-OYMT


name: -= +ALI-BABA =-

unlimited World License s/n: FTUBFMOOXSTTEK-USCACACNMG


name: SNiKkEL


unlimited world-wide s/n: RSZNTUYGTFRFZU-LMEOMGVDGL


Hyperstudio v3.06N for Windows: mgc010azi601843










Hyperware Speedkit v4.75 & v4.91: SNFBBSUPD






IBM BookManager Library Reader v2.0 for Windows: 5799-PXY

IBM PL/I Personal Entry Version for OS/2 Warp: 10H7819

IBM PL/I Professional Edition for OS/2 Warp: 10H7848


ICCD 3.3a: name: TERAPHY s/n: ICCD33078502

name: PC97 s/n: ICCD30491

name: ROMEO '97 s/n: ICCD3135290217


ICCD CD Player v3.1a: ICCD30220572


Ice View v3.3: Name: UNICITY Serial: 12341234123456504C474E5A60


Ice Zmodem v1.02: name: Potman '95 s/n: 1306561065


Ice Zmodem v6.0 beta: name: SLA s/n: 1-49282-84275




IceZModem v1.21 for Dos: name: You!!! s/n: MHAACBCGG7DAMECK

name: Me!!!! s/n: MIAACBAKCM9DAMECK


Icon Customiser v2.02: 283959


Icon Drive II v1.1: name: OD0BRd8. s/n: 987654321

Icon Extract v3.3: 04567


Icon Heaven v2.0 for OS/2: name: Cheng Li s/n: FIM49367


Icon Obtainer 1.1: User Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Registration Code: 00000758

Icon Scan 2.4: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Key: IfE21649562827


IconLOC v5.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 022565646948


IconTOY v2.1: 32222332











IDate 4.20: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 5884074


Idea Fisher v1.0 for Windows: W12203-0512


Idea Fisher v5.0: W04044-0080


IDEAcomm Client Midrange: B22243


Identi-Filer v4.5: name: NOMADS ROOM CRACKING CREW s/n: 5581459


Identi-Filer v5.01: s/n: ID0653102 name: TWINHEAD


iDIZ v2.0: 30157-00108


Image Commander v1.0 for Windows: 100SPW3H07A10380


Image IN v3.2: 100-05DG-0ER4


Image Pals GO! v2.0 for Windows: W905-823-28103


Image Pals v1.3 for Windows: UNAE4-30371-01376


Image Pals v2.0 for Windows: RNAE9-40302-01417



Image Q v2.2 for Windows: 901172


Image Wolf v1.04: Name: Destroyer s/n: IW-122536


Image-IN for Windows 3/95/NT: 100-05DG-0ERG


Image-IN Scan and Paint ToolKit: 100-0FVV-1U20


ImagePal: RNAE9-40302-01417


ImagePals: OXXC9-400993-30436


Images Incorporated: 15-1001-000000001


ImageView '95 1.2: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 2680075210151033856


ImageView95 v1.0 for Win95: name: mARQUIS [uCF] s/n: 3966793938072764416


ImageWiz v1.1: User Name: Shock

Serial Number: 0JXEZ7D1RCH1R6JA5VVE


Imagination Network v2.24 by Sierra: 00765




Imagination v2.2.24: 00765


ImProces v4.5 Create IMREG.KEY with 2 lines: line #1: MarQuiS De SoiRée line #2: 56560

line #1: BlowJob line #2: 004809

line #1: BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD line #2: 19329

line #1: DWEEP line #2: 001865


ImPulse Universal: name: Me! s/n: 3804947343

name: You! s/n: 1608947343

name: 2U! s/n: 3804947343


InCharge for OS/2: MFL456789BWL


Incredible Machine II: 002004110706154


InCube: s/n: 462-853-572-511-461 code: 419-436-855-506-486


Individual Training for WinWord: PN0650011036


INET v1.5: name: Me! s/n: 3739168886

name: You! s/n: 2123874679

name: 2U! s/n: 1788466834


InetSnoop v1.01 for Windows(95): name: Me! s/n: 5618349

name: You! s/n: EF36FA0

name: 2U! s/n: 3B4A827

name: ED!SON s/n: 1300B1BC


Infinite Disk Proffesional v3.0: CP931BC12208


Info Accelator v3.0a for Windows: 9-04950437-01-F7YYOK


Info Book Pro Version 1.0: 90720-01-056


Info PM v1.32 for OS/2: name: You! s/n: 991464931705

name: Me! s/n: 991463518928

name: 2U! s/n: 991463388069


InfoModeler v1.5 Desktop Version for Windows: 1090-003800


InfoSpy v2.61: Edit c:\windows\infospy.ini. Add this to the last line:



INI Manager: 17XXX (X=any digit)


Inoculan v2.5: IL20 346002


Inscriber/cg for Fast v1.1a: 456456564456456


InSite v1.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 711920258285

Name: Cracked s/n: 726373703314


Inspiration v4.0a for Windows: 1633D1233H4551


Install Shield Express Professional 1.1a: enter this password to install: avellini


InstallIt! v2.00: s/n: 729790609388 name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC]


InstallSheilds PackagerfortheWeb *installation* passwords: pftw 1.3 package297



InstallShield 5 Professional Build 221 PW: dolphins13

InstallShield Pro 5: Password: rh&HS$wm%

Remember: it is CASE SENSITIVE.


Instant 3D v1.0: 13D1000057


Instant CAD for Engineer: 4504016558950


Instant File Access IV: s/n: 2461157858 name: THE RIDDLER 1996! comp: uNITED cRACKING fORCE


Instant Multimedia for Windows: 7500004703


Instant Payroll 98: serial no: IP10000/ activation no: ACRCZUF


Instyler Ex-It 1.2: Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew Serial #: 1000-2150-95100


Instyler Ex-it! v1.4 b81: User name: Black Thorne - PC'98 Code: 1000-1551-6699


Integra Visual Database Builder v2.00 for Windows: 1205555057


Intel LANdesk Response for Windows: 400361.001


Intel ProShare Premier v2.0a: 1597A20A00051


Intellicom v2.01 beta 5: 040994


Intellihance 2.0.0 Plugin: IWE-201-301-043-888777


Intellihance 3.0: ICE-300-100-100-000571


Inter Stellar Annihilation: first name: You last name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 0202515

first name: Me last name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 0176550

first name: --- last name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 0106505


Interactive Install v1.0 for Dos (install register): name: Me! s/n: 19972653

name: You! s/n: 19995026

name: 2U! s/n: 19965672

name: THE RIDDLER [EOD] s/n: 20081205


Interap Internet Suite v1.0 for Windows: IA100P123-12345-QT78











InterGo for Win95: 01100-01010-01000-80582


Intergraph RIS NT DB2 Data Server: s/n: 10026903003163


Intergraph RIS NT DB2 Data Server: s/n: 10026903003163


Intergraph RIS NT Informix Data Server: s/n: 10026810003159


Intergraph RIS NT Informix Net Server: s/n: 10026783003167


Intergraph RIS NT Microsoft Data Server: s/n: 10026806003171


Intergraph RIS NT Oracle Data Server: s/n: 10026847003161


Intergraph RIS NT Oracle Net Server: s/n: 10026603003165


Intergraph RIS NT Sybase Data Server: s/n: 10026765003172


Intergraph's Microstation : 00088193000085


Intermail v2.2x: 6A-000-001234






International OCR: A46IW331561710


Internet 1995 CD Version for Windows: 1937Khf1jhTAGEfca


Internet Chameleon 4.1/4.5 for Win: 34059131041712S3 Key: A224


Internet Dial 1.7a: name: MICHAEL Liu s/n: ID-H68M24208


Internet Loafer v7.7: Full Name: Sonixx Reg code: 838333174236116


Internet Mail 1.12: 0012-3437-A102


Internet Marauder 1.4: 20003739923-1.41


Internet OFFICE: OFCX400MOS-000000263


INTERNET Organizer 3.0s: Name: JUANDA Serial: 987723779-065

Name: PC98 Serial: 987722793


Internet Speedometer 2.0: Identification Number: 66666666 License Number: 79148046


Internet Suite v2.0 from Quarterdeck for Windows(95): 123-17J-11191




Internet Tour Guide 2nd Edition for Win: D1740-1


Internet Util 97 v2.0.24: PFABLJXIVS


InterSnoop 1.01: in the file ISNOOP.INI in the Windows dir add:





InterSolv PVCS Tracker v3.0: 75961 01 01148


Intuit Quick-PayRoll: 556516


Intyg och Diplom from Data Becker & SPCS: 6G-046-016366


InWatch v1.3a: name: FAN'98 s/n: 15473

name: FWX[^oNe^] s/n: 16047


InWatch95 v1.0 for Win 95: name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 15764


Inversible AntiVirus: access code: 0123456789 s/n: 765432107

access code: 930437233 s/n: 21623728

access code: 005152228 s/n: 11140477


Invoice98 v1.504c: 5012345


IP Subnet Calculator 1.1: name: FANATIC'98 reg#: 2448-52P0-4556


IPhone5 Build 114: V1Q7-SC97-NNNN-LX-0000-3BFF/A2BE


IRC Handler 2.0: name: teraphy! code: 1898910

name: Phrozen Crew 1997 code: 1846082


iRFANViEW 32 v2.32: nAME: xOANON ->UCF 1997<- sERIALNO: 660754604


IrfanView32 v2.50: name: Registered User s/n: 743449004


IrfanView32 v2.82 - v2.83: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Code: 725457208


IrfanView32 v2.85: Name: Sonixx Code: 384003102


IrmaNet vx.x: AAT0863912 keycode: EC-47-88


ISDI v3.x: Enter: "ISDI.EXE 000056ED0000 ISDI.INI"


ISDN HighWay Control Center + Teles CAPI v2.98: 900N 7449 9052 8010


ISentry v1.0: Name: PhrozenCrew Serial: $816428D6i


iShare for Windows v2.0: S/N: 99960005000 Key: 02EA-2030-9D49


ISPA v3.x: Enter: "ISPA.EXE 56ED00000000 ISPA.INI"


ISpy: name: jake cwc s/n: 7ak6ff


Italian Assistant V: 35010523


ITimer 98 ver 2.3: Nom/N°ser: SPACE FROG Code: 312104478


IWare Connect: Key: GKY$YKYKYTSK s/n: 20696


IWare Internet Suite: Key: D38E92SE9R3E s/n: 25005


Ize v2.04: Name: romeo-JUANDA s/n: 1599541799






Jack Hammer: reg#: 0467cb239af6eb6f43df13449f6d883a

key : 47224541411968034011283135980925


Jackpot Slots 95 1.2: 274955


Jamba v1.1: JWFE-745162238


James Gleick's Chaos v1.01: 900000-01101-05-0107


Jammer SongMaker: JWS11413


Java Draw: name: Steve Hsu s/n: Rw|Äe_M}q


JavaSafe 1.0: JS 0243 8494 8708 4565


JavaScript Scrambler V1.11: nAME: Plushmm PC98 sERIAL: 1713-088-00


JellyFish32 v3: name: Plushmm [PC97] s/n: 101313506404208


Jetform Design 5.0: 1100-10479-6


Jewel Thief 1.2a: IXOYE->MT13:45-46

JeWLinr 1.7: name: ZiLLY s/n: Pszz7wYPO6


JewlLinr v2.2: User Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] User Key: YuVZWu7ZT2


Jigsaw-it v1.0 for Windows: 7104401272


Jigsoft v1.2g for Windows: 503-331


Joggler 1.06a: Name: Warp Key: C1F-809145C1F376050


Jokers Wild Video Poker v2.4: RegName: UNREGISTER RegCode: PBG0213


JoyHtml 97: name: TeRaPhY s/n: 1148731179

name: Phrozen Crew 1997 s/n: 11497497258


JoyHTML 97e for Windows 95: Name: kOUGER! S/N: 133229010


JPadPro 3.1.1: id: razzia [pc97] key code: 1054894820

id: Phrozen Crew 1997 key code: 0967714976


JS Office v1.2: Name: FALLEN serial: 666777666 reg: 1BF5A492


Juggler v1.21b: name: Phrozen Crew serial: 00000 #: 1275-5524-ABFD

name: PC97 serial: 00000 #: 21C-665D-ABFD

name: Free Registered Version serial: 00000 #: 5D2B-1A7A-ABFD

name: Byte Ripper serial: Pc97 #: 5A41-4949-FFA4


Just a Reminder 3.04: 0141783855


Just Add OS/2 Warp: GDLIT224


Just Between Friends v2.1 for Windows: epngdfho


Just The Fax v2.8: Name: Sonixx Serial Number: RKS-3395121






Kahn 0.99: s/n: 2121212121212121 name: Registered User auth. code: E87AE4BE124872B4


Kahn 97 1.1: Code: 0000000000000000 Name: Riz la+ RegNo: E8264ABF7BB0FD40


Kaleidagraph v3.08: 9000065 (or perhaps S/N-9000065)


Kaleidoscope '95: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: HYSAK

name: PlayBoy s/n: MAZEH

Click on "Syntrillum Software Corporation" button to Reg.


Kali95 Registration Info: s/n: 8a2464003637 SKey: 3d69097537f9


Kali95: Serial Number: 638e72073417 S Key: 7d1f12372511 T Key: 670710687066


Katalog CD 1.x: name: crackpl adres: crackpl@coollist.com #: B30FF2DF8E93D7F5


Kawa 2.0: name: BLiTZ / Phrozen Crew s/n: AADHA


Kawa 2.52.01: Key: Phrozen Crew Code: IGFF

Key: _RudeBoy_ Code: EAHC


Kawa v3.1: Key: Drone [F4CG] Code: heif


KDrive v2.05 for Windows (Type at command prompt): Brand Kdrivew.exe <Your_Name> 4711 0815


KDrive v2.51 for Dos (Type at command prompt): Brand Kdrive.exe <Your_Name> 4711 0815


KDrive v2.51 for OS/2 (Type at command prompt): Brand Kdriveos2.exe <Your_Name> 4711


Keep It Compact 1.1: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 1381784

name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1925244


KeepOut v3.0: : tHATDUDE PC97 C: 95024749 : BENOM?5HI&84

Ken's Pool for Windows v.KPW97: SIDEWALK


KeyNote Music Drills v1.73: Name: romeo '97 Company: montaque s/n: 1281046187


KeyView for Win95: TrcfLc03929


KFZ-Versicherungs Vergleich vom Bay. Rundfunk for Windows: name: BR


Kid Cad v1.1c for Windows: 51581-26830


KingCom ComPort Manager v2.0c for Windows: 654-16203


KISS Modem Wizzard 97: K03-M110-012074


Kitchen Assistant/2 v1.2 for OS/2: name: EVIL UNCLE s/n: 0130200


Kitchen Sink: 03XXX


Kiwi Enveloppes 3.0: KE301120RA



Klik & Play v1.0 for Windows: KPE10001143




KostenTeller v6.0 for Dos: id-code: 173596222933 s/n: 173596222933


Kremlin SDK v2.21 (International): 9876373079


KWQ MailReader v1.2i for OS/2: name: Buxton Bailey s/n: 8163-05F3-313B

name: Cheng Li s/n: 1504-034C-408C


Kyodai Mahjongg v4.21: Name: Registered User Password: 634801755127065

Name: Saltine [TVM] Password: 6054151335030






L3DEC/L3ENC ISO/MPEG Audio Layer 3 v2.6x-v2.71: ED00A30F000009




Label Designer Plus 1.55A: FANTASTIC


LabelGo v1.02 for Windows:

name: MOD Cracking Force comp: <Must leave BLANK> s/n: 631101551029

name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] comp: United Cracking Force 95 s/n: jdedqtkp


Labels, card & more 1.60a: name: jake cwc s/n: LCMNEW495


Labels, Cards & More/32 v1.01: s/n: LCMNEW495 name: [tHE riDDLER 1996!] / uCF


Labtech Notebook v7.3.0: 27539


LabTest v2.9: name: You! s/n: 386993849

name: Me s/n: 3033805634

name: 2U! s/n: 3279695567


LabTest v3.xx (Edit labtest.key): name: The SysOp s/n: 1871508496


Labview 4.1: G10X00000


LadyBird v1.2 for Windows: 1289Kermu!


Lahey Fortran 77 v3.0b: B12858


Lake Clear ANIMATO 1.0: Name: JUANDA Code: ANM-2922616

Name: PC98 Code: ANM-1206520

Name: Phrozen Crew 98 Code: ANM-15224584


Lake Clear Animato v1.0: Name: TonyTOP Key: ANM-4506856


Lamp Light v1.00: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: LL-65936-XBZRUE67-9


Lan Analyser v2.0 for Windows: 21129039


Lan Auditor v3.03: LA-0303-33128


Lan Designer for Windows: LDW31003566


Lan Fax Redirection: LFRS215GL-100


Land of Devastation v4.1: s/n: 223B54396303650732 name: PAT MCNEESE


LandMark Datasafe Crashproof v2.0 for Windows: 00213057CU




LandMark Datasafe Crashproof v2.1 for Windows: 00554760CL1


LandMark INI Expert for Windows: 00005536X1


LandMark MagnaRam v1.0 for Win95: 01118B99630


LandMark MagnaRam v1.0 for Windows: 00757620MR1


LandMark Services Diagnotics v2.13.88: 158374A1


LandMark Speedtest v3.0 for Windows: 01703286SFW


LandMark Wintest v1.0 for Windows: 01860489 TH9


LandMark WinTest v3.0 for Windows: 001860489TH9


Lantastic 7.0 for Win95: serial: 57050014479 verify key: 0ffc-011d-57da

serial: 77110012366 verify key: A58C-0A1D-A0C6


Laplink for Windows 95 v7.5: LW7 USUN-119740-700


Laplink v6.0 for Windows: LW6USRT-100475-600/24


LapLink v6.0b for Windows(95): s/n: LW6 USRT-406812-60B lot: 90-5k13


LapLink v7.0 for Win95: s/n: LW7 USUN-119740-700 lot: 40-6A10UN


Laser Fax for Windows: SE200013


LastByte Memory Manager v2.50: name: Me! s/n: 9F0BF89C


Launch Pad 2.84: NAME: JUANDA SERIAL: 2475-2430-145


Launch Pad v2.82: Name: Black Thorne - Phrozen Crew Serial: 11791-9000-2891


Launch: 12301-50/MN


Layer III: 1234DA75901230


LCARS 97: Name: -= +JUANDA =- Serial: 1652193E-33


LeapFtp 2.2: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] 214065-173276764290

STaRDoGG [PC] 214065-11222438290

Taylor 214065-1210210290

Klink 214065-566178165

aDancer 214065-1856531290


LeapFTP v2.42: Name: TRPS[98] Serial: 214065-1720389690

LeapFTP v2.51a: User Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Serial Number: 214065-37310999665


LeapFTP v2.52: User Name: Chen Borchang Serial Number: 214065-18024619090

User Name: Sonixx Serial Number: 214065-1276846965


LeapFTP: name: Hacker Club s/n: 214065-8599066965


Legal Crime Livense #'s: Number 1: 8984

Number 2: 55778

Number 3: 91061

Number 4: 74317

Number 5: 52635

Number 6: 113237

Number 7: 9256


Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) v3.55:

bbs: G.!.$ name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n nr.1: 6264

s/n nr.2: 2895 s/n nr.3: 7838 s/n nr.4: 9999 s/n nr.5: 22025


bbs: G.!.$ name: Me! s/n nr.1: 6264 s/n nr.2: 2649

s/n nr.3: 8084 s/n nr.4: 9999 s/n nr.5: 22025

Lemmings for Windows (CD-Rip): 374892

Lemmings for Windows: 168255


Liason 2.0: 40026825185


Light Chat v1.00: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1712260759

name: You! s/n: 3790940453

name: Me! s/n: 2789669408

name: 2U! s/n: 1856485879

name: Me key: 2482430948


Lightning CD v1.1: LCD-2641-11RD-00115


Lightning CD: LC110014980


Lightning Graphics C-version v4.0a: 004-922-C9D00


Lightning v1.0 Release 3: 919-878-3717


Lights95: name: Barefoot Reg: Wingman


LinkBot 3.5: name: 0fa company: FANATIC'98 ser#: 23232323 PIN: 322421


Linkbot v3.0a (Build 94), (Build 100), (Build 102): Name: romeo '97

Company: montaque

s/n: 13579

PIN: 324218


LINKBOT v3.5f build 190: Name: Black Thorne

Company: Phrozen Crew

Serial Number: 4653752

# PIN: 500241


LinkSaver Pro 1.1: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 879412007147


Liquid Speed v1.0.2 for 3DS: 12900388760114244102


LiquidFX 3.5: name: TheForceTeam s/n: IBJNONNNCH


List Maker v2.0: 1107551201


Listen for Windows v2.0: code1: 502950295029 code2: 290F590W


LittleBrother Pro v1.22: 130000-ggnk7r


LiveImage v1.26: 02550112-01000-1768





Important: leave the name field blank !!


LiveWire v3.2 for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 2996380208

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 3554672640

name: 2Uuu! s/n: 4913000

name: Xxxx! s/n: 959512576


Living Trust Maker 2.0.6E1: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 79542BGS295


LL6a: LW6USRT-100475-600/24


Locksmith v1.31: LOCK-1000


LOCKtite v2.3 for Windows: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 6047-34713

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 5990-28685

name: Me! s/n: 5967-26426

name: LEATHERMAN s/n: 6035-28545


Locus32 v1.18 - v1.25: User name: Sonixx User code: $7898DEF6 Number of licenses: 1


Logitech Mouse v6.30 for DOS and Win: MBAI 008965T630


Logitech Mouse v6.43b for DOS and Win: MBAI 013904T643


Logo Cycler v1.81: Name: romeo s/n: 1234-9765466665-12345


Logo-Saver v2.0: farwell

LogTick 4.5: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 3186706961.


LOL Chat 2.01: name: teraphy code: 49175491-TERA-PHY!

name: Rebels 1997 code: 5F43AD37-TERA-PHY!

name: CKL1997 code: 1FA7EBF2-CKL!-CKL!


Lord Gambling Casino:

first: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last: G.!.$ bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 21GI82TK1QO24PR1QO24PRJDS584

first: TeLLeRBoP last: G.!.$ bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 2TITJGU1QO24PR1QO24PR1DMTBF8


Lotus 123 for OS/2: 1O00003-35389080


Lotus 123 for the Home v1.0: 1H00034-4422543


Lotus 123 v1.0a for Windows: 2370000-3348547


Lotus 123 v5.0 for Windows: 1F00028-01104360



Lotus 123 v5.0: 2350016-38419880


Lotus AmiPro v1.2c for Windows: AMIPRO0901


Lotus Approach v3.0 for Windows: 1F00028-01104360



Lotus Data Access Tools v2.0a for Win: 1F00028-01104360


Lotus FreeHand Graphics for Dos: MQ0468-1091

Lotus Freehand v4.1 for Windows: 03-921-34311



Lotus Freelance Graphics 96 Edition for Win95: 1F00028-01104360


Lotus Freelance Plus v3.01: 11120220033086297


Lotus Image Viewer v1.0 for Windows: 1I00009-02579880



Lotus Improv v2.1: XMS5001-10


Lotus Notes for OS/2: SGPN0335-01


Lotus Notes v4.0 for Windows: 1F00028-01104360


Lotus Organizer v1.1 for Windows: 1Q00001-83927521



Lotus Organizer v2.0 for Windows: 1F00028-01104360


Lotus Screen Cam v1.1 for Windows: 2350016-0141988



Lotus SmartSuite 96 for Windows(95): 1S00005-81230550


Lotus SmartSuite Rel 4: ZG813801312


Lotus SmartSuite Release 5: 2370019-31038010


Lotus Smartsuite v3.0 for Windows: 1S10015-08473222


Lotus SmartSuite v3.1 for Windows: 1S10015-08473222


Lotus VIP, Visual Basic type program: 1F00028-01104360


Lotus Word Pro 96 for Windows(95): 1F00028-01104360


Lotus Word Pro 96 MultiLangual for Windows(95): 1F00028-01104360


LotusSuite 3.0: 5020000-36463450


Lsic 2.6: drawoh_rehsif


Lucky Stars Video Slots 4.3: 612297


Lunabar 98 3.10: Name: JUANDA Serial: 36135


LW_Mgr: name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 95101425

name: You bbs: XXX s/n: 32594484

name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 8893790

name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 18809461


LWBull: name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 17961493

name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 90814065

name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 32478324

name: You bbs: XXX s/n: 31125060

name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 8492840


LView Pro '95: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 1090-000-047971


LView Pro v1.c5 for Win95: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1060-023-086002

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1060-000-044566

name: Me! s/n: 1110-000-000543

name: You! s/n: 1030-000-001423

name: Nobody s/n: 1090-000-005821


LWMenu: name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 18192757

name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 91983345

name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 32896500

name: You bbs: XXX s/n: 31525812

name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 8602190

LWUser: name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 18578197

name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 93932145

name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 33593460

name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 8784440


Lynx Demon v1.1: Name: VERSUS Registration code: 6A6BAC9986BB8C3






Mac 2 PC Pro Plus for Windows: 123456-1234


MacDrive 98: MDC1-403WW-OWL010


Mac-N-Dos v1.0 for Windows: 7000-0002-1199-0165


MacOpener v3.0: Registration "4052668-9827" Activation Key "KCDQ-3D003QM77EC0"


MacPassword 3.8.0: NOV30195MAY261951


Macro Magic 3.3d: 35595402


Macro Magic v1.2: key: 24051646

Macro Magic v2.0: 18330268


Macro Magic: 23291470


Macro Model for Windows: 0428-4079-2071


MacroDirector v5.0 for Windows: 55777-37077-29378


Macromedia Authorware 3.5.1 95/NT: 25235-0666-9261-77158


Macromedia Authorware 4.0: APW400-08634-87077-11404 SKU: WAW40D01


Macromedia Director 5: 55777-37077-29378


Macromedia Director 6.0: DRW600-09377-77068-20461



Macromedia Director 6.5 Upgrade:

V6 Serial DRW600-09377-77068-20461 -or- DRW500-02276-27087-35455

V6.5 Serial DRW600-09377-77068-20461


Macromedia Director Academic v4.0 for Win(95): DRW404-0429-1085-7007


Macromedia Director v4.0 for Windows: DRW400-1895-9074-2077



Macromedia Dreamweaver 1.0: DWW100-01183-77026-89349



Macromedia Extreme 3D v1.0: 45110-0037-0012-60272


Macromedia Extreme 3D: 45110-0037-0021-60272


Macromedia Fireworks 1.0: FWW100-12050-29778-16001


FWW100-60868-86670-66666 (Educational license, this might work for

other Macromedia products as well)


Macromedia Flash 2.0: FLD200-03167-97071-57473



Macromedia Flash 3: FLW300-01567-53532-72983


Macromedia Fontographer v4.1 for Windows: 65241-0499-0166-21702



Macromedia FreeHand 7.0: FHW700-13513-47097-61422










Macromedia Freehand Graphics Studio 7: WFW700-09327-77077-43583


Macromedia Freehand v5.0 for Windows: 10350-0276-0089-83911





Macromedia FreeHand v8.0 for Windows 95/NT4: FHW800-71323-77020-48487



Macromedia xRes 2.x for Windows: 55020-0398-0128-22598


Magic Eye 1.0 (Spanish uninstaller soft): mew00212ss


Magic Notes 1.6: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 208641551


Magic Notes v1.85: name: Name:Byte Ripper s/n: 98204850


Magic v1.33: 15002688


MagnaRam for Win 3.1 & Win95: 011-18B-99630


MagnaRam v2.0 by Quarterdeck for Win95: 122-28B-66138



MagnaRam v3.0 (aka MagnaRam 97): MRWU3000079159


Mah Jongg '97: Name: Crowman /98 Serial Number: UBRKB964448121 Validation Code: UBRKB12348


Mail Alert 1.55: name: Saltine [PC] number: 1924552321 or 038802409

name: Phrozen Crew '97 number: 1662491877 or 0998970521

name: Registered User number: 1653300257 or 0590032841

name: romeo '97 number: 462787593


Mail Alert 1.62: name: romeo '97 s/n: 462787593


Mail Alert v1.64: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 674785449


Mail Alert v2.00.12 : Name: tKC/PC '98 S/N: 1761241039


Mail W@tch 1.04: name: zircon company: pc97 licence: 100310166


MailCall: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 12048100

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 6279742

name: Me! s/n: 1710564

name: ED!SON s/n: 3313727

name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 326741


MailCat v2.6.1.1: Name: SiLiconSurfer Code: 9500-0913-9156-7786


MailCoach 2.1: Name: Infomed

(Licence for 250 users) Internet Domain: Dr. Jose Fco. Rodriguez Perez

Registration Key: 0660497355806B2408179CA4D8DC5A6345


MailCoach 2.2x: Name: Mac Conectividad S.A. de C.V.

(100 users licence) Internet Domain: mac.com.mx

Registration Key: AB6F467E58B7B0E1CD95320A76D25A6345


MailCrypt Wizard 0.92: name: Riz la+ s/n: MC-10-0-1421


MailMan 4.1.241: Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew Serial: WWCG-10128-UH17Y-07R1


MailMax Version 1.8: 000000001


MailWatch v1.10, v1.11: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 100432745


Major BBS: Registration Code: 97771457 Activation Code: knprcw3t6


Major Submit v1.00: Reg. Name: Black Thorne - PC98 Reg. Code: 23882160


Makaha v1.2: prielp1718byffc011mk


Mannequin v1.1: 10012345


Mansion Murders: NAME:- CRowmAN SERIAL:- jgvMdAakwKpGaOk


MapEdit 32 v2.43: BKMNBKBA





MapEdit v2.?: BJJNBKBA


MapLinx v3.0 for Windows: 012995


Mapple V v3 for DOS and Windows: DOS-5203-676023-1


Marvel screen posters for Windows: MVW-92958-1201


Masquerade 1.0b: name: tHATDUDE code: Twiddle


Master Carpenter 1.1.3: 050566 or 061163


Master Converter: 000550*368740


Master Juggler: MVW-92958-1201


Master of Magic v1.2 Sales Update: s/n: 113871A dreg: 061095


Master Tracks Pro Audio: AV12-0-14017-3342


Mastermind v1.0: Regcode: Snowball

Regcode: Snoopy

Regcode: 188366-453899

Regcode: Peron


Match Maker v1.02: name: STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 serial: 2836480785

name: romeo-JUANDA serial: 4238798662


MathBee 1.0: RCLAB_342454_MATHBEE


Mathcad v5.0 for Windows: P501069D00368


MathCad v6.0 for Windows(95): 12345678901234



MatheMatica 3.0: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 3966910918-61019-254


Mathematica v2.1 for Windows: 2549-51771-93417-6270


Mathematica v2.21 for Windows: 5870-34471-82354-3005



MatheMatica v2.33 for Windows(95): 5863-84987-52354-3605


MatheTris 1.0: name: FANATIC code: 10083


Matlab v4.0 for Windows: 335339


Mattise v1.5.2: 1733767


Maximizer v3.0 for Windows: 515-133165


Maxon Crazy Sounds Extra for Windows: 10204418-5249







McAfee Scan v1.00.306 for Win95: 001-2JBW-8YIA


MDesk v1.2 for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: MD04 4u1Tex29W

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: MD04L5u1Tex26W

name: Me!!! s/n: MD04!6u1Mex29W

name: Dark Wing s/n: MD04k6u1Dex29W


MDiff-MPatch v1.40 for Dos and OS/2: s/n: SSGG@!VLS457-VBDA name: PREDATOR666/UCF


Meal Master v8.01: name: Cracker<tm> s/n: C-397-1068


Mechanical Desktop V2.0 Final (C) Autodesk Inc . Autocad 14.01:

SN: 111-11111111 Cdkey: X8NU Auth Code After Install: aeaf67b7


Mechwars v1.9g: sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: XA0NC0KFGYF3

sysop: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: XA0N88P7QYB3

sysop: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: XA0NDKG92YN3

sysop: Xxx! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: XA0NDRG5A8T2

sysop: Me bbs: XXX s/n: XA0N4TA4BUQB,


Media Changer Deluxe v3.5, v3.6: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 4374


Media Master v3.2.1 by Vision Imaging: 1001512


Media Studio beta for Windows: ABETA-40490-29051


Media Studio v1.0 for Windows: NNAEA-40721-02586


MediaBlaze98 b4: name: lxpc97 code: KxP1123


MediaMan v1.0: Name: zoin Company: direct Reg Code: EM-1802459


Medinsure Magic v3.2: Registration Code: PANACHE Registration Number: PANACHE


Mega Draw Pro 5.01: Last Name: la+ First Name: Riz Company: Phrozen Crew

Code: 03800 0000 062865544


Meggiesoft Pinochle v7.3 (32 bit): Name: tKC/PC '98 S/N: 212-291-160


Melody v1.4: Name: Sonixx Registration code: 83721

Name: Pretty Good Piracy Registration code: 222009


MemInfo Plus v4.0 for Windows: QVBI@J2D><


Memory Commander v4.0: M209800


MemoryAnalyst 1.0: name: BLiTZ / Phrozen Crew s/n: MA5121


MemoryAnalyst 1.01: name: FANATIC code: MA1506


Mentor Plus Flite star 10/93: 9243210


MERCUR SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 Server 3.0: RIZP-0000000-1179648


Mesa v2.1.1b200 for OS/2: M000-6560-1251-8706


Metacreation 3D Painter: VA100RAZ0000498-CELW-001


Metacreations Painter 3D v1.0: Company: Chumbawamba Serial: VA100RAZ0000498-CELW-001


MetaFix 2.2: name: Registered Code: 14636879


Metainfo DNS for NT v2.1: 7847-0C3E-0000-0001




Metainfo DNS v1.2: 6d25-56c7-5c0d-0129


MetaWare HI C/C++ v3.01: 921343











METZ Lock 4.0: LTN788


Metz Netriever: ED!693


MicroAngelo 95 2.2: name: Steve Hsu s/n: S8781147


Microangelo v2.00 for Win95: name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: S1331566


MicroChart/32 v7.02: Name: romeo '97 Company: montaque s/n: 3728583415


Microfocus/370 Assembler v3.1.16: URNB0UPP/000000000


MicroGrafix ABC Graphics Suite: AG9501XX05917


Micrografx Designer 4.10: DRW400-9811-4074-3073


Micrografx GraphicsWorks 3.2: GW1001CXX31525


Micrographic picture pub v5.0 for Win: NTA-NTA-01A


Microhelp Uninstaller 4.0: UJ155540024950


MicroPlanet Gravity 1.01.5: n: jake cwc C: lc R: 212121bth811112


Microscope v5.04: MS-5132690


Microscope v5.06: MS-1231393


Microscope v6.01: MS-6000821


Microsoft Autoroute Express v4.0 for Windows: 32098-025-0191712


Microsoft Excel EIS Builder v1.1 for Windows: 065-501-580


Microsoft Excel v5.0c for Windows: 01854-055-0504633



Microsoft Excel v7.0 UK for Windows: 33610-062-0103145


Microsoft Game Device Profiler for 95 version 1.0: cd-key: 297-0096157


Microsoft Golf v2.0: 00-000-00186-052V100


Microsoft Great Greetings v1.0 for Win: 32521-082-0109954


Microsoft IntelliPoint v1.10 for Windows(95): 37991-025-0514927


Microsoft Internet Administration Kit: C131756864


Microsoft Money 97: 425-0153147


Microsoft Money v2.01 beta for Windows: 00-105-0200-99999979


Microsoft Money v3.5 (German) for Win: 20342-066-0023392


Microsoft Money v4.0 for Windows (German): 045-0112631


Microsoft NT 4 Workstation build 1381 CD-Key: 09496-OEM-0009552-77303


Microsoft Office 97 CD Key: 5890-8957776


Microsoft Office 97 CD version (spanish version): 0401-3551885


Microsoft Office 97 Pro: 5545-3108110






Microsoft Office Professional 97: 1112-1111111


Microsoft Office Professional for Win95: 425-1921701




Microsoft Office Professional v4.2 for Windows: 14080-000-4203561


Microsoft Office Professional v4.3c for Windows: 28779-051-0101444




Microsoft Planner for Windows: 076-051-090


Microsoft Publisher 3.0A: 425-0712047


Microsoft Publisher 97: 123-1234567


Microsoft Publisher for Win 95: 547-2086500


Microsoft Publisher v2.0 for Windows: 00-164-0200-80012578


Microsoft Theme Create: name: jake cwc s/n: 539-90546


Microsoft Windows 95 (OEM): 12095-OEM-0004226-12233











Microsoft Windows v3.11 for Windows: 00131-002-6600743


Microsoft Visual Basic Standard v4.0 for Windows(95): 411-0356356




Microsoft Visual Basic v4.0 for C++: 666-6666666


Microsoft Word v6.0a NL for Windows: 23227-020-0054534


Microsoft Word v7.0 UK for Windows: 32857-113-0137987


Microsoft Works v3.0 MultiMedia Edition: OEM-MMWRKS300


Microsoft Works v3.0a NL: 16429-020-0000284


Microsoft Works v4.0b for Win95: 33977-053-0111756


Microstation 3D: s/n: 3808340313 license number: 2046732303


Microstation CAD v5.08 for DOS and Win: 6362-CURRY-FRIKA


Microstation Powerdraft CAD v5.5.0.5: 00088193000085


Microstation v5.00.95 (5.1): SGBXI48AB-0500A


Microstation v5.00: Your name: Intergraph Corporation Organization: FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY

s/n: 00000038000038 license number: 3231059559


Microstation: 00088193000085


Middle Mouse Button 1.9.0e: name: anything company: anything serial: DCS1963A9AC


Midi Machine 3.0: name: Riz la+ s/n: RJ1


Midi Quest 6.0: MQ61362


MidiGenie ver. 1.50: Name: The Master DaVinci Company: Phrozen Crew s\n: 647058178


Midisoft Music Studio for Windows: 1010422-2159


Midisoft Sound Bar v1.0 TE: name: Steve Hsu s/n: SNDBAR-


Midistudio v4.1 for Windows(95): pmrFmh9q5f3v2k0zyaw


MidMaze 2.2: Name: JUANDA Name: Phrozen Crew 98

Serial: 1427789917 Serial: 1364193394


MightyFAX 2.2: name: Steve Hsu s/n: RKS-3852247


MiniTab v10.0 Statistical SoftWare for Windows: WC1020775


Minitab v9.2 for Windows: W92006400


Mirage Raytracing Engine for 3D studio: 942559


mIRC 5.31: name: FAN'98 s/n: 5916-494342

name: FWX[^oNe^] s/n: 12869-1286634


mIRC v4.52: name: MIRC s/n: 5545-573826

name: mIRC Supporter s/n: 17394-1986741


mIRC v4.6: name: Cracked s/n: 9696-1070977


mIRC v4.7 & 4.72: name: Cracked s/n: 9696-1070977


mIRC v5.11: Name: blastsoft S/N: 13895-1663799


MircoAngelo 2.1: name: MicroAngelo s/n: S3272932

name: Modesty Blaise s/n: S2795693

name: --> ME <-- s/n: S4853041

name: PUBLIC COPY s/n: S3189013

name: DUCKMAN s/n: S6110785

name: ANYBODY! s/n: S7929687


Mixman Studio for Win95: 2166362425


Mod4Win 2.30 for Windows(95):

name: Shere Khan company: KSB, Ltd. s/n: 430278180632329310

name: GARGAMEL'95 s/n: 951589925305770743

name: Registered Version s/n: 308435988047381282


ModEdit v3.02: name: Everybody s/n: FF4FAA6BEA48483E1FFC5D3E5E


Model Studio 3D for Windows:

User Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company Name: HeLLAND iNC. s/n: 27 Verification #: 863547,

User Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company Name: HeLLAND iNC. s/n: 17 Verification #: 863528


Modem Doctor v5.2: M4B00635


Modem Doctor v6.0: M6D00810


Modem Init Strings - Database v1.1: 47110815


Modem Init Strings - Database v2.1:

name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL adress: G.!.$ zip: <leave blank>

country: <leave blank> s/n: 3F62644E3C474840


name: TeLLeRBoP adress: G.!.$ zip: <leave blank>

country: <leave blank> s/n: 404A60373D40


name: CYBERPUNK adress: [LCi^XADi] zip: <leave blank>

country: <leave blank> s/n: 3B38484D603A334D


Modem Share 7.0: 36230005251


Modem Status v1.9a: name: Lost Soul [uCF] s/n: 1234322


ModemSta v1.7 for Windows: name: Whatever s/n: 1239123


MomShell ver. 2.1.3: Name: The Master DaVinci - Phrozen Crew - s/n: 123833


Monarch for Windows: 1003818


Moneymap Personal Financial Director for Windows: password: CASH


Monkey Island 1&2 Unlock Codes: 536-778-9299 DLRVMCXQLY

446-167-9773 CERCTXXLTX

736-253-1718 BLRYKSNLDX


Monster Truck Madness: 450-0535503


Monthly Bill Manager 98 beta 5: Name: SiLicon Surfer Code: 9R098-MBM-108L1518

Name: Phrozen Crew Code: 9R098-MBM-228R3718


Monthly Bill Manager v3.08a: MBM-2615-10133-329


Moraff CyberMemory V 6.0 Retail: 0415-7101-901

Moraff's 3D Jongg V.2.0: 0415-7559-7148

Moraff's Cyberpinball 3.0: 0415-6523-0126

Moraff's Cybertris 4.0: 0415-7518-6499

Moraff's Escapade V.3.0: 0415-8941-4109

Moraff's UltraBlast V.6.0: 0415-4515-9912


Moray 2.02+ GUI Modeler: name: United Cracking Force code: 9F10B935


More Than Words v3.0: name: Steve Hsu s/n: X37-222-733-37x


Morph Magic v1.0 For 3DS-Max: 3105727


Morph Studio SE v1.0 for Windows: RNAEB-50199-00845


Morphbar 32 / 1.4: name: madmax! serial: 4655

name: Cracked serial: 4795

name: Me serial: 356

name: Anyone serial: 3708


Morpher v2.5 for Windows: 1306206233


Morphing Magic: 0-672-30320-5 2


Morse Code Made Easy 6.3: Name: Riz la+ Key: 8405ZMW


Mortice Kern Systems v3.1 for Dos and Windows (6 users): 3041129678


Mouse Odometer 1.10: Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew Serial: 3088074086


Mouse Odometer v1.12: name: STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 number: 947486923

name: romeo-JUANDA number: 2005489117


MouseClock 2.0: MCREG2


Mover 98 ver. 3.1: Name: DaVinci PC98 Reg ID: 392151795


MOVER 98 Version 3.1: NAME: Crowman /98 CODE: 573635188


Mover v2.0 for Win95: name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 914592310


Mover98 v3.1: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Reg ID: 260406641


Movie Credit 1.2: name: Steve Hsu s/n: gTth7ZMTx1


MoviePlay v1.22: Password: ThankYou4Registering


MovieJack 1.1

Nombre de Usuario: (utilice el que desee).

Numero de Registro D210K-V8BP2-4F9Y0-7BHG2-5I9SA


Movitvator Pro v4.03: In the first box, replace what is there with: 111111111

In the second box after that type in: 66666666


MP3 Producer (professional) v2.1 Build 47: Name: NATHON J. CARTER

Serial: AWVtHVkdtaeVAoasv6GdxAIGB


MP3 Wolf v1.04: nAME: Black Thorne [PC'98] sERIAL: MW-188075


MPEG Audio Layer 3: ED00A30F000009


MR/2 Ice v0.99c for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 82722969

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 82721592

name: Me! s/n: 82720319

name: You! s/n: 82720640


MR/2 Ice v0.99v for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 3333 key: 81337680

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 3333 key: 81336303

name: Me! s/n: 3333 key: 81335030

name: You! s/n: 3333 key: 81335351


MS Internet Cache Explorer 1.20/1.21: name: gotivac s/n: aLTHTWX`

name: Me! s/n: a\O`]K\^

name: You! s/n: SLUNQKPN

name: MSIE Cache Explorer s/n: UHSO\[ZI

name: Public Registered Copy s/n: aWVG_QSH

name: STORM s/n: MKIK_IIH


MS Plus for Win98: 2111111111


MS Visual C++ Enterprise Edition: 415-1712656


MS Visual J++ v1.0: 070-3746215


MTA: name: Batman s/n: 115335

name: XXX s/n: 21208

name: You s/n: 26997

name: Me s/n: 7187

name: --- s/n: 10845


MultiEdit 1993: KAL610P3111332


Multi-Edit for Windows 95 V7.1G: MEW710g800001


MultiEdit v7.00e: ME700E111111


MultiEdit v7.10a: MEW700P000000


Multimedia Builder v1.3: Name: [Your name or anything you want] Code: 1-1001-288

Name: TheBrabo Code: 1-94

Name: Pretty Good Pirate Code: 274964-414


MultiMedia Designer by AT&T for Win95: 0E278002658


Multimedia Futura (spanish): 30-20-FU-00434


Multimedia Solutions: 205521


Multiple Document Editor 2.4: 20529


Music Magic Songbook v1.0 for Windows: 932667-2198


Music Time DeLuxe v3.0 for Windows: MD10-0-12065-5121


Music Time for Windows: MV20-0-02045-8738


Music@Passport for Win 95: AV01-1-01112-8770


Musical Arranger v1.0 by Yamaha for Windows(95): 11WA00939875E


Musicator Audio V1.0: 999-99999-49867


MusiFind Pro 98 v1.8c Win3.x/95: Name: escom/CORE Serial: WO9-M71HFSMHF


My Advanced Label Designer: 2223-87357


My Advanced Maillist and Addressbook: 2123-42935

2122-32574 custom s/n: 34453


My Brochures Mailers and More v1.0: 3223-07984


My Card File: 21529


My Invoices: 2643-20966


My Movies: 36XXX


My Personal Diary v5.01, v5.60B: MPDIARYNEW495 name: <anything you want>


My World v1.0c: Registered Name: Sonixx Registration Key: $FF14B0CE [Lite Version]

$2BE4E8DE [Registered Version]


MyNotes 1.10: 306-682-5330


Mystery at the Museums: 0340151


My-T-mouse v1.30 for Windows: FT 1305766






Nag-Buster v1.??: name: THE RIDDLER [EOD/POW] s/n: DTBV4YN81325

Nag-Buster v1.2c: s/n: B9U5KMA2LOC name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC]


Name-IT v1.0 for Win95: 30132918




Natural Engineering Workbench v1.1.1 for Windows: name: ORS MEMBER com: OSIRIS

s/n: NEW1111234567890


Natural v2.1.1 for Windows: NW12118855322257


Natural/ADABAS v2.1.3 PL7 for Windows: name: ORS MEMBER com: OSIRIS s/n: NAT2130fuck0you0


NavCIS Professional v1.5 for Windows: MC-9267


NBench 2.4: computer name: FANPC user: FAN ser#: 115904391


Ncore 4.04: EV40-1-02034-4933


Neobook Professional v2.0b: 4711081MIQOEOB


NeoBook Professional v2.1f: 4711081MIQOEOB



Neologic Network Suite v2.1b for OS/2:

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n for News: NUTELLERBOPZ




name: TGA s/n for News: NUTGA0000000E

s/n for Gopher: GUTGA0000000X s/n for FTP: FUTGA0000000W

s/n for FTPD: SUTGA0000000J


name: You! s/n for News: NUYOU!000000W

s/n for Gopher: GUYOU!000000P s/n for FTP: FUYOU!000000O

s/n for FTPD: SUYOU!000000B


NeoPaint 3.2: s/n: 1996000AJLOHOT (name: [TWH/UCF])


NeoPaint v1.1: 1312649GQISPSV


NeoPaint v2.0: 1376520GQOWOQM











NeoPaint v2.1: 2039485HNKZNWR











NeoPaint v3.0 and v3.1: 47110815LMPJVQ


NeoPaint v3.1f: 47110815LMPJVQ



NeoPaint v3.2: s/n: 1996000AJLOHOT name: [TWH/UCF]


NeoPhantom ScreenSaver v1.3a: 4711081WIRJUUN


NeoShow Pro 2.6f: 9872986USZOWSH




Neoshow Pro v1.0: 0123456THTJNQN


Neoshow Pro v2.0: 2115868RUJISNV


Neoshow Pro v2.5: 4711081WUIJTRC

NeoShow Pro v2.7: 1943920BLRTQVS











Neosoft Phantom Screensaver v1.2b: 4711081WIRJUUN


Net Note v2.5a: User: escom Company: core Key: Slicence


Net Pal v1.1d: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 107537


Net Road HTML Browser: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 02641708-3709

Netattach: name: MCA 96 Code: DXR5MAVCUZAPVVY


NetBar: 176504404807540


Netcom Netcruiser v1.0 Internet: 91629


NetDial: s/n: 33413953 name: <leave it blank>


NetHelper 1.0: name: FANATIC'98 ser#: 85674


Net-It Now! v1.1: 3032-8096-8080


NetManager ECCO Professional: 040-0666555


Netmedic 1.2: SPMC-00263684


NetNote v2.4.6, v2.50 beta 1, beta 2: Short Name: ROMEO (type without CAPSLOCK on)

Real Name: romeo '97

s/n: ~up/{


Netpal 1.00e: name: Pith Possum serial: 2231312

name: PHRoZeN CReW 97 serial: 1221918

name: ME! serial: 1518215

name: . serial: 327680


NetPop-up 2.2: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 83278332tHATDUDE


NetPopup 95 v2.11: License key: 0220400GlQaxn!{xEG]


NetProbe Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Addy: SDC@Cracker.Com Serial: 00015ab9


Netroom v3.0: 02-R809678


NetRoom v3.04 Memory Manager by Helix: 02-R809678



NetRunner v1.02: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1 key: 481366

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1 key: 262704

name: Me! s/n: 1 key: 71433

name: You! s/n: 1 key: 81024


Netscape Cache Explorer 1.1: name: tHATDUDE s/n: bYUMVKTV

name: STORM s/n: NKIK_IIJ


Netscape SmartMarks v1.0 for Windows: BAU40B906221984


NetSim 1.0: Reg Key: 741681


NetSketch v1.10: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 88895738


NetTerm 2.8.8: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: a7fkqkkq


Netterm 3.2.2: s/n: f99k1k5q name: NETTERM User


NetTerm v2.8.7 for Windows(95): s/n: kfu991ff name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL

s/n: 3q6a2q98 name: TeLLeRBoP

s/n: kf9cq712 name: Me!

s/n: 33413953 name: <Must be BLANK>


NetTerm V4.22: name: register s/n: 8192u923


NetToob MultiMedia Viewer v2.03 for Windows: WWWNKVLKN


NetTools 1.3: first name: Saltine [PC] last name: <leave blank> date: 1/1/1994 serial #: 40-05945


NetTools v2.0:

First Name: romeo Last Name: montaque Date of registration: 4 / 15 / 1997 s/n: 47-84797


NetWallPainter v1.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 377037742605


NetWare Asynch Communication Services (Nacs): 11790421


NetWare Connect (8 port license): 136-003794-001


NetWare OS/2 WorkStation Utilities: 136-001735-001


NetWare Video v1.0 Service Install (25 users): 22395822


Network 386 v3.11 by Novell: 03302499


Network Archivist v2.0d BackUp: TNAS4013799


Network Archivist v2.0d Expansion: EN1680004HD



Network Constant Companion by Sierra: 314512090310004


Network Plus: 02-AU1-0726C-0RNR-002-20052


Neural Planner v4.20, NeuroDiet v1.3: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 193147730


NeuroRoute V2.00: Serial number: 2820000 Licence number: E6aLLrBAAGE5DAAfRk


New Bago v3.0: 063-000-001


Neverending Disk v2.1: NDO101841


News Robot 5.0: name: PhrozenCrew@Efnet.#PC96 code: shvppkmt


News Robot v3.3 32 bits Build date:21/08/1996:

name: ByteRipper@phrozen.crew.96 code: jggsyoeb

name: PhrozenCrew@Efnet.#PC96 code: shvppkmt

name: FreeRegisteredVersion@my.house code: qrwaybpd

name: TKC@phrozen.crew.96 code: egqrsobw

name: tHATDUDE@phrozen.crew.96 code: ykmjdwwy


Newsbot: name: ED!SON 96 code: OBLAEARD


NewsGrabber 2.1.07: User Name: exprs Serial No: 163917749901


NewsGrabber 2.1.09 - x.11: Name: Durk [pc98] Serial: 127243195368

Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Serial: 136507657308


NewsGrabber v2.1.12: User Name: Sonixx Serial No: 136507705180


NewsPost v1.0: $74471B10 $0396364B MadJester


Newsrover v2.2: Name: John Seca Serial #: 0642-2313-39


NewView v1.1 for Windows (In win.ini make [NEWVIEW]): 1. ID=1996

2. name: TwinHead [uCF] !96

3. count=2


NFS Maestro Client v5.0 for Win95/NT: MI-000064


NFS Maestro TCP/IP for Dos and Windows: 21207859


NFT v1.2: Name: Cyborg^SNT Key: 01-1997-2614

Name: Underworld^SNT Key: 01-1997-5331

Name: Syntonic Key: 01-1997-0270


Nic O'Matic v1.71: cn1-mfvfqb-3242y


Nico Commander 3.0-3.02: 31JAMC0153


NJStar v1.20.15: name: Mad Pig Company: Hacker Studio s/n: 55172823


NJWIN v1.2.15: Name: xzwt Company: (leave blank) s/n: 123226999


NoClip 4.0: name: mARQUIS [uCF96] s/n: C08CE2

Nomad News 1.23 for Win95/NT: 111111111-032547698


Norton Administrator for Networks: M5NA15XG10410213


Norton AntiVirus NL for Win95: 07-31-90067-NL



Norton Textra Connect v1.1: A7881492178


Norton Utilities for Win95: 07-31-90069-NL


NoteBook 4.3: Name: JUANDA Registercode: 3215146950


NoteBook v4.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer Comp: Phrozen Crew Code: 3362655143


Notepads+ v1.08: WBP5704EDGJJB7


Notework Electronic Mail for Novell Netware v4.0: 010-DSK-0353


Noteworthy Composer 1.30d: name: Me! s/n: 345-014-101834


Notpad 2.5: NAME: JUANDA SERIAL: 284057038

NAME: PC98 SERIAL: 1336176218


NOW Utilities: NUA-500-0001-005930092882


Nova Backup v4.04 for Windows(95): 401W52003


NovaDisk+: code1: 000000000000000 code2: 666668ZZZA


Novell DOS 7.0 Personal Netware v1.0: S6-004001-001


Novell Netware v4.10: S18637297


Novell Perfect Office Pro v3.0 for Windows: 1PP30XW0019293


Novell Perfect Office v3.0 for Windows: 1P030XW00010110Z


Novell Perfect Works v2.0 for Windows: 1WW20XW0020634


Novell Personal Netware (5 users): 23660970


NTcrt 1.0b6: name: tHATDUDE! comp: Hack&Crack Inc. s/n: 00-00-000000

expiration: 01-01-2000 key: HLVM0UDJA3OMTDQH4DNRUN6BFOVTJPBS


N-Track v0.98b-v1.0.2: (name: tHATDUDE PC) code: CCD696 password: GVUVYVYL

Try your own name before the one above


N-track v1.5.2: Name: <anything> ID: otomhctihw Password: KLXTDRRC

Name: <anything> ID: lok_90964 Password: juujk90898


n-Track v2.0.1 Build 2240: Name: (anything) Reg ID: nurtuo Password: 198698-NMS4N


n-TRACK v2.2.18 build 2562: NAME: JUANDA Registration ID: blues Password: yzarcma


Numerology Reader Suite 8.3: Numerology Reader: CN801-33-CER-87

Companion Reader: CER208739

Horse Racing Numer: CHRNF-85-7358-Mf

Stock Market Numer: CSMN-342-27-SM


Numerology Star Reader & Companion: Star Reader serial: NSR-SIS-8503-E9KI-97245ns

Companion Serial: CR-SP-8325-EKI-18726crs


Numerology Star Reader 8: 383757


NuPaint: 10111220






Object Desktop v1.02 for OS/2: TS18-0034-032344



OBS Communucations Program v2.0: 96002N18YLT


Octus PTA Front End: OCT160009063


OD 1.5: TS10-0001-092581


ODB Talk v2.5: 01158-9525


Oddballz: Your Computer Petz: 6601-9787-6911



Office 97 PL Professional (polish version language): 1112-2222222


Office Control-easy for Windows: 33233359


OfficeBlox for Win95: 43ABDC534754



Offline AutoPGP v2.2b2 (edit autopgp.cfg): line #1: mykeyid=TGA line #2: myregno=185230-000

line #1: mykeyid=2U! line #2: myregno=165394-000

line #1: mykeyid=You! line #2: myregno=843698-000

line #1: mykeyid=Me! line #2: myregno=195670-000


Olms Professional v2.50p (10 node version):

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: QGTI530 reg.nr: D150231620100460BQTD

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: TeLLeRBoP s/n: QTG9530 reg.nr: H9390301711778FNUD

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: You! s/n: QYG4530 reg.nr: I1057628612817GTTD

bbs: XXX sysop: Who? s/n: QWX4330 reg.nr: J14405795321614HSSD

bbs: *** sysop: *** s/n: Q**3330 reg.nr: R17424252111614PVAE


Olms Professional v2.50P (250 node version):

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: EGTI530 reg.nr: J150231620100460HNKD

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: TeLLeRBoP s/n: ETG9530 reg.nr: V9390301711778TSLD

bbs: G.!. sysop: You! s/n: EYG4530 reg.nr: W1057628612817UBLD

bbs: XXX sysop: Me s/n: EMX2330 reg nr: C644120515876ABLD

bbs: *** sysop: *** s/n: E**3330 reg.nr: N17424252111614LWQD


Olms Professional v2.50p (3 node version):

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: CGTI530 reg.nr: K150231620100460IRQ

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: TeLLeRBoP s/n: CTG9530 reg.nr: U9390301711778SSP

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: You! s/n: CYG4530 reg.nr: V1057628612817TBP

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Me! s/n: CMG2530 reg nr: Q10348372383117OVP


Olms v2.0:

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: CTGI530 reg.nr: K128431229217460IRQ

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: TeLLeRBoP s/n: CTG9530 reg.nr: U93903017135188SSP

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: You! s/n: CYG4530 reg.nr: V22288628612817TBP

bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Me! s/n: CMG3530 reg nr: Q5988372383117OVP


OLX Off-line Xpress for Windows: 44-4444


OmniForm v2.0 for Win95: 3504A-C00-015606


Omniform: 3504A-C00-003932


OmniPage 2.1: 0102E-%001705



OmniPage 5.0: 2804B-C00-003289


OmniPage 6.0: 2804A-C00-090357


OmniPage Pro v5.02 for Windows: 2804A-C00-073789


OmniPage Professional 386 OCR for Windows: 2804B-D00-999999


OmniPage Professional v5.0 for Windows: s/n: 2804B-C00-003700 p/w: 872-0734-020


OmniPage Professional v6.0 for Windows: 2804A-C00-088606


OmniPage: 2804b-d00-999999


Omnis5 Runtime version: 11087165180


Omnis7 v3.0 for Windows: CWRS 270836 20251

CWRS270836 20251


On Target v3.0 for Windows: ONT100R00219


OneLink: s/n: BX979797 Key: 32207


Online Meter 2.0: name: Saltine/PC code: 668689

name: PhRoZeN CReW '97 code: 3370411

name: Licensed User code: 6087112


Online Meter 3.0: Name: Saltine [PC] Code: 858211


Online Meter 3.1: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 9334822

To Get The Registration Box, Open Help|About. While It's open Hit Ctrl+E.


Online Meter v2.11: name: XAVAGAN'97 key: 917467

name:romeo '97 key: 774471


Online v1.98: name: XAVAGAN key: 4578

name: romeo '97 key: 4893


OnlineCounter 98 Version 5.01: Name: exprs Code: 32444P


Online-counter 98: name: Klaus Müller reg.nr: 751-601-1N

Opcode Fusion Filter v1.0: serial: 703-000-00000000 code: 467436

Opcode Fusion Vinyl v1.1: serial: 702-000-00000000 code: 515188

Opcode Fusion Vocode v1.2: serial: 701-000-00000000 code: 564445


Opcode Vision 2.51: 212.250.00013916


Open Doors v4.x - v5.x: name: Me s/n: 0x0000E005


Open Doors v5.xx: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 0x000098AF

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 0x0000AB0A

name: You! s/n: 0x0000500D

name: Xxx! s/n: 0x00003105


Open Sesame 3.1: Name: -= +JUANDA =- Serial: l


Opera v3.00: 1234B3KY2pb4


Opera v3.20: 1234B3KY2pb4


Operation OverKill II v.0998: bbsname: G.!.$ s/n Game: 97774 s/n Editor: 76663

bbsname: MiNe!! s/n Game: 659774 s/n Editor: 856663

bbsname: YouRS! s/n Game: 984734 s/n Editor: 857773

bbsname: XXxx! s/n Game: 5829991 s/n Editor: 5957858


Option Guru v1.0: User Name: Phrozen Crew Code: MbPPkvGo


OrbitIRC 2.02: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: GA7xPK6F@G:Dy:>9IICA

OS/2 XIT 2.4: RUY111111


Out'n About! Electronic In/Out Board V5.0: name: dustie of bliyyard 1998 code: 9130380-950799


Outside In v2.1g for Windows: OW218312364



Outside View v3.2 for Windows: AB9321-526







Pack It Up 4.02: TY7E687W12R83



PackagerMK1 v2.0.0.60: First Name: Spider]

Last Name: Web

Company: Phrozen Crew

Key: 0964-4431-6853-34334


PACT ProfileCopy 98.5: Name: JUANDA Serial: 2269013334

Name: PC98 Serial: 1819541211


Pact Timer 98 beta2 v4.0.1 build 1361: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 2408595900


PageMaster 2.01: name: madmax! s/n: 6944-1898-568

name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 6944-2924-559

name: Me! s/n: 6944-1292-556

name: Generic s/n: 6944-2156-556

name: Cracked s/n: 6944-2132-550

name: Anyone s/n: 6944-1952-559


Pagis Pro 97 for Windows 95 & NT: 9611BM04868


PainKiller v1.24: Name: Phrozen Crew S/N: 8BD049B4


Paint Pal Paint: 9201-KA10455


Paladin v2.2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 6361056

name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 6829980

name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 5565924

name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3680034

name: 2U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3241692


Palindome Storage Netware Manager v4.0: 011mx100000


Panoramic Utils v1.1: 111-976-0001513-01


Paper Direct Templates v5.0 for CorelDraw Windows: 606771


Paper Direct Templates v5.0 for MS Word v6.0 for Windows: 608813


Paper Master v2.0 for Windows(95): PM27177-110459



PaperMan 1.2: 9583


Paperport Deluxe: F234BGBUQU


Paradate v4.5 for Paradox under Dos: 63069311


Paradise Slots v1.2: 649513


Paradox DataBase: 9010866-501


Paradox Speller for Windows: CM55022999


Paradox v3.0 for Dos: TA234C10564110


Paradox v3.01 for Dos: DA233F10371285


Paradox v4.0 for Windows: IA931A10158034


Paradox v4.5 for Windows: IA931A10000162


Partition Magic 3.0: PM300EMU-032011

PartitionMagic7:  PM700ENEU-110204




Pasofami NES 2.5a: name: tHATDUDE code: UBONODNA


Password Keeper v3.5: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 338075451


Password Tracker Deluxe v3.01: name: CORE/JES serial: PT-483-205842


Password Tracker v2.1x: key: PT239133


Passwords Plus 2.3: Name: Riz la+ Serial: 5Y9-ESMUHIU

To enter the name and serial, go to the About dialog and click on the Text:" To register, send $7 US to".

A dialog will appear. Voila.


Patent It Yourself 1.2.E.1: DE5939Q223





PC Anywhere v4.5 for DOS and Windows: PCDH4543IN


PC Auto Strecken Berater Netz (German): 0000108995


PC BlackBoard (make file black.reg with 3 lines): name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL

board: G.!.$

s/n: $?+1:?C=6A@8.D;69=,1.2G


name: TeLLeRBoP

board: G.!.$

s/n: $=!=A6<C7:4.23


name: You!

board: G.!.$

s/n: &C21+/-2P


name: Me!

board: G.!.$

s/n: !=6<C.3Z


PC Blox v2.0: 080594


PC Board Professional v15.21: 029617



PC Buchhalter v1.01 (German) for Win: 8848 5060295


PC Census v3.10: 006773


PC Doctor v1.0: 1139610360


PC Doctor v1.5 for Dos: 1139610360



PC Focus v5.55: 1234567


PC Focus v6.01 NL: 1732221


PC Mailer v1.0 for Windows: W410626


PC PaintBrush v5+: ZPV10-00-26355S


PC Security V3.5: NAME: CRowmAN SERIAL: 504D3ED105


PC Security v3.5: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Key: 9A85CD9D38


PC TCP/IP v3.0 for Windows (edit PCTCP.INI under [pctcp kernel]):

line #1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0000 line #2: authentication-key = 3547-7666-3844

line #1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0001 line #2: authentication-key = 6055-2673-4568

line #1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0002 line #2: authentication-key = 4460-8147-1736

line #1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0003 line #2: authentication-key = 1345-5431-5383


PC Tools v2.00 for Windows: 11-50-01415


PC/TCP Network v3.0 for DOS/Windows: s/n: 1990-1025-7300 key: 3751-6732-9871


PC/TCP v1.1 for Windows and DOS: s/n: 3917-3337-0007 key: 3776-9499-4365


PC-BaX: 809-0001-004-01121


PCBFV v3.8: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 6412274

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2618582

name: You! s/n: 13190092

name: Me! s/n: 3522754

name: 2U! s/n: 25289044

PCBFX v2.2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5204927

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2250386

name: You! s/n: 10483810

name: Me! s/n: 2954638

name: 2U! s/n: 2180601


PC-Cillin '95 for Win95: p5-001151











PC-cillin II: P1-315330


PC-Express v1.0: bbs: G.!.$ name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1416632976

bbs: G.!.$ name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1828538420

bbs: G.!.$ name: You! s/n: 1353667205

bbs: G.!.$ name: Me! s/n: -520937776


PC-Express v1.18 :


s/n: @8JO9C3?@KSLDRK?43YTMJ?5K8FP5 BBSNAME: Bad Taste SYSOPNAME: Flynn



s/n: @CUFX4T?@WT60:D?@OMSPT7?5K8FP5 BBSNAME: The Jungle SYSOPNAME: Bitkiller


PC-Gerber v5.12 for Dos: password: blastsoft


PChat V1.21b: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL key: TRVAENVPCO16KUAOPMQV

name: TeLLeRBoP key: L02CU83GKI91BNOMSVNM

name: You! key: IBEP0IQG5OMML8BJOSSK

name: Me! key: EIHKI5MMUBSE7GI87PMS


Pc-install 5.08: prov5


PcKwik Powerpak for DOS v6.1 and v3.1 for Windows: 5062180192V09




PC-NFS v2.1 for Win-NT: 03413646000409


PCProtect v2.1b: DFAZG


PCX-Dump 9.30: name: mARQUIS 96 [uCF] s/n: MDS96A497DB981752

name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: YTMARF03BD11B593D

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: YTMAR6231D25CA95A

name: You! s/n: YTMARF7F2DED92B7D

name: Me! s/n: YTMAR0A14DCA0EC27


PCX-Dump v9.2: name: Me! s/n: YTMAR0A14DCA0EC27


PC-Xware for Windows(95): 103076


PC-Xware v3.0 for Win95: s/n: 040006600959910 Key: 89f4a3c1ef78


PCX-Ware: s/n: 040005 code: 18748F03DA00


Peachtree Accounting for Windows: 9257595


Peachtree Accounting v2.0 for Windows: 8004514


Peachtree Bank Account Manager: 3110652


Peachtree Complete Accounting v8.0: 9005635, 9006193


Peachtree First Accounting v1.0 for Windows: s/n: 9601255 p/w: 543726170


Peachtree v7.0: 7807139

PeerSync v4.1: User name: Black Thorne / PC'98

Password: ]pzvw6irqzou/=@\N1B@

Pro Option: ]pzvw6irqzou/=@\N1B@


Perceive Personal v2.0 for Windows: POAL009956-F200


Perfect Keyboard 1.0: 349797215763


Perfect Keyboard v1.2: Name: romeo '97 Company: montaque s/n: 92889342967


Perfect Screens 98 V3.0: Name: \/\/@cko compa: We!rdSoft street: CoolStreet town: CoolTown

zip: Pkzip country: Holland licence type: 3

serial: 43569701386836675038


Perfect Screens for Win95: name: Cell Block Four in the 1996 key: 31889311967


PerfectView NL v6.10: PV-PAC61-260159


PerfectView v6.1: PV-PAC61-NT260119


Perpetual Calendar v2.0 for Windows: CM-11193


Personal Record Keeper 4.0.2e1: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC]

S/n: 8529UJR535


Personal Stock Monitor 2.0.x: name: Saltine [PC] key: 190670627641


Personal Stock Monitor 2.5.5: User Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Registration Key: 175676383523

Personal Stock Monitor v2.5.7: User Name: Sonixx Registration Key: 172021697086


Personal Stock Monitor v2.6.1: User Name: Sonixx License Key: 172021697086


Personal TimeSheet v1.1 for Windows(95): 1.0-10803209


Personal Translator v1.1 by IBM: A00195699


PGP 5.0 (95/NT): 401PWIN500AF0000016571960


PGP Manager v3.0: Name: romeo '97 s/n: PM-6722B0B1

(general guide for other crackers ...first three char => PM- followed by 8 char)


PGP Security v5.5.5: 401PWIN500AF0000016571960


PGP v2.6? for Windows: first name: Ohm last name: MOD's KEY Generator s/n: 380259212


Pharlap TNT 32 BIT DOS Extender v6.0: 27146


Pharlap TNT 32 BIT DOS Extender v7.0: 30875


Pharm Assist for Windows: H11683


Phoenix Control for Windows: 102644


Phone Book Pro '97 v2.70.1 build 915: Name: Roberto S. Pareja Code: 4AD329E912F74E808E60A265B7S


Phone Control v2.0 (German): Z3485-001I45t


Phone Plus 2.0: name: tKC/PC '98 code: 1P3201795

name: Phrozen Crew code: 1P6679980


PhoneBook Wolf Pro v2.00: User Name: Spider]PC98 or use any name you want

Registration Code: 2090966446


PhoneDeluxe 1.0: HTW100R7106474-426



PhoneWolf v2.00: Name: NiTR8^ - GCRACK 97 Serial: PHGCK-886359


Photo Finish v3.0 for Windows: 42971192


Photo Magic: PH1001LXX-04526


PhotoDeluxe: HGW100M7100009-534


PhotoLine32 v2.22: 499932 875163293


Photoop 1.4+: Name: w@cko serial personal edition: 00859313

professional: 00632817


PhotoTools: HWE-111-000-185-001245


PhotoVista (2 ?): Serial: 2006814 Key: 6rprdx-&0$d9a-d1b106


PhotoVista v1.0: Serial :Riz la+ Key: 5RPr9X-$C$5B$-61$19B

Serial: Registered Key: 9RPr9X-$e$7e$-41$1c8

Serial: Shareware sucks Key: 0RPr3X-$3$ba$-91$13b


Physicians Desk Reference january 1995: PDR4-0000-3587


Physicians Desk Reference v3.6 may 1993: 0193-5525-01269


Physik v2.0: PHYSIK+V2.0WWW94


PicaView 32 Image Viewer: name: zircon / pc97 s/n: 090998031

name: registered user s/n: 725545449


Picture Agent 2.6h: name: TRACY s/n: 1710039


Picture Agent v2.6i: Name: iCEMAN [uCF] Code: 8525600


Picture Eze v1.0: PEZ1010012942


Picture Man Collection vol.2: Rubber v.1.0: 3597:51273

Deformer 1.0: 2021:45309


Picture Publisher 3.1 LE: wppp5mus31


Picture Publisher v4.0: 0301001006108501



Picture Publisher v5.0 for Windows: NTA-NTA-01A


Picture This! for Windows: 100218


Picture Windows: C1001-34512-280


Pictures In News v1.2.5: User name: Sonixx Registration key: LLTUQJGD


PingSim 1.3: 598342


PinUpPlayer 1.0.4: Name: Riz la+ Code: 589


Pix Folio v2.0.118 for Windows: s/n: 2X09AA001302 name: AZTECH NEW MEDIA CORP


Pixshow 3.1: Name: CKLREGGED SN: 278-10422




PixShow v4.1: User Name: Sonixx Registration Number: 498p-2099434


PKKRatt for Windows: 12552


PKNLG v1.12b: name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 29C9D41B


Planets: The Exploration of Space: s/n 1: 5874 s/n 2: 4256 s/n 3: 7208 s/n 4: 9665 s/n 5: 10189

s/n 1: 3351 s/n 2: 3556 s/n 3: 2171 s/n 4: 5369 s/n 5: 6966

s/n 1: 9970 s/n 2: 1309 s/n 3: 3899 s/n 4: 8136 s/n 5: 19275


Planix Home Architect v2.0 for Win95: 90009-PH200


Pluck-It: 396V31175T90



Plug-in v2.0 for Windows: 136-92031109


Plug-In v2.60 for Windows(95) <tempory registration nr.>: 136-92031109


Plug-In v2.60 for Windows(95): s/n: 28860296 name: NEUROTIC

s/n: 51673856 name: Richard Johnston

s/n: 51241781 name: Perry Thibaudeau


PM Disk Copy v2.2c for OS/2: 5326-5961-DoH Enterprises


PM Patrol v4.1 for OS/2: s/n: AC6-E1 name: <anything you like>

s/n: 05K4E9880A name: **** Free License Copy ****


PMComm v2.30 32 bit for OS/2: 4618110594


PMMAIL 1.1+: name: Someones s/n: 2288740719


PMMail v1.5 for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1098204025

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 641297470

name: You! s/n: 1365932405

name: Me! s/n: 4150479952


Pointix v2.02+: name: Steve Hsu id: 000000000000 s/n: 00000010


Poker Challenge v1.4: aut-1-522


Poly View 2.9: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 663008997


Poly/PM v3.0 for OS/2: s/n: 30A9ISCA00334299981TZF teacher s/n: ISCA003342 pupil s/n: JSCA003342


PolyCalc for OS/2: name: DoH Enterprises s/n: C039E5104C11888D


POLYTRANS.V2.2 : Install and enter ab792mutr99xzb7 for password.

When asks for a code to enter the registration dialog write: SHOWREGDLG

Serial: DAM-x86345-56B381B8EF

name: that you should know yourself

company: if you really cant come up with one , use SiEGE

softimage: si-eeb167e6

acis sat: sat-010c09b5

iges: iges-78648870


PolyView 2.2x WIN95: s/n: 2531786115 name: tHE riDDLER [uCF]


PolyView v2.30b for Win95: name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 1919124148

name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: 2531786115

name: BunteR s/n: 3748683037


PolyView v2.9b16: Registration Name: Underworld^SNT Registration Code: 579132862


Polyview V3.00: Licensee: CRowmAN License Number: 1286445531


Pop It: popitnocrk


POP3D v1.30 for OS/2 (128 users): name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 21410634

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 26396774

name: Me! s/n: 5562895

name: You! s/n: 11129511


PopUp Calender: name: NuZiN'Pc97'RiSE s/n: 124553


Portscanner 1.2b1+: name: j0b [pC] serial: 13345670113345778-073-121


Post Road Mailer v1.02 for OS/2: 010480


Post.Office 2.0 for Windows NT: 0-159698417-11863


Post.Office3: 9-082473334-31337L



Poster 5.0b: 012248


Poster v5.4: 012248


Postgebuehren98: name: FANATIC company: FAN'98 reg#: 3977328


Post-It PopUp Notepad v3.0: s/n: 2729 name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF]


Power DVD 3.0

MV27721294245006Clock Talk 16 4.0: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Serial: 4710-4314-7636-8250


Power Control v1.00: Name: romeo '97 s/n: PC9876543

If your name is 4 characters in length e.g. Bill, then your s/n will be PC**: * means any number. i.e. the s/n length must be equal to the length of your name!


Power Management v2.02 for DOS and Win: KWW687480


Power PPL v2.0: fname: Me lname: XXX s/n: 442:264:146


Power Timer V4.0: name: FANATIC ser#: 51802


Power Translator 6.03A: *&$#@!%


Power Translator 97: PT6EU7-6.02-200-4964


Power Translator Deluxe v1.0 (Spanish-English): PTESWD 35312


Power Translator Professional in Spanish: LSWA000881


Power Translator v2.0: PTSW013133


Power Web 98: Name: BLACK THORNE Company: FACTOR Code: PWR-3665920000-00'


Powerchords Pro v2.0.05: 200PXK01222


Powerdesk: 001-16C-56728


PowerDream v2.02: Name: Saltine [TVM] Code: 0191818393533


Powerdrive v6.0 for Windows: U60041006398


Powermarks 1.0 '95: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 000000


PowerMarks v 1.2: name: Registered s/n: VUKS5M


Power-Play Slots 95 1.1: 091305

PowerPlot/Lite v4.0: 98HJ-YY-U762

PowerQuest DriveImage: DM101EFCD-111111

PowerStrip 2.04a: Name: Licensed Code: 7080E4C6A

PowerStrip v3.0: animal


Practica Musica: 00215052

Prairie Dog Hunt PRO 97: name: Steve Hsu s/n: F609

Prefet Screen: name: Super User s/n: 16889311967


Preform v1.0 from Delrina for Windows: 2201-8201-1029


Premier Code Writer v2.0c for Windows: CW020003-02929


Preprint: 11-1009-200021734



Pretty Good Solitaire v4.98.0: Goto the About screen, press R and enter the following info:

Name: DigRiv97.0.0 Code: 971643625


Primasoft Music Organizer 3.0s: Name: JUANDA Serial: 987726091-314

Name: PC98 Serial: 987722741-314


Primasoft Music Organizer v2.00: Name: -= +ALI-BABA =- Pass: 342606102-529


Primasoft Recipe Organizer 3.0s: Name: JUANDA Serial: 987712928-409

Name: PC98 Serial: 987722314-409


Primasoft Software Organizer 3.0: Name: Registered User Code: 726826086-847

Name: Saltine [TVM] Code: 165612767-847


Print Que Lan v1.08 (20 users): D701772K


Print Screen 95 v7.0: 216803453


Print Shop Deluxe II v3.03: 22097

Printer's Apprentice 5.7: BTKA% Z

Printer's Apprentice 6.5a: name: Steve Hsu s/n: BTKA% Z'


PrintScreen 95 v2.7: 775828925

Pro Backgammon 3.0: 10117120


Procomm Plus 4.0 RC4 for Windows 95: PPWU4000211994


ProComm Plus for Windows: PW10467543


ProComm Plus v1.1 for Windows: PW10467543


ProComm Plus v2.0 for Dos: PP20116382



ProComm Plus v2.0 for Windows: PPWU2000081467


ProComm Plus v2.10 for Windows: PPWE2100077294





ProComm Plus v2.11 for Windows(95): PPWU2110000617











ProComm Plus v3.0 for Win95: PPWU3000999999



ProComm Plus: PW10091107


Produkt: CGI Star Pro v. 3.4: CP0000-US173-JK1N1-00000-3207634


Professional Draw: 3000045840



Professional VideoPlayer for Win95: 2705684811


ProgramLaunch v1.31(a): serial#: JSA2EPBEHQEKA9AL75DODOQN



Programname: PC-Install (ver.4) for DOS: Password to run installation: enterprise


Project Manager Workbench v2.0 for Win: 120344


Pronto 96: name: cOPYCaT s/n: 4pf6mh8k


ProTel PCB v1.5 for Windows: s/n: 1867757877 access code: B399-7B65


ProTel Schematic Designer v2.0 for Windows: s/n: 2002228 access code: B339-7B65


Pschedelic Screen Saver v3.99.995: 65222


PSearch v4.4a: name: GaRY D. [UCF] s/n: 000000138


PSX Video for Win95 v1.03: 1AMX0JEUZD


Psxvideo: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1VMI5JBUKD


Psychedelic Screen Saver 3.0-3.6.x: 63827 (Register only the SS)

64222 (Register Both the SS and the CD Spec Pro)






Q Folder 95 v3.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer Code: 1A2718113


QAPlus/FE v5.30: 12345-6789-0


Qball v1.00: Name: romeo-JUANDA s/n: 1142849637

Name: Saltine s/n: 5165533649


QEMM 386 V7.0: 103-27E-53601


QEMM 386 v7.03 & v7.04: 001-32H-72414


QEMM 386 v7.5: 010-17F-95293





QEMM 386 v7.52: 000-000-00009










QEMM 386 v7.53: 001-32H-72414



QEMM v8.00: 000-18A-40708











Qemm v9.00b: 000-000-00009


QFront vx.xx: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 33-3333

name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 22-1423

name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 01-0001


QHost 4.1: name: <your name> company: <your company> reg nr: 1234567 reg key: QK1FWWS


qHTML v1.0: 414-985-7054


Qmodem Pro v1.10 for Windows: 92-0069


Qmodem Pro v1.53: 66-3454


Qmodem Pro v2.0 for Win95: 569065





Qmodem Pro v2.10 Win95/NT: Serial: 8270757356578785 or 9039776411954850


Company: PC97

People reports that this serialnumber isn't working… Depends on the build I guess…


QModem v4.6 for Dos: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 51672

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 29323

name: You! s/n: 47305

name: Me! s/n: 29594

name: Xxx! s/n: 41727


Qmodem: name: Me s/n: 42646


QPV/386 v1.6c (Formel QPEG)

(make txtfile Qpeg.reg and put this file in your root/path but not in your Qpeg directory):

line 1#: 62RE- QPV/386 v1.6c line 2#: 40-E9D70E3D12345678B9C94A5D31BC1223

line #1: F9RE- YOU! line 2#: 73-45EB9D1B1234567815F5D97B8FEB2446

line #1: 74RE- Me! line 2#: 5E-8C2EB8E712345678DC30FC8736556F16

line 1#: E0RE- TeLLeRBoP line 2#: CC-F555B64312345678A54BF22364B983ED

line 1#: CERE- The GuaRDiaN aNGeL line 2#: 5F-717746491234567821690229DA8CD47B


Qualitas DisPatch v1.0 for Windows: 100 3520 10180

100 7610 30040


Quark Xpress v3.3 with EFI: WX-12572277


Quark Xpress v3.31 for Windows: WX-12572277



Quarterdeck DesqView/X 2.1: 000-16x-10729


Quarterdeck Fix-It v1.0: 50243000


Quarterdeck QEMM 97 (9.0): QEDU9000108543


Quarterdeck SpeedyRom v1.0 for Win '95: 002-18T-55764



Quattro Pro NL v5.0: IA945C10033381


Quattro Pro v2.0: DA245C10043771


Quattro Pro v3.1: DA246D10323488


Quattro Pro v4.0 for Dos: PA247B10254847


Quattro Pro v5.0 for Windows: 1F945C10098127



Query for OS/2: 5622-118


QueryN MetaSearch v2.0: 122865Q


Quick & Dirty File Manager 95 v1.5: 62267


Quick Books Pro for Win95/NT: 0261556419



Quick Books Pro: 3123-213-245



Quick Books v1.0: 382.71.904


Quick Books v2.0 for Windows: 296-00-111


Quick Books v3.0 for Windows: 1000164598



Quick books v5: 26584456048


Quick Cab Pro 6.0.1: Name: Saltine [PC] Code: 810304046752


Quick Calculator ver. 1.0: name: The Master DaVinci s\n: 52203019


Quick Color 2.30: name: Byte Ripper s/n: 4A046616

name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 31357037

name: Free Registered Version s/n: 137C0E3F

name: PC97 s/n: 08093B34


Quick Color 3.22Name: Steve Hsu 5029 s/n: 08093B34

Quick Folder Finder: 8738


Quick Install Maker 32: QIM32-7713-48032-38


Quick Menu III v3.1b for Dos: pc s/n: 1157821GNIPPGS network s/n: 1157821BNNUKJN

pc s/n: 0123456KIKGQOS network s/n: 0123456FIPLLRN

pc s/n: 1234567MIMGSQS network s/n: 1234567HIRLNTN

pc s/n: 2345678OIOGUSS network s/n: 2345678JITLPVN

pc s/n: 3456789QIQGWUS network s/n: 3456789LIVLRXN


Quick Restart for Dos and Windows: 5747462262790A


Quick Restart v1.5 for Windows: 00617051QR1


Quick SMS v1.3: Name: kOUGER! Key: 2811938274


Quick Time Pro Player: Name: Mr.Shine Serial: 2c57-62c7-8098-e5de-0000


Quick Time Pro: Name: John A. Haverty Serial: 3FDF-F69E-5A79-9088-BD63


Quick Time v2.0 for Windows: 040904E4


Quick To-Do 98 v2.01: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 2001720


Quick Web v3.01: nAME: Black Thorne [PC'98] cODE: r30v04b73


Quick View Plus! v3.0 for Win95: QVP0036131002


Quickbooks 6.0pro: 0212-0532-3307

Choose "Register by phone", then enter Reg#.


QuickColor v3.20: name: DARK EMPIRE s/n: 751C5318


QuickDesk v1.0: Name: \/\/@cko Serial Number: 7924-92276-24878-4203


QuickDesk v1.0: name: Byte Ripper s/n: 12760-148696-25550-4305

name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 14116-164516-26670-4475

name: PC97 s/n: 3124-36276-12334-2299

name: Free Registered Version s/n: 26776-312216-24654-4169


QuickDial v1.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer Code: 00061007348886932


QuickRun v1.3: 3B45FCB8010000007401 (Replace 74 to 75)


Quiklink Explorer Gold v3.0B284b6 for WIN95/NT: Name: The Force Team

s/n: 914662847215375357458810000


Quota Manager for Windows NT 2.6.1: RB1J52PC975O


QV-AutoCam v1.4 for Casio Digital Cameras: Name: Black Thorne Code: BEPGCKR

(Select the second register choice, not the first one)






R&R Report Writer v6.0 for Windows: 65793

Rad van Fortuin (RVF): name: Leontine Ruiters s/n: EADD-ADFD-BBA6-575512


Raduga v2.0: Name: radium Company: radium Key: uuh1egz2g1cg


Ragtime 3.0: s/n: 6601120 p/number: 8739401


Ramexam v7.01: 90060814060


Ramexam: 5432189569


Random Password Generator 6.0: Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 5vEd9A3mxm

Random Test Generator 1.4: Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00007ttrSw


RaNews vx.xx:

name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F865A9DB1 Phone: 031+00000000000

name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F26182066 Phone: 031+00000000000

name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FCFBD919F Phone: 031+00000000000


RAR 2.0: Name: REGISTER s/n: 0B9ADDF567B740


RAR v1.54 beta: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: E478F2CB98B7521995

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 79D32A7FDEC3721995

name: Woody! s/n: 94688872D96A621995

name: !YOU! s/n: A9BC77E742FBCA1995


RAS Pro: name: edison cracking code: 536685


Ray Dream 3D Designer 3.1.3: DW-313-1-1610-26598


Ray Dream Designer v3.1.3: DW-313-1-9424-34021



Ray Dream Studio 4: SW-400-0-1026-46336



Ray Dream Studio v4.0 for Win95/NT: SW-400-0-1026-46336

Raydream Studio 4.0: SM-00000-0-1-54633




RAYflect FourSeasons Plugin V1.0: 4SP-W-01-9999999-9999999-9999999

(The 9's can be any character as but keep the format the same)


Razor Professional Ver.2.0: ARY0000204405E


RBase v3.1b: 4650988


ReachOut Fastest RA 6.7: 1031-0123-4567-8934


ReachOut Remote Control Pro-Edition v4.04 for Dos/Windows: 000646264



ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 for Dos and Windows: 1031-1100-0000-0000











Real Audio Player Plus 3.0: 0106-50-6213





Real Audio Plus 3.0 beta: 1000-00-1000




Real Audio Publisher & Prensentator: 212-06850-6227


Real Estate Software Analysis for Dos: name: TANYA P. MOSES s/n: 96031701


Real Orche v1.2: name: Registered User serial: A2-3Z56-89012-840

Real Player Plus V4.1ba: 0186-95-9261


Real Player Plus: 0202-62-9186


Real Video BlackJack 4.1: 179581


Real Video Poker for Win95 v4.2: 586491



RealClocks 95 v1.0: 8580163


RealPlayer Plus 4.01: 0906-30-6028


RealPlayer Plus 5.0: 0106-50-6213




Reclaim It 2.3: RECLAIMIT!VERSION2-021375


Recognita GO-CR v2.1: UI23C2029043


Recognita Plus v1.0 for Windows: A46AW422604388


Recognita Plus v1.25 for Windows: A46IW422685241


Recognita v1.0 for Windows: A46AW422604388


RecoverNT for Win95/NT 2.5: RV55555-2705418


Red Dragon Casino v1.1b: ZW0275


Reflection Sweet for X v5.0: 001487272


Reflection X v4.0: WXP400L005847


Reg Repair 2000 v2.2.03: 911-31408

Reg Tune 98 v2.06: Name: Destroyer s/n: RTOA-52236-EE0218G1


RegDesk'98: user: FANATIC key#: RD98-16885-D48E64A9


ReGet Pro version 1.3.2 (build 244): User Name: Chen Borchang

E-mail: 85150005@pcmail.com.tw

Reg. Code: 363SCPBG99999999


Registry Search and Replace 2.x: reg#: 242569D1-0099 name: MenetZ user info: RCI


RegTune 98 V2.03: User Code: SiraX/DNG Registration Key: RT0A-40896-EE0218G2


Reminder 4.21: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Code: A16-35M-4507


Reminder 98 v5.03: 1st name: 0fa 2nd name: FAN'98 city: FANCITY code: 6221088


Reminder 98 v5.15 (German): Firma: privat Nachname: [AnThraX] Vorname: Sonixx

Strasse: The Ongoing Force 98 PLZ: 2000

Ort: Earth Code: 76499536


Reminder 98 Version 5.14: Nachname: [AnThraX] Vorname: Sonixx Straße: Santa Monica

PLZ: 2000 Ort: Earth Code: 76496820


Reminder v1.10: User Name: Any Name S/N: 3534,!QL179


Reminder v4.23: User Name: Sonixx Registration Code: A16-35M-1741


Reminders v3.3: Name: tKC/PC '98 Org: Phrozen Crew S/N: 3821172789


RemindMe v1.5: remind777me


Remote Access Pro v2.01: PFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045


Remote Access Pro v2.02 (250 nodes): PF026549CB0002319A0045


Remote Access Pro v2.02: PFA3B7DE8FCDD90AAC0000











Remote Desktop 32 v2.1.1: 9876543210987654DA02


Remotely Possible 32 V3.2: 10002-B1D27-87B5-6F



Remove-It v1.0: 10022814


Remove-It v2.0 for Windows(95): 20154774







Remove-It v3.0 for Win95: 20331296


Remove-It v3.02: 20422704


Rems Property Manager 500 v3.0: 92336 ½


Render Studio 3D for Windows:

User Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company Name: HeLLAND iNC. s/n #: 17 Verification #: 863528

User Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company Name: HeLLAND iNC. s/n #: 27 Verification #: 863547


RenderMan from Pixar for Windows: 1114897156


Retriever v2.0: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Registration Key: tepelage


Revival v2.1: Name: Dr. Animadei Company: United Cracking Force - Hi Lordbike!

Passwrd: rv00900-3801998


RGB Editor 3.0: Name: tKC Organization: PC '98 Code: 3248304272

Name: The Keyboard Caper Organization: Phrozen Crew '98 Code: 3467094844

Name: tKC/PC '98 Code: 3253243447


RGB Editor 3.0: Name: tKC Organization: PC '98 Code: 3248304272

Name: The Keyboard Caper Organization: Phrozen Crew '98 Code: 3467094844

Name: tKC/PC '98 Organization: Code: 3253243447


RiadaAttivo v1.00b2 Build 39: Name: Killer+Bee Number: 57R22QPC0

RiadaBillboard 1.03 build 25: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: X720RVKB1

RiadaCartel 1.1 build 120: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: H5J2A2KB0

RiadaCartel v1.1b4: Name: Killer+Bee s/n: I4SQMGPC0

RiadaForm 1.01 build 32: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: 6J0HVDKB0

RiadaHeadline 1.03 build 44: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: CPWZA7KB0


RiadaLinx 1.02 build 22: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: ZA20RWKB1

RiadaLock 1.02 build 29: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: 0FZ12CKB1

RiadaVivo v1.0 build 54: Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] SN: EXUAMQKB1

RiadaVivo v1.00b2 Build 32: Name: Killer+Bee s/n: YTZ2IDPC0

Rich Win 4.3: RWA0-579461-0194


Rideway with Breezeway 1.83+: name: DaVinci PC98 license type: Unlimited w/Breezeway

sn: ITS21003-106212-2102008-ZGcWiqejaSE:8b


Right Fax v4.02 for OS/2: region: RFS1 s/n: SNR055369


Rio v6.21: 205521


Ripbar v2.0c for Win 95: ZQYYMX



RIPterm Pro v2.00.01: name: Jabberwocky s/n: TPD0-E9C8-DK31-A6A1


RoadTech v1.0: A5-171754


RoboComm Vga BBS-Board: name: Scott Parsell s/n: 91683846992076418530629133404918614429


Rock & Bach studio v1.0: 0247942


Rosenthal Uninstall v4: s/n: DE6D name: MaRooN


RoundClock 1.23 W95/NT: Name: CKL!1997 SN: 1E57-006B1-E57-D2C9


Route 66 v1.0 for Windows:

program s/n: 28424XVMH0355 benelux.map s/n: 2316FSFE74625

program s/n: 28424XVMH0335 benelux.map s/n: 2316FSFE74626

europa.map s/n: 21848QSK47810


Route 66 v1.5 for Windows: program s/n: 2CDDJ76930000 benelux.map s/n: 180SEPN656641

europa.map s/n: 201857282SPQZ


RTVReco v5.1: 0031302735875


Rubber Duck H30+ ver 1.02: User: -= +ALI-BABA =- Key: 5f86 be15 289c baaa dd52 c945 b91c 4373 a6ec

N.B: Proceed unputting numbers from Left ==> right and Top To Buttom


Rude Dog On-Line Adventure: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 351145

name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 124540

name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 68869


Rumba APPC v2.1: 00997290


Rumba for the InterNet v1.0 for Windows: 00955877


Rumba Mainframe Connect v4.0 (4 node): 00491097


RZSplit for Win95 1.4: 72266






Safety Net Pro 5.2: Name: jake cwc s/n: 2765,,pia,511


Safety Scan 1.6: 11082766

Safety Scan v2.0: 22895027


Salvage 98: Name: PhrozenCrew Serial: 7F606D4F


SAPS Server+SAPS Client 3.0 for Win95: Serial: 000-000000000000000000000000

Code Server: AAD3EBBA

Code Client: AAD3AAD3


Saw Plus 32bit v2.3: 12345


Schedule It v2.30 for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 7587918

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 552015

name: Me! s/n: 5670

name: DOH Enterprises s/n: 4109850


Schedule It! for Win95: DOD666-100000000


Scitech Display Doctor 6.0A For W95 - RETAIL:

Name: TRPS

Serial: 12345-49B431D5-12345


Scitech Display Doctor v5.3a: Full name: DOD'97 Serial number: DOD97-985A3C52-DOD97


SCO Open Server v4.21: s/n: 2BF016051 key: UQQFGHCD


SCO Open Systems Networks v3.0.0: s/n: 2BB004565 key: arbvbtda


SCO Unix NFS v1.1.0: s/n: ING000045 act.key: JQQBRMYC


Screen It v1.0.22: User Name: PhrozenCrew S/N: 2A%Haz2tK5u


Screen Scapes for Windows: 10SSW004238A


Screenario: CD328377


Screen-Blocker 95: name: tHATDUDE PC s/n: 227167107


Screening Room v2.0.51: Name: xOANON [UCF97] Serialno: 2B07246E


ScreenPix 1.2: rocko


Screens 95 username: TeRaPhY s/n : TVP-5678-01236CCE


ScreenSaver v2.4 for OS/2 (SSAVER.EXE -R <s/n> <name>):

s/n: 54163561 name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL

s/n: 82886941 name: TeLLeRBoP

s/n: 74277152 name: You!


Scribbler ver. 1.1.2: Name: "The Master DaVinci " s/n: 45p328M5GojkM678 Single-User License


ScrnSaveSwitch/Plus 4.00: 22766


Scroll-It v2.0: "scrollit 200 /n=MarQuiS_De_SoiRee /k=2A364A58"

"scrollit 200 /n=MarQuiS_De_SoiRee /k=523183FA"


SDD 6.0 Final (no trial): Name: Island ROK Code: 38945-671218A0-10033


SeaHaven Towers v2.20 for OS/2: 155-23-81045


Search Wolf v2.02: Name: Destroyer s/n: SE-540394


SeaScape 3.0: name: Registered Version s/n: DBHRRWTYZWSB7

Second Copy 97 5.12: name: Steve Hsu s/n: HELPMEPLEASE


Second Copy 97 v5.21: name: FANATIC'98 reg#: 1234-D5C7-645A


Second-friend v5.0: TR5012853


Secret Agent 1.12: name: tHATDUDE comp: PC'96 s/n: 2227252387


Secret Agent v2.03e: name: Exeron Company: TDM Lic#: 3716403563

name: romeo '97 Company: montaque Lic#: 3071569032


SecureCRT V2.2b5: NAME: CRowmAN


SERIAL: 03-25-051998


KEY: 3151 8343 3356 0654 8592


SecureIT-32 3.7: CCJI-M380054


Select Time v2.0: W894S91K4


Semware Editor Prerelease: 3001005027


Send M@ail 1.02: name: Registered User s/n: 200347890


SendMail v1.04: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 200418483


Seq-303 version 2: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 25081

name: FAN'98 s/n: 5663


SER Green Screen/Power Saver: SKY797128


Serif PagePlus Intro 95: 784146


Sermon Library 1.0: RegName: Underworld^SNT RegCode: $9102B944

RegName: Cyborg^SNT RegCode: $B10F9110


Server Dat v4.0 Program Manager: 301062


Server-U 2.3: bwRU/Uls.bM,Abel

Set Me Up 2.2d: smu30835780782509


Set Me Up 97 v3.36:

Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Co: Phrozen Crew SN: SMU52805676729858


Set Me Up 97 v3.38: smu33835780781501






Set Me Up 97 v3.39.1c: smu33835780781501


Removal of old Set Me Up serial numbers





Remove the SN, close RegEdit start Set Me Up and re-register the program.


SeTMeUp for Win95 v2.2d: smu30835780782509


Shadow Login v1.2b: name: Batman s/n: 889529803

name: XXX s/n: 1035328419

name: You s/n: 1270192541

name: Me s/n: 144901579

name: *** s/n: 1388103389


SharkWare PIM: SW1001072281


Sheet Stylist v2.0 b2: User name: Black Thorne / PC'98 Key: 95D84B9D


ShellWizard 2.0 Pro: name: SHELLWIZARD s/n: 90475

name: Donkey Kong s/n: 85331

name: ME! s/n: 3811

name: Duckman s/n: 34855

name: Modesty Blaise s/n: 138375

name: Duke Nukem s/n: 70555


ShellWizard 95 v1.7: name: SHELLWIZARD s/n: 58375

name: HOODOO HAWKS s/n: 66575

name: DUCKMAN s/n: 23083

name: MODESTY BLAISE s/n: 88611

name: ME s/n: 1743


ShellWizard 95: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 53243

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 16423

name: Me! s/n: 1683

name: ED!SON s/n: 7523


Shez v10.9: CDCE1357017562











Shiva, Destroyer of Files v1.0: Name: romeo '97

Cert. no: 001-15226- 5805 (there is a space before 5805)

s/n: 5175

Important notes:

If you do not get the same certificate no., this is what you should do:

1) run regedit.exe (registry editor)

2) double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER|Software|Isis|Shiva

3) click on Certificate (right window) then Edit|Modify (left window)

4) change the value to 001-15226- 5805 (there is a space before 5805)

5) exit registry editor and key in the s/n or go to step 6.


6) click on User (right window) then Edit|Modify (left window)

7) change the value to romeo '97

8) click on LockCode (right window) then Edit|Modify left window)

9) change the value to 5175

10) exit registry editor


Shop Till You Drop v1.11: User Name: Phrozen Crew S/N: TOJRCESHRM


Show URL: name: Hsu Wang s/n: 02608393-5628


Shutdown Butler Version 1.2: name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 00000000 psw: jeekm9cf


SideBar v1.0 for Windows: 000-19T-83189



Sidekick v2.0 for Windows: 32-4644


Signature Program 3.0a: Name: Sonixx Company: [AnThraX] Registration Code: 5884557


Silver Wolf DeskTop v1.0 for Windows: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 729539052

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 539962826

name: You! s/n: 362577354

name: Me! s/n: 359988682


Silver Xpress Mail v5.03: name: The GuarDiaN aNGeL s/n: C97048B2

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: E8004CBB

name: You! s/n: E3BB339B

name: Me! s/n: 729F7238


Simpson Screensaver for Windows: KAW-64331-1262



Sins for Sirds v1.1 for Windows: 1371078


SIO v1.45 16 port version for OS/2: name: Joseph Urban s/n: 10010205


SiSoft Sandra v1.10: Type of Registration User ID

Review Use 7070

Educational Use 747

Business Evaluation 9325


Site FX: User Name: Pinnacle Inc Serial Number: 0PW7CE12NC2K6BJWNMP8

SitePad Pro 1.0.2: name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 0013774224


Skatteprogram 94/95 v9.11: 62-046-123456


Skryba 98 1.0 n: emotion#13^CP! #: 6oRBd8E82qJL7026


Skullcheck v3.5 (edit SKULLCHK.KEY): line #9: (Your name)


SkyGate/2 for OS/2: name: Computer Solutions Department s/n: 3667


Skylight v3.0 for Windows: XXX-201258-BMAX


Skyraider: Name: \/\/acko Serial: RS44574SA


Skyraider: Name: CKL!1997 SN: RS32361SA


Slam! v1.0: NOP[PC]9999211111211111


Slide Librarian v2.1: User Name: Phrozen Crew Reg Code: MHWYXYMWWB


SlideShow Magic v1.01: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC]

Mail: #pc98@ef.net

Code: 504562622231513963863337630293130774604828747220


Slideshow Pro for Win95 v1.1: code: DAGNY


SlideShow Ultra v5.6: TKD74Z


Slmail for NT 2.2: 2451390788 Key: 8E20AA50


SLMail Version 2.0-2.1: s/n: 2451390788 activate key: 2FC9A1E6

SlNet: S/N:1234567 R-Key: 62B7F8FD Users: 31412


Slots Serialnumbers's: Animated Wizard: 492376

Cherry Delight: 316247

Wild Sevens: 947631

Wild Wizard: 753702


Small Time v1.01: name: STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 number: 3863279370

name: romeo-JUANDA number: 1978663334


Smart Desktop v1.01a for Windows: s/n: A941-10350257124-41 Uninstall p/w: Uninstall


Smart Dial 2.1: 8161


Smart Sketch 95 for Win95: 124254



SmartMails v1.00.000: Email: phrozen@crew.com S/N: AB8B1407DA62E76D

Email: jane@doe.com S/N: E8085CDD6048C4DD

Email: john@doe.com S/N: DFFAA23C5AED0E54


SmartStart v1.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 50497212


SmilerShell/95 v1.4: C2940903999 (or C2*40*03***: * means any number)


Smooth Editor v0.99: name: Me s/n:


Smooth Editor v1.02: name: Me s/n:


Smooth Editor v2.1 for Dos and Windows: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n:

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n:

name: You! s/n:

name: Me! s/n:


SnagIt/32 4.1: Name: taylor^ Code: FC074A72FFFFFFFF


SnagIT/32 v3.1: s/n: C810A404-901234 name: UCF96! company: mARQUIS


Snapgrafx v1.0 for Windows: 0901-0010-2844-6401


SnapIt 1.5: name: <whatever> serial: ImBeta1Tester


SnapIt v1.14, v1.15: Name: romeo '97 s/n: LOVE-3657-LOVE (or ****-3657-****: * means any anything)


SnapShot32 2.xx WIN95: s/n: 1677332196 name: mARQUIS dE sOIRéE [mDS/uCF]


SNMPc v4.09 for Windows: 89821-80154-E6C41-8185B


Snooper v3.30: S112-2331


Snooper v3.43 for Dos: S112-2311











Snoopy's ScreenSaver v1.0 for Windows: 110-JSVS-132720


Socrate's Shop: Anachronism's-R-US: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1664783692

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 4006623371

name: Me! s/n: 0000022674

name: You! s/n: 0000001889


Soft Ram 95: 888-19G-88883


Softdesk Core v7.02 unlocked: 07DCR3E 20337


Softdesk Productivity Tools v7.02: 07DPP3E 20333


SoftDesk v12.12: 12 DS3B 30658


Softerm Plus for Windows 3.x/95: 2000119


SoftGen Analyzer v1.00: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 22-SAL01002109-0611

Name: Mr Wallace s/n: 13-SAL01006504-0800


SoftICE for W95 v3.0: 2110-00617F-77

SoftICE for Win3.1 16bits: 14000181


SoftIce WinNT 1.0, 1.05 : 3000-9147F5-77


SoftImage3.7: Serial: SI-FB2323EA Company Name: X-Force Serial: D13-X86-2654-8314301D




SoftSENTRY Lite 32: joe88


Software Caroussel v6.02 and v6.03: 30230940


Solaris v4.2 Operating System: DM0034621


Solator Suite 1: 9798


Sound Forge v3.0 for Windows: 2KCUTN2Z


Sound Forge v4.0: 100-0000999-068550


Sound Shuffler 3.0: Name: Riz la+ Serial: 1583


SOUNDPIX v1.2: julie


Sourcer v5.10: B309868-YTHT




Sourcer v6.05: SR309388-JYAX


Sourcer v6.06: SB312295-HTER


Sourcer v6.09: SR309518-RMYR


Sourcer v6.51: SR322449-TAWE


Space Explorer 5.0: Name: JUANDA Serial: 505494863


Space Invader 1.4: Name: Riz la+ Key: udghiaa]


Space Saver 1.5a: Name: The Master DaVinci Email address: phrozen@crew.com

s/n: 117507929668676663893365544380390772584288354717


SPAM Attack Pro v2.5: name: MCVD 1997 s/n: $D975FE57


SPAM Attack Pro v2.51: name: MCVD [DARK EMPIRE] s/n: $05455FD2


Spam Exterminator Version 3.2b: 53545076









Spanish Assistant 5 (English-Spanish translator): 15016026

Spanish Assistant v1.00 (English-Spanish translator): 51000000


SPCS Bokföring 97 för Win/Win95: A5-046-123456


SPCS Löneprogram för Windows: A7-046-022683


SPCS Register v1.0: 87-046-016000

SPCS Skatteprogram v11.1 Specialversion: 63-046-911911

SPCS Wine Guide 2.0: 22-046-115800


Spectre VR (CD-version): s/n: 7WWD7JM3 networks/n: BWRK29R8


Speed Suffer 3.2: name: XXXX s/n: 11940

name: Hackerjack! s/n: 34307


Speed Surfer 3.0: name: Hackerjack! code: 34307


SpeedCommanderV 5.1: TERAPHY c: PC97 s: 31337 key: 2103714773


Spelling Bee v1.0: 012497RCLAB_SBEE

SpiderPad 1.1.2: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 18873


Spinrite v3.1: E0225808


Spread Pro 1.04: 95067-0001


SPSS v6.1 for Windows: 945639



St. Bernard Open File Manager for Netware: OOBE-605A-0100-004A


Stac ReachOut 6.0: 1031-0123-4567-8934


Stac ReachOut 7 Upgrade: 1031-0256-6600-0690


Stac ReachOut 7: 1031-0256-6333-3413


Stack'Em v3.1 for Dos: sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 203232

sysop: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 149232

sysop: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 114912


Stacker v1.1 for DOS and OS/2: SI1FH361225


Stacker v4.0 for DOS and Windows: U40AA079658


Stanford Graphics v3.0b for Windows: 3000394


Stardate v1.0 for Windows: LSW-83838-9710


Start Clean v1.2: name: \/\/@cko serial number: 1424-13286-2443-473


Start Menu Changer97 v1.5: 50907


StartClean v1.2 for Windows: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 3088-29926-1673-333

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1660-15646-1761-349

name: Me! s/n: 528-4326-727-161

name: ED!SON s/n: 926-8306-1717-341

name: romeo '97 s/n: 1564-14868-1211-249


StartClean/Hot Corners: 1654-15586-2509-485


StartMenuChanger 1.52:

Any name & company, choose a serial: 33145, 48712, 10928, 64701, 21581 or 35661


Startrek Screen Posters: SPW-06753-8181


Startrek: "TNG" Screen saver: ZQW-33671-7329


Startup Magic v1.1: name: ,TaqRd1O s/n: 987654321


Stay Connected v1.2a, v1.31: sc168v1ig


STD Code Decoder 3.0: 4349336


Stealth Encryptor V3.1: NAME: CRowmAN SERIAL: D3789B0703


Stealth File Encryptor v3.1: Name: Sonixx [AnThraX] Key: 2CA04AB412

Steinberg WaveLab 1.6: XFORCE-93BA-182C-BEGH


Step Up 98 v 4.04: Name = blastsoft Number of User = 9999 Serial Number = 2747758336

Name = FANATIC'98 Number of User = 100 Serial Number = 1533652992


StepUp '96 4.02: name:Registered User s/n: 3407480960


Stick Up Notes 4.01: Registration Name: Underworld^SNT Registration Code: 2522

Registration Name: Cyborg^SNT Registration Code: 1715


Stick-its v96.6.22: CYBERSTICKITS


Sticky Notes v1.5: EZ-436785547


Stiletto 96a: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 45-1962345303


StockExchange v2.0: user3w1356


Stomper v2.3x for Dos: "register.exe 199820ea40b109 MaRooN"


Stomper v3.05: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 00FFD2E3B88E09

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 00FA7E8D73295D

name: Me! s/n: 00FA2739C72AB3

name: You! s/n: 00FA70F0475508


Stomper v3.20 for Dos and Win95: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 87009402FFFFC4

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 8700D602FFFFC8

name: Me! s/n: 8700C302FFFFC4

name: You! s/n: 87002402FFFF65

name: The Pharao s/n: 8700E302FFFFC5


StopLight 95: Name: TERAPHY Serial#: 123456 Password: FTLRNHMC


Storage Executive v2.0 for Windows NT: 0241980001010487


STORMSERVU2.3a (use this line in the servu.cfg): RegistrationKey=sMNDFbKYxyc,STORM


Strata Media Paint 1.0 (95/NT): PD1624258511


StratusPad v2.0: b625fr


Streets on a Disk v6.0: ST40088


Streetwizard v5.0 for Windows: 24451FD


STS-Boerse 2.0: s/n: 53966 name: mARQUIS


Studio 1: 4682119240


StuffIt Deluxe 1.01: A 09000


Style Enhancer 1.0: SE10-1838537859


Styleline Designer for MS Publisher: 28579-087-0113621


Sub Sink Pro 97: name: Special Phrozen Force s/n: 967697426

name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 570723558

name: Free Registered Version s/n: 1100807358

name: Byte Ripper s/n: 510647394


Sub Station Alpha 2.02: user details: razzia [pc97] registration key: 17810

user details: Phrozen Crew 1997 registration key: 21497


Sunsoft Java Workshop 1.0: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896




Super Cache v2.1.2 for WinNT: 76Q78A3-29-69-76-93-1FC






Super Circuitry v1.0: Name and Company: Phrozen Crew Registration Code: 9930145778

Name and Company: Spider]PC98 Registration Code: 2091459890


Super Dir 95 v6.15: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 33876-224113-003

Super Edit 3.3: 14529


Super Grades v95a for Win95: 1-051-604


Super Pasofami SNES 1.2e: name: tHATDUDE s/n: NOKAMIKO


Super Queue v3.1 for Windows: 798-310-00120


Super Text Search v1.5: AG3158NK


SuperBar 2.0: 0082092220D9



Superbase v2.0 for Windows: 152010055593


Superbase v3.0 for Windows: 302010051293



Superbase v4.0 for Windows(95): 302010051293


Supercharts v2.1g for Windows: OPQH93AG1YL3U4L


SuperDisk-NT v2.2.5 for WinNT: B5H0000-217-129-136-153-120






SuperFax v5.0 for Windows: 110957




SuperFax v5.1 for Windows: 051212453

SuperJam v1.0 for Windows: 01-0426310A-000267



SuperJPG 1.10: 318794529


SuperJPG v2.0: Name: CORE/DrRhui Password: CORE Key: 15127744


SuperNews v5.0: sysop: Nobody bbs: Nowhere BBS reg.code: 0000 s/n: 90A2132205

sysop: Sysop bbs: BBS reg.code: 0000 s/n: 1AB1001999

sysop: <leave blank> bbs: <leave blank> reg.code: 0000 s/n: 16A1012A00


SuperOffice v2.50c: Company name: <Your Name> s/n: 1022500019

5 users: <you must specify 5 users> s/n: 4238291206


SuperOffice v3.03 for Win95: 1030009953


SuperPrint v3.10 for Windows: 300-300-12345




SuperPrint v4.0 for Windows/95/NT: 400-400-xxxxx




Supersonic Pro v2.01: 102938475


SuperSonic v1.61 for Windows: 100354012


SuperVision 2.1: 04323-34556-24560-83000


SuperVoice v2.0 for Windows: 000727837


SuperVoice v2.0a for Windows: 001504


SuperVoice v2.0b for windows: 002846


SuperVoice v2.0d for Windows: 00430934


SuperVoice v2.2 for Windows(95): 220006165


Support Magic: 0R10000867


Suretrack Project Manager: 73013187






Surf Bot v2.0 for Windows: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: hyueutgaxvcazhldim

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: hvvwykbdj

name: Me! s/n: ave

name: ED!SON s/n: soedcg


Surfer Central 2.0 B7: BqNX-KkeaJ Lock-key: OH-TTADXuI


Surround Video: IDSV2-631224-0048096256


Swap Monitor v1.40 for OS/2: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 397962472

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 4193159396

name: Me! s/n: 1594166926

name: You! s/n: 3545640335


Svenska Akademins Ordlista: License code: 91.9965242.


Synchronizer 3.0 PRO: name: jake cwc s/n: 5193.4762.53


Syncronys Burn-It!: fila-hiii-ndai-bauik


SysDate v1.1: Name: \/\/@cko Serial Number: 13287-131907-113-11101


SysLauch v1.0: Name: \/\/@cko Serial Number: 2086-122683-5903-425


SysLaunch 1.0: name: TKC/PC '97 code: 1918-112267-3047-257


SWiSH v2.0 ESP:  F5D08E956DE1054F0CE105C843


System Command 3.01: s/n: SC247115-KHRF id: Administrator p: password


System Commander 4.0 Deluxe:YF104807-KFKY


System Commander Final v3.07: SC909991-TPER


System Commander v1.28: Y302121-GJRM


System Commander v2.11: SC307548-PXJP


System Commander v2.14: SC308867-EPEX


System Commander v2.24: SC202472-GAYP


System Commander v2.26: SC207744-HREC


System Commander v3.0: SC247115-KHFR


System Commander v3.01: SC293539-ACRM


System Space v1.1: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 8748


Sytos Plus v1.10 for Windows: SPEW-110SYB-A14


Sytos plus v1.4x: SPED-142SYD2-A14


Sytos Premium Backup and Disaster Recovery for OS/2: HV7239, PREO-210IMA4






Tab-It 1.xx: EDEDEDED9B3-18ABD0AB849


Tach v2.52: 1. Enter name: LOMAX

2. Hit 'Compute Challange' button (the computed challenge code should be 2629610)

3. Don't call TestaCD Labs. :)

4. Enter registration code: 2813755

5. Hit the 'Finish' button


TagEm! v1.01: name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FQJ81YC290K2

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: FQJ85C98BLGA

name: You! s/n: FQJ8DPG9G77K

name: Me! s/n: FQJ81XC4TK1B

name: 2U! s/n: FQJ84EU3GL7A


TagGen 1.1f: Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew Company: anything Serial: 6AE5AC8D6E413CB


Take Command: s/n: 300711 code: 8C7XFRNQ


Take5 v1.00: name: STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 number: 3446748843

name: romeo-JUANDA number: 2066790123


Tally Systems NetCensus v2.51: NW-006393


Tango PCB: disk 1: PP222X1 disk 2: PP222X2 disk 3: S140X1 disk 4: S140X2 disk 5: S140X3


TapeDisk v6.5.4 for Dos and Windows: 149799042597


TapEdit 2.1: Username: Sonixx [AnThraX] Usercode: 6636191442232294


TapeWare v6.0 for Dos/Netware/Win95/NT: s/n: 100691 key: 91F71E1D-A9054CDB-AA52CB06

s/n: 9045 key: 92DBa02D-590F4369-84F5C3CF


Task Lock ver. 4.1: 45687897134654084487080


Task Locker v3.0 for Win95: Single system s/n: 6543545735465657712

Site licence s/n: 8765468413464354654

name: ED!SON '96


TaskBar Reminder 1.0d: A$Wer(]LK87hj


TaskBar v2.62 for OS/2: name: The_GuaRDiaN_aNGeL s/n: 1198978212

name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1148274678

name: You! s/n: 561344346

name: Me! s/n: 2188622

name: 2U! s/n: 2184499

name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 274549905


Task-Lock Lite/32 v1.0: 6543545735465657712


Taskview 4.6: 0 key: b13ilmp7


TBBS v1.2 (The Bread Board System): 2310267


TBBS v2.2m (The Bread Board System): 2252589


TC-Director 32: name: :MARQUIS: s/n: 159645927181


TeleForm v3.0.14 for Windows: 90085


TeleMate v1.0/v1.10 for Windows(95): name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: TWH-561-UCF-294


TeleMate v4.12: name: Me s/n: TM00F1C0155


TeleMate v4.20 for Dos (Type TM /R): s/n: TM220000192 name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL

s/n: TM220000195 name: TeLLeRBoP

s/n: TM220000965 name: You!

s/n: TM220000683 name: 2U!

s/n: TM220000703 name: Me


Teleport Pro 1.05 & 1.28: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 1559952781


Teleport Pro 1.28 b254: Name: Crack Company: Home s/n: 1050646247

Teleport Pro V1.20: Name: Scott Breed Serial Number: 1306851481


Teles Online for Windows: 900W657702504540


Teles.Com v2.72: 9302 6618 2159 1171


Teles.NT-Ras v2.2 for Win NT Only (C) Teles: Name: WWW.NRG2000.COM

Serial#: 902w 2548 9731 9920


Telix v1.0/1.1x for Windows: W1902775-00945


Telix v1.01d for Windows: W1902608-63795




Telix v1.15a, 1.15d for Windows (95): install s/n: W1902608-63794 disk s/n: W1909311-55066


Telix v3.22: A1058771-37419


Telix v3.51 for Dos: A1019106-29855



Terrain Flight ScreenSaver v1.02a for Windows: s/n: 459-110-001 name: TwinHead [TWH/uCF]


TestTrack 1.5.4: Serials: GURIZP0905040806 for expiring evaluation copy

EVRIZP8995245826 for expiring evaluation copy

GNRIZP6955545836 for unlimited copy


TextToMS v1.01: Name: DrRhui CORE Key: 81CD5F26


TGV Multinet v1.1 for Windows: 0-UC10-V301-D806-HSRR-NR9S-WER0


The Abuser 1.0: name: tHATDUDE reg#: 22120


The Book 5.1f: Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] Co: Phrozen Crew Serial: 2213852208


The Draw v4.62: A460-004945


The Drums Pro v2.0 for Win95: name: Misha adress: [UCF] s/n: 23912804


The Mayor BBS v6.25: NWGEEGD9J


The next tool 1.91: name: The PURIFIER ser.: BA55D289


The Next Tool 1.x: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: f5b44ca7

name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: d3d51de5


The Reader v4.01: name: Mine s/n: AAAB

name: You! s/n: ACU!

name: Vraagteken s/n: ACAAGTEKEN

name: ToYou! s/n: AAVOU!


The Reminder v1.3: name: romeo '97 s/n: 717380868026


The TroubleShooter v3.51: 570166


TheBrain v1.02 -- Unlock Serial: In the purchase window enter this serial:



Theme.Create v.1.1: Reg Key: 736-55454 Name: Registered


Thumb Plus 3.0a-S (update & crack) for Win95: hurryitup


tHUMB pRINT pRO v2.15: Select "Help" then "Register". Choose the Pro Version

and enter the following information:

Name: Thumb Print Pro v2.15

Code: 77qq4216


ThumbNailer v4.0: Serial: (,3)


Thumbs Plus v2.0: name: Kermu! s/n: 7174F9D5

name: Micro Star s/n: E87524F5


Thumbs Plus v2.1a for Windows(95): name: <what you want> s/n: 00003902


Thumbs Print 95/Pro: NAME: CRowmAN

SERIAL: 1979151i (* Reg's as Standard 95 ver *)

or: 657c734q (* Reg's as Pro version *)


ThumbsPlus 3.0e1-S: Name: MicroStar s/n: E87524F5


ThumbsPlus v2.0e: name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 64364216

Thunder Tools Twins: a001 : b004 : c009


Thunderbyte 7.x-8.? for Windows 95/DOS: reg.id: Thunderbyte lic.type: Special registration

key code 1: 5EED1AF6 key code 2-4: 99999999

key code 5: 8E99FF15


reg.id: Public Copy lic.type: Special registration

key code 1: 8615729A key code 2-4: 99999999

key code 5: 1A99FFA6


reg.id: Internet Edition lic.type: Special registration

key code 1: 8312718E key code 2-4: 99999999

key code 5: 3599FF39


Tickle v1.1: Name: KillerBeeAndPhrozenCrew Reg: 663E23F1

Name: REVOLT Reg: 13233CC4


Tickle v1.5: Name: Sonixx Code: AFACF384


Tie Mission Builder: reg #: 52585843 user #: 1


Tiger 98 1.0: n: Zomo s: CP org: cpl.topnet.pl ser: 121212 pass: 12OcO45M298499M9Q8OO


TILER v1.4.0: name: tHATDUDE s/n: 0201/10020P8


Timbuktu / Remote v1.01: 3120741165





Timbuktu v1.1 for DOS and Windows: 3130078-33EC


Timbuktu v3.1: 067-591-117-475












Time Organizer 2.0: TMO-A011043-45


Time Slips Deluxe v6.0 for Windows: s/n: 61000417 author s/n: RP019097


Time Slips v3.0: 1230, 702060, 80718162


Time Slips v5.0 for Windows: 5.10190000638


Time Wizard 95 1.0: name: tHATDUDE s/n: TIM3138


Time's Up v1.02 for Windows(95): 1 02 -0003045


TimeSlice Lite v2.00: Name: romeo '97 s/n: 03036647


TimeWizard 2 0: Name: Phrozen Crew S/N: TW28230


Tiny Calc v1.02: name: STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 serial: 1948126217

name: romeo-JUANDA serial: 3968084781


TKterm v0.15: name: Me s/n: GCII233


TLFRadio v1.10 - v1.20: 320471849


Today v1.1: 1082884


ToDo95 v3.0: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 46328036


ToDo95 v3.0: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 46328036


Toggle DISKSPACE (BETA) 1: Name: any name Company: any name s/n: 944240671


Toggle StartSweep 1.1: Name: Steve Hsu Company: Dynasty s/n: 1923459772

Try your own name before trying the one above…

ToggleDISKSPACE v2.01: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 18832424


ToggleMOUSE v3.5: Name: any name Company: any name s/n: 943815416


TogglePing+ v1.1a: Code: 567430728


ToggleSTARTSWEEP v1.0: Name: romeo '97 Company: montaque s/n: 1923459772

ToggleTASK v2.0: 566456716

ToggleTRAYTOOLS v1.05: Name: any name Company: any name s/n: 225591744


Tolken97 v3.2: This requires a little modification in the Tolken97.ini file:

Change the line Reg=00100 to Reg=0072$